NOTE: All Slayers characters are property of other people...yadda, yadda, yah...Any hoo, this is being done via request for Koi-chan, since moon cycles suck and she wants a 'Zel screaming in ectasy' fic and they're just kind of spiffy to write...::grins:: Anyhoo, minor warning about use of really sensual'll see what I mean when I get, here's the fic! Enjoy!!



By: Miracle Shining


"We stop here!" a very tired red haired sorceress announced to the group tagging behind her.

"Oh, thank heavens!" another young woman squeaked. "I thought we were going to walk all night, Miss Lina!"

"No, Ameria, we need to sleep. Besides Gourry is already half asleep while he's been walking and Zelgadiss is even dozing a little."

"Hmmm?" Gourry said, his eyes half shut.

"Like I said, we camp here tonight. I spotted a lake little ways down the road. We can get water for the kettles and take a bath and such."

Ameria nodded and proceeded to open the bags they used for camping. Zel sat down his pack, secretly watching Gourry leaning on his sword. The poor blonde was completely exhausted, having met a few unpleasant Mazoku while they were walking and using his Hikari no Ken to defeat them. Zel never realized how much it seemed to take out of Gourry until this evening.

"Strange, I wonder why I'm noticing this now." Zel absently thought to himself. He shrugged and went back to unpacking the tents.

"Hey, Gourry...Gourry?...GOURRY!"

Gourry immediately stood up straight, startled and saluted Lina.

"What?! What did I miss?!"

"Nothing, Jellyfish for Brains, we just need you to go and get some water for cooking."

Gourry sighed, feeling more tired now than he had previous to stopping. He somewhat grudingly took the buckets Lina gave him and began to walk down the road.

"Don't be too long, Mister Gourry, we've got to be up and early tomorrow morning."

"Yah, whatever..." he mumbled under his breath.

"Lina, do you think it's a good idea to let him go off alone to the lake? He's really exhausted from today." Zel said quietly.

"It's Gourry, Zel. If anything attacks him, he'll just fall asleep and they'll think he's dead." she responded flatly.

Zelgadiss frowned slightly and set up the two main tent poles, trying to keep his mind off the tired swordsman.


Gourry had to walk over a mile to reach the lake that Lina had insisted was close. He sighed, seeing the cool water and wandered over to the bank, holding the buckets tightly between his fingers. His feet hurt bad and one of the Mazoku had gotten a really good hit on his shoulder, something he made sure not to tell Lina or the rest. He had been bleeding underneath his armor, and decided to tend to it himself. He knew how to bandage wounds.

"Besides, Lina would just tell me I needed to be more careful next time." he thought to himself.

Dipping the buckets in the water, a gentle sound struck his ears. He listened a little longer and then turned his head to the source of the noise. A medium sized waterfall with lush bushes and exotic flowers was about two hundred feet from where he was kneeling. He smiled, seeing the cool invitation.

"They can wait, I need to get this wound washed out."

Gourry set the buckets on the ground and walked around the shoreline to the waterfall. The cool mist of the water was more than inticing and he reached his fingers into the water, feeling the temperature.

"Man, it's not too cold either...maybe I could just take a quick wash down...just to get my shoulder clean."

Gourry carefully unlatched his armor and let the heavy weight fall to the ground. He slipped off his boots and then his pants and after a pause to test how high he could get his arms up, he pulled up his chest shirt, wincing for a moment as his shoulder protested. He sighed, looking at the slightly bloody cut and looked at the waterfall. Smiling, he stepped underneath, the first relaxing sprays striking his nude form.


"Okay, now I know it shouldn't have taken him that long." Lina grumbled.

Zelgadiss had been pretending to read, though his mind was elsewhere, thoughts of Gourry collapsing from exhaustion playing over and over in his mind.

"Miss Lina, I need that water, or I can't make the soup."

"Zel, you're faster than the rest of us, why don't you see if Gourry's all right?"

Zel sighed, setting down his book and standing slowly. An indistinct thread of joy shot through him that he would be the one fetching the swordsman.

"Al l right, Lina, but you owe me if I have to carry him back."

"Fine, whatever, just get going, I'm starved!" Lina growled.

Zel turned from the camp and began to walk down the path. In the distance, his very sensitive ears could pick up the sound of running water.

"Hmm, there must be a waterfall at the lake." he pondered to himself and kept walking.


The water definitely was working wonders on Gourry's wounded shoulder. He sighed softly as he studied a few nearby flowers and plucked a couple, smelling them for a moment and then placing them over his wound, holding them and squeezing a little of the juice out of them.

"I might not be a magic user, but I can still use herbs when I need too."

He relaxed as the herbs numbed his pain and dropped the flowers gently, watching them cascase down a small river of bubbles leading from the waves. Turning to glanced around, he stepped behind the waterfall and spotted a series of smaller rocks resting behind the falls.

"Nice place to sit for a bit. I'm sure Lina isn't starving to death yet."

Gourry wandered over to one the slightly taller rocks and ran his fingers over the smooth surface, a shiver running down his spine. Slowly, he let his fingers touch a small crack along the line of the rock and another chill ran down him, his tongue wetting his lips for a moment.

"I wonder if this is what he feels like without his clothes. No, he's smoother...much smoother..."

Gourry's eyes narrowed as he leaned down, letting his chest rest against the rock, rubbing slightly, a tremble running down between his legs. He closed his eyes completely, tracing his fingers over the rock, feeling the slight bumps and nuances of the shape and form. He turned his head, resting his cheek against the stone before moving his head and running his lips down the rock for a moment.

"He tastes sweeter than this too..." Gourry pondered as his tongue flicked out for a moment, tasting the stone and another surge of lust moving through him slowly. His fingers found a small hole in the rock, tracing the shape and he sighed softly.

"This though...he's very hot inside...he has to be..."

Gourry opened his eyes slowly, his body burning under the cool water and he turned his back, resting it against the semi-smooth stone, secretly begging for the rock to wrap it's invisible arms around him, and touch him slowly.


Zelgadiss had to admit, that even though he walked faster than the others, he was getting tired. You could see the lake from a good distance away, but you never seemed to get any closer to it. Finally, turning a small bend, the lake came into view.

It was a small lake, nothing spectacular, with the exception of a waterfall surrounded by some very beautiful bushes and flowers. The place was very peaceful though, and Zel sighed pleasantly, a kind of relaxation coming over him. Walking down to the shore, his moment of peace ceased when he saw two full buckets of water sitting on the shore, but no person with them.

"Dammit! I knew we shouldn't have let him go alone." Zel growled at himself.

Looking around desperately, a cold moment of fear seized the chimera's heart as he walked down the shoreline.

"If a Mazoku got him, I'll..."

Zel's thoughts were interrupted as his foot tapped something hard. Looking down, he saw Gourry's armor resting on the ground. He felt a ball of saliva clench in his throat, a series of terrible incidents that could have occurred to the swordsman while gathering water dancing through the shaman's mind. His eyes scanned that Gourry's clothes and boots were nearby the armor.

"Gourry? Where have you gone?" Zel whispered to himself, and then something caught the corner of his eye. A small flash of gold underneath the waterfalls.

Zelgadiss warily approached, already forming his hands to cast a Fireball if the need came. He edged himself into the water, and then slipped underneath, his hands firm and ready to cast the magic. All concentration dropped when he saw Gourry's naked form resting back against one of the rocks, his eyes closed and his breathing soft. A look that Zel couldn't quite place graced Gourry's features. An immediate blush crossed his cheeks and he went to pull back when Gourry's eyes suddenly came open.

"Zel, I didn't hear you..." he said softly, his voice unusually rich.

The shaman swallowed, the water soaking him from the falls as he turned away from Gourry, trying to get the image of him naked out of his head so that he could talk correctly.

"Lina and Ameria wanted to know what's taking you so long." he said abruptly.

"I just wanted to wash out my shoulder after the fight." Gourry responded softly.

"Shoulder? You did hurt yourself, didn't you Gourry?" Zel turned around now, his thoughts slipping from Gourry's wet form to the wound on his shoulder.

Without thinking, the chimera stepped through the waterfall and stood in front of Gourry, his eyes scanning over the wound. It seemed to be healing all right, though it still didn't look very good.

"I can heal that for you, Gourry."

"No, it'll be fine. I put some herbs on it, and it'll mend within a couple days." He said simply, his eyes scanning over the wet form of Zel, those normally loose clothes skimming to his skin now.

"He looks smooth...slick..." Gourry thought, his eyes slowly making Zel's clothes fade in his mind. "Just a touch...just his face..."

Zelgadiss sighed, reaching his hand up and touching Gourry's wound very lightly. He was suprised that the cut wasn't very deep and realized that the herbs must have clotted the blood.

"He knows a lot more than he lets on." Zel mused, and then he felt the brush of Gourry's fingertips barely over his cheek.

Zel immediately felt his face flush, and went to pull away instinctively, but he stumbled on the slick rocks underwater and tumbled. Gourry moved quickly, but not fast enough, and both men were submerged for a moment underneath the water. Coming up, Gourry pulled Zel up with him, knowing that the chimera could hardly swim with his stone form.

"Zel, are you okay?" Gourry asked softly, his arms around the shaman's slender waist.

"I can feel how smooth he is...right through his clothes..." Gourry gritted his teeth, trying to stop the surge of passion that was leaking into his thoughts.

The chimera shook his head and then stared up at Gourry, his face almost maroon from blushing. The naked swordsman was glancing down at him, studying him.

"Please, don't look at me...please, I'm...I'm not something you want to see..." he pleaded silently. "Look away from him can..."

The battle Zelgadiss was secretly waging in his mind came to an abrupt hault when the swordsman ran his fingers down Zel's cheek again, and then over Zel's slender throat.

"You're smooth, Zel." Gourry said simply, his eyes flaring for a slight moment.

All the air in Zelgadiss's lungs seemed to catch the moment Gourry's fingers ran down his cheek. But the look in Gourry's eyes. Did he dare believe what he saw there? The feeling was too intense, and the chimera let a soft moan slip from his lips, a tug already forming between his own legs.

Gourry leaned down slowly, bringing Zelgadiss up and his lips touched the shaman's, light, only a whisper of a kiss. He felt Zel tremble in his arms and held a little tighter, wondering if the chimera would faint in his arms.

"He does taste sweeter..." Gourry moaned to himself, trying to fight the urge to rip of Zel's clothes and bury his tongue, his hands and his already aching flesh in Zel.

The shaman was trying to reorientate himself, the simple gentle kiss throwing his whole body into a chaotic mix of rational thought and burning emotion. Blinking, he stared up into Gourry's eyes, trying to make sense of the moment.

"He can't want me, he can't...I'm a freak...I...oh gods, he...he..." the thought of Gourry wanting him almost made Zel lose control and begin to weep. It was the look in Gourry's eyes. Those sapphire eyes always told the truth, and Zelgadiss could see what Gourry wanted in them.

Trembling, the chimera closed his eyes for a moment, and opened them again, reaching up his hand this time and running his fingers over Gourry's soaked bangs, a shiver moving through him as Gourry nuzzled his hand slightly.

"Zel..." he whispered softly, his arms pulling the shaman upwards to a sitting position, his lips finding the chimera's again.

Zelgadiss squeaked in suprise, but relaxed, focusing on how Gourry's lips felt against his cool, stone touched ones. He let out a soft breath of protest as Gourry broke the kiss, but then he felt large hands tugging at his cloak and already knew what the swordsman wanted.

"Zel...can I take these off of you?"

It was an innocent question, no malice in it and Zel swallowed, seeing the silent pleading in Gourry's eyes. He nodded somewhat awkwardly and undid the tie for his cape, letting the material fall soaking into the shallow area of the falls. Gourry moved his hands down, undoing the off kilter belt that graced Zel's slender waist and letting it fall in the water. Slowly, he slid his hand under the tunic for a brief moment, feeling the flat stomach and an occasional stone that graced the skin.

"He is smoother...oh, gods, Zel..." Gourry bit his lip, pulling the tunic shirt upwards and letting the material fall. The blush that graced Zelgadiss's cheeks made Gourry stop. He sat back, resting his back against one of the rocks.

Zelgadiss felt a sudden chill shoot through him as Gourry moved away from him. Had he done something wrong? A sinking feeling moved into his stomach again, and he looked downwards, trying to avoid staring at the blonde.

"Zel...please...I..." Gourry stumbled for the words. "I...I don't want to do make you do something...if...if you don't want too...."

The shaman's gaze snapped up to look at Gourry, the swordsman's face full of emotion. He paused for a moment, and then moved forward, straddling Gourry without a thought and latching his mouth over the blondes.

Gourry would have fallen backward if it hadn't been for the rock preventing him from doing so. He moaned into Zel's mouth, feeling the shaman's body straddling his, the friction of Zel's soaked pants against his sensitive skin upping his need even more.

Hungrily, Gourry pushed his tongue past Zel's unresisting lips, finding the warm tongue inside and sucking it into his mouth, savoring the contact.

Zelgadiss felt dizzy and leaned into Gourry, feeling the heat building inside of him. The waterfall splashed both of them lightly, he could feel an occassional cool spray, but the hot hands of the swordsman roaming over his back was what he felt most of the time.

Gourry's hands dropped lower, smoothing them over Zel's backside, another shot of heat moving through him as he thought about how his fingers had found that small opening on the rock he had been touching.

"He has to be hotter inside..."

Zel let out a soft groan as Gourry's hands shifted upwards, grabbing for his pants and easing them down slightly. The chimera moved up enough for Gourry to push them over Zel's hips and grab them, yanking them off his legs, letting the pants join the other articles of clothing in the water. Zel settled down and let out a sob, feeling something hard pressing against him.

Gourry had to tell himself to breathe when he felt Zel settle back into his lap again. The temptation to bury himself deep inside of the other man almost took him over, but he held back the urge.

"No...I want to feel him...taste him..."

Zel wiggled a little in Gourry's lap, pulling a gasp from the blonde swordsman. He stood up slowly, holding Zel against his form, refusing to let an inch come between their two bodies. Turning the chimera around, he lifted Zelgadiss upwards, sitting him on the rock that Gourry had originally been leaning against.

Zelgadiss's had never felt so much on fire as he did right then. Gourry's sapphire eyes flared again as his lips found Zel's nape, trailing a warm wet tongue down the contours of his neck and then biting very lightly where his shoulder met. The chimera gasped, and gripped at Gourry's hair, trying to find a way to draw closer to the blonde man's body.

"He feels so good...oh, Gourry, don't stop...please..." Zel's mind raced, his body seeming to ache harder than any pain he had ever experienced in battle.

Gourry moved down, his lips tracing Zel's slender, fine muscled chest, his tongue flicking out to touch the smooth, slightly raised rocks. The result was a satisfying whimper from his partner. He let his teeth graze over the skin, memorizing the strange, cool taste in his mouth.

"I wonder if all of his tastes this way..."

Zelgadiss watched Gourry, watching the way his head moved and feeling his breath hot against his stone skin. He squirmed slightly, trying to bite back the urge to sob out loud. He lost the battle quickly when a very hot mouth came down on his length, surrounding him completely.


Gourry moaned softly, hearing his name, but he continued to lick and nip slightly at Zel's length, enjoying the feel of the flesh between his mouth, the slight thrust of Zel's hips. He wrapped one arm firmly around the chimera's waist, the other reaching for Zel's hand, which was curled on the rock.

Zelgadiss entwined his fingers with Gourry's hand that rested on the rock. The other latched tightly into Gourry's hair, a step below being painful as he thrust upwards, trying to bury himself in that wicked, wet mouth. His hips raised up again, a shuddering breath that had a soft curse mixed in with hit slipping from his lips. Gourry let his tongue move up and down slowly, pausing to work on Zel's sensitive tip before returning and retracing the pattern. His arm around Zel's waist moved downward slowly, his fingers tracing the slight curve of Zel's backside before squeezing lightly. The sound the shaman made was somewhere between a groan and a scream.

Zel couldn't focus his thoughts completely on any one sensation, Gourry's hands and mouth seeming to pull a million maddening flares and surges from every part of his body. He bit his lip, curling down against Gourry so that his chest touched Gourry's head slightly as he continued to thrust up, a building fire flaring inside of him. The swordsman pulled back suddenly, Zel growling and his hips still moving.

Gourry looked up into Zel's eyes, dark blue with need and strained passion. The chimera's teeth were gritted and his face was now flushed from arousal and not embarrasment.

The swordsman used his one arm around Zel's waist and pulled him off the rock. He released their combined hands and turned the chimera around, resting Zel's chest against the semi smooth stone in front of him. Gourry melded his body against Zel's back for a moment, feeling the shaman let out a loud moan, and curl his fingers against the rock.

"Do you want me too, Zel?" Gourry asked softly, his tongue flicking over Zel's pointed ear.

Zelgadiss could only nod, words not seeming adequate for anything right then. Gourry's hand trembled as he slid his wet fingers down Zel's back and then found the curve of Zel's backside. Making a light tracing line, he found the chimera's opening and after making a small tracing circle, he pressed one of his fingers inside.

Zel's eyes widened and he let out a loud groan, his fingers clawing into the rock for some kind of support. He bit his lip hard and instinctively, his hips moved forward, grinding slightly against the rock in front of him. The resulting friction upped Zel's reaction even more.

Gourry leaned forward, letting his mouth trail over the back of Zel's neck, feeling the rustle of Zel's wire like hair against his forehead as he moved his finger in and out a few more times before adding a second finger, stretching the opening slightly.

Zel groaned, his eyes clenched tight as he laid his head against the rock, his fingers tracing over the small bumps and then digging in slightly as Gourry pressed his fingers in farther, moving them about for a moment before withdrawing.

The blonde swallowed, melding his chest against Zel's back and feeling the heat as his hardened flesh brushed against Zel's opening. Taking a deep breath, he pushed in slowly, an immediate flare of warmth wrapping around him and pulling every sensation down into his groin. He groaned out loud and wrapped one of his strong arms around Zel's waist, the other reaching down and touching Zel's erection carefully before wrapping completely around it.

"Oh gods, Zel, you are as hot as I imagined..." Gourry whispered into his partner's ear.

The chimera squirmed and arched his form backwards, his muscles rippling lightly underneath his stone touched skin. He gasped for breath and clawed at the rock, trying to find purchase on the slick stone. Gourry shifted slightly and began to thrust in long, slow movements. The shaman sobbed softly, Gourry's hand kneading him slowly as his hips moved forward, grinding into the swordsman's waiting palm.

The swordsman closed his eyes, resting his head against the back of Zel's neck, focusing on the heat of Zel's body, the sound of his voice and the water from behind that was striking both of their forms. He moved almost completely out of Zel's body before thrusting back in, lifting Zel slightly with the arm around the chimera's waist.

The shaman let out a growl, his head falling forward and his fingernails actually raking lines into the old rock his body was rubbing against. Gourry suddenly pulled himself free and spun Zel around. The chimera's mouth was open as he stared into those fire laden eyes. Gourry used both of his arms and picked Zel up, wrapping the chimera's legs around his waist before he rested Zel's back against the rock, burying himself back inside the delicious heat of his body.

Zelgadiss could hardly breath. He was being held up only by Gourry's strength as the blonde pressed in and out of him deeply, using his chest to rub against Zel's hardness. The chimera stared open eyed up at Gourry, who was looking down at him. He could feel a tremble inside of him, making his legs quiver that were wrapped around Gourry's waist.

"Don't hold back, Zel..." Gourry whispered, his lips grazing over Zel's before thrusting hard inside his body.

The shaman let his head fall back and a scream left his lips that was barely drowned out by the waterfall. He shook completely, his legs hardly able to stay around Gourry's waist as warmth splashed over his stomach and a little over Gourry's chest. The swordsman growled and held Zelgadiss hard against him, thrusting quickly, causing the chimera to scream again, holding tight as he felt Gourry shudder, liquid heat spilling inside him and then he was moving down, Gourry's legs unable to hold their combined weight up any more. Trembling, the blonde rested on his knees, still buried deep inside his partner's body.

Zelgadiss swallowed, his arms latched around Gourry's neck. He shook slightly and then leaned back, finding the blonde's lips and kissing him slowly. Gourry responded gently, dropping his hand and seperating their bodies, the water slowly washing away their mixed essence. He rested Zel against the rock again, still holding him close, keeping his legs wrapped around his waist.

"Gourry?" Zel finally said softly.

"Mmm?" Gourry responded, his lips gently playing against Zel's.

"What are we going to tell the girls why we aren't back yet?"

"We were looking at a waterfall..." Gourry said with a laugh.

Zelgadiss raised an eyebrow and then laughed quietly, wrapping his arms firmly around his lover's neck and smiling to himself.

END...OR IS IT? ::grins::

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