"...that hold you down in dark esctasy..."

"Welcome to Worthing..."

Konban-wa, minna-san and welcome to the city of Worthing, it's not a nice place to live.  This section of my roses is dedicated to my alternative universe fiction pieces within the city of Worthing.  It follows the lives of Detective Zelgadiss Greywars and Gourry "Bleu" Gabriev in a world unlike any other.  Once again, let me state, this is a yaoi/shonen ai site, and the fiction within Worthing is no different.  So please, proceed with caution.  Domo arigato and enjoy.

The Maze:  (Book one) By:  Miracle Shining

The first book in the Worthing series.  Take a peek into the city and find out what happens when Detective Greywars steps into the world of "The Maze." 
"You Can Find Your Way In, But Can You Ever Get Out?"

Moments in Worthing:  (new!)
These are simply small short stories written by myself and others about incidents and life that occurs outside of the Worthing Saga book series!

Six O'clock Dinner Date  By::  Miracle Shining 
I wrote this as a gift for LN-chan...It's PWP and basically shows what happens when you don't keep on type for a dinner date!  =^.^=  Enjoy!

A Steamy Night in Worthing    By: Miracle Shining 
A definite PWP about the unpredictable weather in Worthing and a broken down air conditioner...::winks::  Enjoy!  =^.^=

Mysterious Day By:By:  LN Tora 
The detective only wants to come home and relax after a hard day, but he finds a note, and things are set into motion!  =^.^=

Trick or Treat! (subtitled Hail to the King, Baby!)  By:  Miracle Shining  
It's Halloween, and the detective is really grouchy...Gourry decides to play a trick and then they both have a real treat!  =^.~=

Small Miracles By:  Miracle Shining  
Part of a challenge for a holiday fic from my Zel/Gourry mailing list, Zelgadiss takes Gourry home to meet his estranged family and it proves that small miracles can occur any where.  =^.^=

Affirmation  By:  Miracle Shining  
Part of a challenge to toast Valentine's Day, I managed to actually put our fave duo in a fight and then have them make up...Yah...Anyhoo, Enjoy!!  =^.^=

"Step Forward" By:  Miracle Shining
In honor of Worthing's One Year Anniversary (!!) I've written a really WAFFy fic that really is totally kewt!  I hope you enjoy it!  =^.^=V 

Photos of Worthing (NEW!!)
This is a wonderful gallery of pictures that people have given me in honor of the city of Worthing and the people inside!  I hope you enjoy them and PLEASE do not take these!  They are made for me!

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