"...beware though the gripping thorns..."

Konban-wa, minna-san.  I see you've picked your ways through the thorns to my Slayers yaoi/shonen ai archive.  If you have arrived here, I assume that at the intro you read the warning, and are the appropriate age with an open mind.  I will no be responsible for you if you're not already aware of what lies within this section.  All fiction is Gourry/Zelgadiss.  I don't post Xel/Zel.  I do not mind the duo together, I just prefer Gourry and Zelgadiss much more.  Domo arigato and enjoy the fiction!  =^.^=

Hibernal Heart:  By: LN Tora

A wonderful epic piece featuring my favorite duo and the power that lies within one of them...

Carry On...  By:  Miracle Shining

(GourryXZelgadiss)  Humorous short piece about how Lina Inverse decides they need to get quick money and the results...=^.^=

Sleeping Blue Beauty By:  LN Tora

(GourryXZelgadiss)  Humorous take on the classic "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale.  =^.~=

Skin of Stone By:  Ladyglen  

ANGST WARNING: (GourryXZelgadiss)   Zelgadiss is sure that Gourry will never need him in the way that he needs Gourry.  Some major misunderstandings occur.  =^.^=

Waterfall By:  Miracle Shining  

(GourryXZelgadiss)  A little WAFFy/PWP piece written for my friend Koibito-chan about the joys of waterfalls...heh-heh...=^.^=

Question of U? By:  Miracle Shining  

(GourryXZelgadiss)  Sequel to "Carry On Dancing..." and a b-day gift for Ronda Searls.  Zel gets a very intimate lesson on the joys of stripping.  Enjoy!!  =^.~=

A Most Dangerous Game By:  Miracle Shining 
An AU snippet I wrote involving Zelgadiss as a security camera guard and Gourry as the mysterious man who has too many secrets.  This may turn into a full fic soon!  Enjoy!!  =^.^=

Confessional Booth By:  Miracle Shining
Another AU snippet to the elevator scene seen in "A Most Dangerous Game"  WARNING:  VERY DARK AND ANGST RIDDEN!  (NEW!!)  

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