"...to give you the feeling of inner strength..."


  He's wanted for $$60,000,000,000 double dollars and no one even knows who the heck he is!  Welcome to my blood red rose, Vash the Stampede.

Vash is the often loveable, very clumsy, often unpredictable hero of the show "Trigun and Trigun Maximum."  He is tall, blonde, and has the most magnificent green eyes in the world.  He also has an unusual beauty mark that graces him underneath his left eye.  But, his most signature article is the long, elaborate blood red coat he wears.  Everyone looks for the man in the red coat, but who would think it was the goofy young man standing right next to you.

Trouble follows Vash no matter where he goes and something always gets destroyed.  He has two Insurance girls, Milly and Meryl who follow him around continually, trying to keep track of all the collateral damage.  His best friend is a traveling Protestant pastor named Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is also more than he seems.

Vash is very caring and much deeper than he appears to be.  He has lost most of his memory and is desperately trying to rebuild his life.  He helps people whenever he can, and will go to great extents not to use violence.  His favorite saying is "Love and Peace!," but behind that facade, there is much turmoil in his heart.

Vash often is revisited by memories of his past, including ones of REM, the young woman who took care of him, and of (MAJOR SPOILER!) his twin brother Million Knives, who is a cruel and heartless man.  Vash is frightened of himself more than anyone else, as he does not know what he is capable of.

So, why do we have the name "Trigun" if you don't hardly see any guns?  Well, the trick is that Vash actually contains three guns.  His favorite being the silver six shooter he waves around alot, but hardly uses.  The next is (ANOTHER MAJOR SPOILER) his left arm, which has a cybernetic hand that drops and exposes a single barrell gun, thus making his whole arm a weapon.  The final gun in the series and this is definitely a MAJOR SPOILER so if you don't want to know, stop reading now, is himself.  Vash is actually a bio genetic weapon called the "Angel's Fury" and he has the capability of destroying everything around him.

Vash is one of the few bishonen that I love with the girls as much as I do with the guys.  I really love him and Meryl together and I think they make a great team.  I am almost very fond of VashXNicholas, but not NicholasXVash...Don't ask me why, it's a weird preference. 

Vash is beautiful and sweet, dark and mysterious, clumsy and fun all at the same time.  For all the roses that bleed, in the end, he has shed the most blood.

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