"...with sprinkles of light..."

Lavender Rose Fire:  Zelgadiss Greywars

Konniichi-wa, minna-san!  Welcome to my mini shrine to my lavender rose shaman and the one who I firmly believes belongs with my blue rose.  Feel free to take any of the pictures from my Zelgadiss gallery, but please, do not take any altered photos, i.e., ones with text.  Please, enjoy your tour of my exotic lavender rose...

  There is something about Zelgadiss Greywars that seems to attract a large following among the Slayers community.  Of course, how could you not be absolutely drawn to such a charismatic and aloof person?  He's exquisite in his sadness and even more beautiful in his times of joy.  Zelgadiss is a wonderful example of bittersweetness.

Zelgadiss Greywars was a human at one time.  But after desiring power, his great grandfather/grandfather Rezo the Red Priest granted it to him.  Zelgadiss was changed into a chimera, a cross between a Mazoku (demon), human, and stone.  He received his great power and also has skin that is impeneratable to most weapons, with the exception of the Hikari no Ken (Sword of Light.)  Zel is a shaman that specializes in white magic, but has some black magic capabilities also.  He can do some low level spells, such as Fireballing his enemies and on occassions, his friends.  His most famous spell is the Ra Tilt, an extremely powerful shaman spell.  But, if you go by LN Tora's story, "Hibernal Heart," it's the Ra Lagora (MAJOR PLUG FOR LN'S STORY!  =^.^=)  Zelgadiss is also an excellent swordsman, only rivaled in skill by his counterpart, Gourry Gabriev.

Zelgadiss is a sad person, often falling into deep fits of depression because he feels that he does not fit in anywhere due to his appearance.  He is actually very handsome, a small man with a good build.  He has lavender wire hair, blue stone skin, with small, darker blue stones rising from the surface.  His eyes are black, but were originally blue in his human form.  He considers himself freakish and his one aspiration is to find a cure to make him human again.  In his chimera form, he feels that no one can love him.

This, of course, is absolutely not true.  Zel is a good friend and protects those he cares about closely, even if he may not be openly affectionate.  He is seen most often with Gourry, who rarely insults him, more because Gourry doesn't have a very quick wit.  But, despite that, Zelgadiss quite simply seems more comfortable around the swordsman, which makes it very easy to put the duo together.  Please, feel free to read my opinions on why I think Gourry and Zelgadiss are meant to be together at Roses Entwined.

If you'd like, please go and visit Zelgadiss's Gallery.  I think you'll enjoy your stay...

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