"...and give you pleasure of light..."


  For all the roses that are within the colors of the rainbow, two colors must stay together, for they compliment each other.  David, the rose of gold, and Dead End, the rose of silver.

I fell in love with Tekkamen Blade II the moment I saw David on the OAV's.  My taste for blonde bishonen is evident by now, and I was absolutely taken back by David's strong personality and his loyalty.  But, most of all, I was taken back for the love he had for one person in particular.

David (Darbit in Japanese) Kruegler is Mr. Smooth in every concept of the world.  He uses his charm and good looks to enchant every lady he comes in contact with.  But, behind that comfortable facade is a man desperate for the love of the woman behind the Tekkamen that saved him when he was a child.  All he wants is Aki, the Red Tekkamen, to love him.  Unfortunately, Aki's heart belongs other places.  David is confused about who he should be and who he should love.  He uses his egocentric cocky attitude to cover up his pain.  But, Yumi, a young new Tekkamen can see through him.  David likes Yumi's company, looking at her as a little sister.  He fights along side her as the powerful Tekkamen Zommer, a strong and forceful entity.    But, even then, he keeps searching for that comfort that alludes him.  He finds that comfort in one person.

Dead End is an effeminate young man, who's resemblance to a woman is almost shocking.  He is negative and quiet, keeping to himself.  He has one mission in life.  He wants to destroy all the Tekkamen that destroyed his home city of Prague when he was a child.  Dead End is a primary body made from alien genetics, which makes him even more powerful.  Dead End can transform into Tekkamen Dead, a formidable and almost unstoppable power.  As far as the young man is concerned, he only wants to die, because he finds no sense in life any more.  He knows that David is Tekkamen Zommer, and they come upon each other in the cemetary Dead End lives at.  Up until that time, Dead was sure he only wanted to die.  David brings him the sudden security that he is both afraid and needs.

The duo was literally made for each other, both having so many similiarities, they both share the same pain.  Like Dead End, David lost his family at Prague, but was rescued by Aki, the Red Tekkamen.  Dead End knows David's need to find acceptance, and offers it withouth question.  Without either one saying anything, it is obvious they both need each other to keep living.  Beautiful and sad apart, they are joyous and comforted together.  David lives for his silver and Dead End lives for his gold.

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