"A Steamy Night in Worthing."

By:  Miracle Shining

Note: No characters are mine. But, man, if they were, I would have had a fortune already...

Zelgadiss pulled on his necktie as he pulled into the underground garage of his apartment complex. If there were two things that Worthing was famous for, it was the icy cold rain during the cooler months and the other, the red hot heat of Worthing's warm months. Zel groaned his car came to a creaky hault, the heat from the night air radiating off his dashboard and beating onto his stone skin.

Grumbling, he pulled himself from the seat and out of the door. The pavement lept around in wavy lines and Zel quickly made his way inside of the apartment.

"Thank the heavens for air conditioning." He sighed softly, but the building was still muggy and he had his shirt partially undone by the time he reached the elevator. The little space was muggy and the detective was glad that no one else was occupying it. Even at 10 p.m., the city felt like it was under a noon sun.

The elevator came to a slow, tired hault and the exhausted chimera stepped out, treading his way down the hot hall and to his door.

"I hope Gourry has the air conditioning going..." Zel mumbled to himself.

He slipped the card into the door and stepped inside to be assaulted by more heat than outside. Dizzied, he closed the door and relaxed against the frame.

"Gourry?!" Zel said loudly.

"Zel, is that you?" A soft voice came from upstairs.

"Yah, why is it so hot in here?"

"The air conditioning went out in all the rooms except the hallways. The repairman says they can't fix it until tomorrow morning." came his soft response.

Zelgadiss groaned and pulled off his necktie and shirt completely. He tossed them on the floor and then after a moment, picked them up again knowing how picky Gourry was about the place.

"Where are you, Gourry?"

"In the bath tub, Zel."

"In this heat?" Zel questioned.

The chimera walked up the stairs and turned into their bedroom, throwing the clothes on the bed. He then turned to the bathroom door. The door was slightly open and Zel knocked lightly.

"Come in..." came Gourry's quiet voice.

"Gourry, how you can bath in heat like this is beyond..." Zel's voice went from steady to trailing off as he saw his lover relaxing in the water.

Gourry was sitting in a bathtub filled with cold water and had ice cubes floating in the tub. He was using one of the cubes to massage his chest, the piece of ice melting slowly over his skin. His hair was drenched and laid in blonde lace like patterns over his shoulders and back. He had a bottle of champagne open and two glasses poured. The blonde man grinned at his dumbfounded partner.

"You know, Zel, ice is a great way to stay cool...care to join me?"

The chimera only grinned, opening his pants and letting them slip down, stepping out of them. Gourry sat up as Zel approached and sighed pleasantly as his lover slipped in behind him. The young man relaxed back, offering an ice cube to Zelgadiss.

"Well, this is definately a new way to break the heat..." Zel said in an amused tone and took the piece of ice from his partner.

Zelgadiss sucked on the ice cube quietly, the cool water dripping over his hot tongue and down his parched throat. He absently mused to himself that this was the hottest cold bath he had ever taken.

Gourry shifted a little in front of him, slipping down so his back rested comfortably against Zel's chest. Gourry breathed a soft sigh and made small rings in the water.

"How was work today?" He asked softly.

Zel swallowed the last of the ice cube and raised his arms up from the water, letting his hands rest on the back of Gourry's neck and began to massage slowly. He felt the young man shift slightly, putting slight pressure between Zel's legs.

"Ahem...um, well, Lina was having a rather difficult day, Naga was reprimanded three times for unnecessary handling of a suspect and Ameria forgot that hot coffee will burn even if I'm wearing pants..."

Gourry wrinkled his nose and turned his head slightly to look at Zel.

"Were you burnt?"

"Nah, just stung a little...landed right between my legs..."

Gourry smirked slightly and dipped his hand into the water, moving it enough to make Zel sit up slightly.

"Nothing vitally hit, I hope..."

Zelgadiss shook his head and kissed Gourry on the lips, the young man sighing softly. Gourry turned back, relaxing against Zel again. The chimera picked up one of the ice cubes and began to massage Gourry's chest slowly.

His dark blue eyes watched as the ice trickled over his lovers chest and he leaned forward a little, placing a small trail of kisses down Gourry's neck.

The young man smiled slightly, tilting his head to the left as Zel's skilled lips slipped down to his nape, which he nipped at gently.

"Zel...it's really too hot for this..." Gourry whispered.

Zelgadiss laughed softly, kissing up to Gourry's ear before nipping on the lobe and then snaking his tongue inside. The soft squeak from his lover was more than rewarding.

"Is it?" Zel whispered, his breath warm and hot in Gourry's ear.

The blonde shifted slightly and Zel took the opportunity offered and snaked his arms around Gourry's waist, his hands dipping into the water.

Gourry almost instinctively parted his legs just enough and within a moment, he let out a trembling breath as Zel's hands found their target.

"Z-zel...really, it's...it's too hot...for us to..."

"Go at it like bandits?" Zel finished, his wrist moving in a fluid motion and the cries from Gourry upping in volume a notch.

Gourry whimpered, his own hands slipping back under the water, at first wanting to disconnect Zel's hands from his body, but soon his fingers were interlaced with his lovers, his breath become quicker in his chest. Zelgadiss was breathing harder just listening to Gourry's soft cries. He swallowed and let his tongue slide over Gourry's cool neck.

"I...I thought things were supposed to shrink in cold water..." Gourry commented through gasps.

"What do you mean?"

"Something is poking me...and I don't think it's an ice pick..."

"Or do you mean prick?" Zel quickly returned, his wrist upping in speed and Gourry letting out a much louder cry.


"I'm going to give you a breather for precisely one minute...if we are not up out of this bathtub and drying off in our bed sheets, I will return to doing this to you until you give in..."

Gourry blinked, realizing Zel was serious and awkwardly pulled himself up, his body already aching from the chimera's attentions. He swallowed and stepped out of the bath, followed by an equally stiff Zelgadiss.

Within moments, Zel turned him around and guided his lover backwards into their bedroom, pushing him gently on the bed.

"Let's just see how hot we can get..." he said with a devilish smile.

Gourry's back struck the bed gently and he had a slight smirk on his face as Zel crawled onto the bed with him.  The sheets were cool, but were quickly becoming cold from the water dripping off both men's bodies and soaking into the sheets.

"Zel, I...I still think it's too hot for this..." Gourry feebly protested, but the smile still played on his lips.

"Uh-huh, well, I suppose we could just lay here...naked and aroused...and try and sleep..."  Zel said quirkily.

Gourry laughed softly and the sound was gently cut off as Zelgadiss lowered his mouth over his lover's, nudging at Gourry's lips lightly.  The young blonde
opened his mouth slightly, barely allowing the chimera's tongue access in between his lips.  He sucked gently on Zel's tongue, pulling a very soft moan from his partner.  Zelgadiss tried to deepen the kiss more, but Gourry coyly played away from his tongue, adding a pleasant wash of frustration overZel.  He pulled back with a slight smirk, running his fingers down some of Gourry's golden bangs.

"Hard to get tonight, huh?"

"If we go too fast, we'll overheat."  Gourry whispered, raising up his hand and touching his fingers to Zel's mouth.  The chimera parted his lips and drew in the very tips of two of Gourry's fingers, letting his tongue tease over them gently.  The sharp breath Gourry drew in startled the young blonde and he
swallowed slowly.

"You like that, huh?"  Zel said softly before he drew the two fingers almost completely into his mouth and sucked on them slowly.  Gourry whimpered softly and sat up slightly, letting his lips touch the side of Zelgadiss's face.  The detective let Gourry's digits fall from his mouth and turned his head again to claim his mouth.

Gourry moaned softly as Zel pushed his tongue deeply into Gourry's mouth.  The blonde could never get enough of the feel of his lover.  Zelgadiss was an
intoxication to him which he never wanted to be rid of. 

One of Zel's hands traced under Gourry's chin and down his throat to resting on his chest.  He laid the palm over Gourry's heart, feeling the heart beat slowly and steadily become faster.

The detective broke the kiss slowly, his tongue tracing Gourry's lips before pulling back completely. Even in the dim room, he could see Gourry's sapphire
eyes sparking with desire.  It was more than the chimera thought he could take, but he wasn't going to give in.

"No, I'm going to go slow with you tonight, Gourry.  I want to know every part of you."  He whispered softly to his partner.

Gourry could only nod slightly, his heart already thundering in his chest.  Zelgadiss slipped down and began to slowly kiss Gourry's neck with absolute precision.  The young man gasped and closed his eyes half way, letting his cheek rub against the wire like texture of Zel's hair. 

Zelgadiss slowly kissed downward, making stops to let his tongue catch droplets of water that were no longer from the bath, but already from perspiration.  The room was muggy and both men were getting sticky very
quickly.  He continued to move downward, letting his mouth kiss the center of Gourry's chest, feeling the soft vibration of his lover's heart.  He moved over to
the left slowly, his tongue creating a moist swath over Gourry's fine muscled frame and then his mouth closed over his target, his tongue barely nudging
Gourry's nipple.

Gourry arched almost against his will.  The heat of the room was nothing compared to Zel's mouth touching him.  He squirmed against his partner, his legs coming up slightly and forming a kind of barrier around
Zelgadiss's body, ensuring that he was going nowhere.

Zel continued to administer to Gourry's nipple in slow, slight touches.  Six months ago, he had little idea of how to please a man, but he had quickly picked up those skills over the six months that he had been with Gourry.  According to the blonde, he excelled at the skills too.  Zel smirked slightly as he barely bit the taut piece of skin and Gourry squeaked with

"Zel...please, you're...you're being such a tease..." Gourry whispered, his voice strained already.

"I've just gotten started tonight, sexy."  The detective responded.

Zelgadiss slid his tongue across Gourry's chest and moved to the right nipple, swathing his tongue over the nub and then barely covering the skin.  Gourry shifted, whimpering and his arms came up, fingers locked tightly into his partner's hair.  Zel trembled as he heard little soft sounds of pleasure and demand coming from his partner's lips.

He moved down slowly, making sure that Gourry's fingers weren't locked too tightly into his hair.  The young blonde moaned, feeling Zel's wet tongue slide down the center of his chest and teasingly brush over his torso.  He had never thought Zelgadiss could have become the lover he had, nor that he would beg Zel as he did.  The detective had learned well and he had even taught Gourry a few new tricks.

Zelgadiss grinned, stopping at Gourry's stomach and pulling at the small silver ring piercing gracing his lover's navel lightly with his teeth.  He had always enjoyed the piercing and tonight, Gourry was very sensitive, so that little act pulled a much louder moan from the blonde.  Zel let his tongue dip into Gourry's navel and then he took a moment to suck on the silver ring, tickling Gourry lightly with his fingers.  The resulting noise was a cross between a
giggle and a groan.

Gourry was already on fire and the moment Zel's tongue found his navel ring, his temperature upped a few more degrees.  He squirmed underneath the chimera, waiting for Zelgadiss's mouth to make it to the part of him that ached the most.  But, the detective moved off to the side and let his mouth trace Gourry's hip, kissing the angles of this body slowly.

"Z-zel...please...stop teasing me..."  Gourry cried softly, his hands gently moving Zel's head to between his legs.

Zelgadiss looked up at Gourry, a wicked grin gracing his features. 

"I want to take my time tonight, Gourry...don't want to overheat from too much exertion."  The detective said softly.

Gourry whimpered as Zelgadiss kissed down one of his legs, bringing the long appendage up slightly and caressing underneath his thigh with both his fingers and his tongue.  Gourry was trembling, his leg wanting to move and trap Zel so he could find some relief. But he remained still, his heart pounding in his chest and Zel's mouth hot on his leg.

The chimera continued downwards, his lips tracing over
Gourry's smooth knee, down to his shin and over his ankles.  Zelgadiss was almost off the bed, but he didn't mind.  The cries coming from his partner were
enough to keep him on the mattress.  Slowly, he kissed Gourry's feet, something that always drew a shudder from the young blonde.

Gourry turned his head to the side, his eyes already becoming slightly teary from the fire in his body. Zelgadiss moved to Gourry's other leg, starting at the
foot this time and making the same slow process of kisses and light touching up his other leg.  He lips rounded over Gourry's other hip and he could feel his
partner's breath catch in his throat.

"You're so beautiful..."  Zel said softly, lying his head slighly on Gourry's hip and then taking one of his hands and touching Gourry's aroused length, his
fingers barely playing over the flesh.

"...zel..."  Gourry could barely whimper, his heart pounding and his blood seeming to be on fire. 

Zelgadiss moved up slowly, his tongue's tip grazing Gourry's length.  The soft murmurs and cries echoed lightly from Gourry's chest now, his body almost taut in it's stillness. 

The chimera swallowed and kissed Gourry's tip slowly, savoring the tremble that came from his lover's legs and the soft shaking breath from his chest.  He never thought he would do this with a man, nor did he think he'd enjoy it so much.  He was good with his mouth and Gourry would gladly attest to his skill.

The young blonde was shaking almost beyond his own control as Zelgadiss continued to barely touch his tip and his length with his lips and fingers.  He swore silently to himself and eased his hands back into Zel's hair, trying to gently force his partner to offer him some relief.

Zelgadiss lapped at Gourry's tip and smiled at the sound his lover made.  Slowly, he parted his lips and took him in, making sure he kept his slow tempo.

Gourry groaned loudly, Zel's mouth hot and wet on his already tortured body.  His hips shifted slightly to thrust up, but Zel's hands caught them and held them down with gentle force.  He continued to work Gourry slowly with his tongue, his fingers encircling his base and stroking in slow, but sharp movements.

The golden haired man's head fell back, his breath coming out in little sharp gasps and soft cries.  He wanted to move his hips badly, but Zel's hands
prevented him from doing so.  He thrashed his head about, golden strands falling over the soaked white sheets and pillow.

Zelgadiss could feel the pull in Gourry's leg.  He already knew what was coming, and he had no intention of letting it end that quickly.  Pulling back, he
pushed himself off Gourry's waist against the sudden protest from his partner.  Crawling on top of Gourry's hot, sweat laced body, he laid down and kissed his

Gourry pulled back from Zel's mouth, his eyes feverish with need and he touched Zel's lips.

"Why...why did you stop?"  He demanded softly.

"Because I have plans for the whole night.  I want to see that all of it is accomplished."  Zel whispered back and Gourry moaned when Zel's leg moved and pressed between his partner's.

Zel rubbed his knee slowly between Gourry's legs, pulling a soft groan from his partner.

The young blonde lifted his hips, letting the friction of Zelgadiss's smooth stone skin add to the strained feeling tugging at him. Zelgadiss nipped slowly at Gourry's shoulder, still moving his leg up and down in a massaging motion.

He could hear Gourry whisper his name and his cream colored arms wrap around his back, tracing the small stones that graced down his spine.

Zel shivered and moved back to claiming Gourry's mouth. Gourry moaned softly into his lover's mouth, his fingers sliding over his back and down his spine in light, wispy patterns.

Dropping his hands down, he gripped Zel's hips and slowly flipped them over. Zel's ribcage had never healed correctly since the attack before their first night together. Too sudden of movements always put him in pain.

The chimera relaxed on his back, Gourry looking down at him. Both were already sweating more than usual, and Zel couldn't help but wipe some of the moisture from Gourry's forehead and cheeks.

"Maybe it is too hot for this..." Zel said softly, his lips curled into a wicked smile.

Gourry raised an eyebrow and lowered himself down, relaxing on top of Zel and kissing the under side of his chin.

"If you stop, I'll be very, very unpleasant tomorrow morning..." Gourry retorted.

Zel chuckled softly, and let his fingers sink into Gourry's thick golden mane. He sighed pleasurably as his partner found a small spot a little farther under his chin and licked at it. He was sensitive in strange places and Gourry had gone to great extents to find which places those were.

The young blonde traced Zel's chest with his fingers in almost indectable caresses. Zel rumbled softly, the sound coming out in a light moan. Gourry smiled and pushed himself up a little to look down at the chimera.

"I like when you make noise..."

"I like when you give me a reason too." Zel whispered, reaching up and placing his hands on both sides of Gourry's face and pulling him down into a deep kiss.

Gourry almost collapsed from the heat of Zel's lips against his. One of his hands slid down Zelgadiss's chest and in between their bodies.

The detective let out a sharp gasp when Gourry's hand wrapped around his already taut flesh. He broke the kiss, his breath heavy in his chest. Gourry watched Zel, the movement of his eyes and the slight flare of his nostrils indicated that his hand was doing more than it's share of torture.

"I can play dirty too, Zel." Gourry said with a soft laugh.

The chimera growled and caught Gourry's hand, pulling it away from his aching body.

"If you keep doing that, you will be getting more on you than dirt..."

Gourry blushed slightly at the comment and giggled. The detective slipped his arms around Gourry's body and traced his fingers in one slow motion down the arch of his lover's spine. Gourry let out a whimper as one of Zel's hands rested slowly on his backside, kneading the soft skin and teasing caressing his opening with the tip of his finger.

"Z-zel...please, just...just do it..."

"I told you, Gourry, I can't go too fast or we'll overheat." Zel responded softly, though his body was screaming at him to hurry the process along.

But, it was sweet torture for him, and he continued to caress in feather light touches. Gourry's chest rose and lowered against his in staggered, frustrated breaths.

"I could never stop wanting you, Gourry..." Zel said softly against his partner's lips.

Gourry had tears slipping out of his eyes from the tenseness in his body and then Zel's gentle words. He swallowed and leaned down, kissing Zel's mouth.

The chimera took that opportunity and pressed one of his still moist fingers inside Gourry, a soft cry rising from Gourry's throat.

He broke the kiss and let out a trembling breath. Zelgadiss could hardly control his own hand from shaking, but he continued in a slow, fluid motion. The young blonde curled his head down under Zel's chin, burying his face partially in his neck and moaning with each slow, gentle touch of his partner's finger.

Zelgadiss waited for a few moments and pressed his second finger in, pulling another loud groan from Gourry. Both men were completely coated in each other's sweat and the room was almost unbreathable against the heat pouring in, but neither noticed or cared.

Gourry whimpered, his fingers digging into Zel's shoulders.

The chimera exhaled a slow, trembling breath.

"No more torture, Gourry..."

Zel eased Gourry up, removing his fingers from inside of his tight, warmth. Gourry whimpered softly and straddled Zelgadiss, forcing his frame up. He raised up his hips and Zel swallowed. It wasn't often Gourry was on top, but it was worth the wait for him.

"Just ease down..." Zel whispered.

Gourry nodded and closed his eyes, relaxing his hips down.

Gourry whimpered the moment he felt Zel's hardness touch his opening. He took a slow, long breath and pushed down, shuddering as he slowly took Zel inside of him. He rocked forward a little, changing his hips position slightly and continued his slow, agonizing descent.

"Damn, he's still as tight as ever..." Zel thought through his haze of pleasure.

His hands came up to rest on Gourry's hips, guiding him down carefully. Gourry gasped and moaned as Zel finally pressed up, securing himself firmly in his lover's body. They rested for a moment, interlocked together, their sweat mingling and dripping off their bodies.

"Z-zel..." Gourry barely whispered and then he lifted his hips slightly and came down again, a smooth thrust that caused the chimera's breath to catch in his throat.

Zelgadiss moaned softly and used his hands on Gourry's hips to lift the blonde up again and thrust back inside in one fluid movement. Zelgadiss secretly savored this position because it gave him the opportunity to touch Gourry almost everywhere and still make love to him at the same time.

Gourry's breath was pounding in his chest as Zel lifted his hips again, lingering a little this time before pressing back in. His hands slid down Zel's wet chest, fingers tracing over the smooth stone.

He cried as Zel thrust in a sudden, quick motion that almost sent Gourry's physical senses into a tail spin.

"He's so damn good..." Gourry moaned to himself, his fingers wandering up from Zel's chest and running down his own hardened length. He wrapped his hand around his own base and began to stroke slowly, keeping himself ground to the rythmn Zel was setting up.

The chimera felt his mouth go dry as he watched Gourry begin to touch himself. It always aroused him almost beyond his breaking point, but he vowed to himself to go slow.

His concentration almost broke when he looked up to see Gourry watching him with his sapphire eyes. They were clouded with passion and his hand continued to move slowly over himself, the other tracing Zel's chest, over his neck and then up to his mouth.

Zelgadiss parted his lips and drew Gourry's fingers back in between his lips, sucking on them slowly as he upped the tempo a small amount. The sound Gourry made was more than satisfying, and Zel moaned against his lover's slender fingers.

Gourry rocked against his own hand and pushed his hips down almost unconciously, pulling Zelgadiss deeper inside of him. He hungrily leaned forward, slipping his fingers from Zel's mouth and latching his lips over the chimera's. The resulting bend pulled Zel in farther and he had to slam back his reaction.

"You're...you're going to make me come faster than I was...was planning, Gourry..." Zel whispered, his voice strained with passion.

Gourry whimpered, his fingers kneading his flesh and his chest heaving. He ground his hips back again and this drew a growl from the detective.

Zel used his hands on Gourry's hips for leverage and began to thrust harder into his lover's shaking form. The blonde man let out a strained cry and his fingers moved independently of his mind as his hand stroked faster and faster. He could only feel the fire in his blood and then his impending release. Feeling Zel buried so far inside of him was more than he could stand and with one final, hard pull, he shivered and cried Zel's name, his essence spreading over his fingers, his stomach and some spilling on Zel's lower chest.

That sound, the smell of Gourry's climax and the very trembling of his lover's body sent the chimera over the edge. He grabbed Gourry's hips almost roughly and forced himself deep. The young man sat up suddenly, sobbing as Zel thrust one more final time, releasing his pent up passion into his lover's hot body.

Gourry trembled and sobbed softly as he was filled with warmth. Not being able to sustain himself any longer, he fell forward, his body relaxing in a heavy, heaving heap on Zel's frame.

Zelgadiss swallowed, the sweat stinging his eyes. It was nothing compared to this intimacy he and Gourry shared now.

He placed light kisses over Gourry's forhead, his fingers touching gently and slipping down to seperate their bodies slowly. For very little lubrication, they had done quite well and Zel was pleased to find no blood, a fear he still carried with him after their first time.

Gourry moaned a soft protest as Zel slid free, but quieted as the chimera gathered his slowly relaxing form into his arms. Despite the incredible heat, both men clutched at one another as if it was below freezing. Their sweat and left over essence clung to them, adding a more sensual atmosphere to the already steaming room.

Gourry smiled lazily at Zel, who had an equally relieved grin on his face. The young blonde kissed his partner lightly and then relaxed down.

"Mmm...so, Gourry, what are we going to do about all the ice cream in the freezer if the air conditioner isn't fixed tomorrow?"

Gourry blinked and looked at Zel curiously.

"But, Zel, the freezer's not broken, the ice cream won't melt."

"It will the place I'm planning to eat it from..." the detective said with a wink.

Gourry blushed and the chimera detective was rewarded with his soft laughter.

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