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Ohayo, minna-san!  All links on this page are done in text format for fast running time.  I have marked those that contain yaoi/shonen ai elements or yaoi/shonen ai pages with a small asteriks (***), so you are aware.  Please, enjoy the tour!

English Page Links

Anipike:  For all of your needs in anything anime or video game!  More links than you can count!

Byrdie Fae's Astral Pocket of Insanity:  Just like the name says, you can find lots of insanity and neat fics, and a Japanese to English dictionary!!  ***

GunFire:  Moon-chan and my's brand new BAM StrikeXHeat yaoi website!  As far as we know we're the only one of our kind on the Net!!  Give us a visit if you love the duo together!  ***

GunFire:  The Club:  Just the club Moon-chan and I made to keep lots of our pictures!  Check us out!

Karma Citadel:  Home of Dark Ki and her partners in crime, Brenden and Aslan.  Also home to my "godnephew" Rain!***

Kerry's Webpage:  My best friend's webpage!  Anything you need to know about ER and music, go here!

Lollipop:  Owned by Enigmapoeia, she has a wonderful collection of Persona 2, Bust a Move, and Pop n World fan art and other great works!***

The Mansion:  El Fenrir runs this joint and you can find lots of helpful gaming tips and meet her original characters also!

The Nexxus:  Divine Intervention:  My close friend Seiya Kou runs this part of the web.  Tons of awesome yaoi/shonen ai fan fiction!***

Nnnets:  Karniz Archada welcomes you to her world.  Lots of art and fun stuff from Persona, Persona 2, Bust A Move, Pop n World, Legend of Zelda, etc...***

Project Anime:  Lots of great anime facts, release dates, and other handy things for the anime fan!

Rara Avis:  My friend LN Tora's wonderful Gourry and Zel couple shrine and yaoi site!***

Rs-Anime:  Fun place with a kawaii adoption agency and virtual postcards!

Moon-chan's Miscellaneous Madness  Moon-chan's new version with tons of BAM, Pop n Music, Slayers and other awesome stuff!  Please visit her, as she is my sister site!***

Tekkamen Blade II Screenshot Archive:  Melody-san is more than willing to lend you her pics if you ask!  Check out the awesome site for all of your Tekk II bishie needs!

Untread Paths:  LN-chan's new Sanctuary for Gourry and Zelgadiss!  A must for any Gourry and Zel yaoi lovers!  Under Construction still!***

Zellina's Slayers Gallery:  All the Slayers screenshots, pictures and everything else you need!  A totally awesome site!

Zel n Gourry 4ever Yaoi club:  Proud to be a member of one of the fastest growing clubs around!  Check out our fave duo!***

Japanese Page Links

Billy's Page:  Totally kawaii page dedicated to Billy Lee Black from Xenogears!  Done by Studio Tomcat!

Comiket:  Need to find Japanese sites for anime, games, and CG?  Go here! 

E.I.H.N:  Wonderful site for Id art, Bart art, and Feifong art from Xenogears.  She supports FeiXBart and IdXBart.***

Konami's Pop N Music Homepage:  The site where all the cool characters like MZD, Deuil, Timer, ice and others can be found!  This is where all these cute pics Moon-chan makes me comes from!

Surfer's Paradise:  Great place to search for anime and games!  Also lots of cutie pics of the Surfer's Paradise girls!

Yellow Brick Road:  Owned by OKU-san, tons of spiffy pics and stories from Trigun, Trigun Maximum and Xenogears.***

Zig 9: Home of my idol in game designing, Kanon Saga.  Lots of great art and ineresting facts.  Available in Japanese, English and Spanish.

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