"The Roses Entwined...Looking so Pretty and Fine..."

My two roses reside within worlds of their own making.  But, if one can watch closely, one can see the simliarities and differences that draw them close together and inevitably will lead to love...

They say one can never measure love by looks, because love is blind.  I firmly believe that whenever I look at Gourry and Zelgadiss together in my mind, or in a drawing, or in a piece of fiction.  Their love is untainted in my views because there is no accusations or expectations.

I've watched enough Slayers by now to understand the two personalities of both of my roses pretty well.  I'm pleased to say that the compatibility of the duo is actually written within their personalities.  Gourry Gabriev is sweet in his naivity.  He is gentle and kind, though his intellect is far from brilliant.  But, he is honest.  Something that is so rare to find in any one today.  He is also brave, believing that one should protect others, even going to the extent of willingly risking his life for those he loves.  Zelgadiss Greywars is cool and distant.  He smiles silently to himself and gives a strange kind of comfort in his bittersweetness.  He is often ridiculed for his appearance, but he is also quick in wit and can make up for it with an equally brutal assault with his mind.  He is kind and sweet, letting himself peek out from behind his facade of distance.  He is also very brave, going to extents beyond imagination to find a cure for himself, but also for his friends.

They are both sides of an equal coin and the duo balance each other out perfectly.  When Gourry is dull in thought, Zelgadiss makes up for it with wit.  When Zelgadiss is in depression, Gourry lightens the mood with his carefree attitude.  When Zel is in trouble, Gourry is quick to defend him and when Gourry is ridiculed, Zelgadiss is there to reastablish Gourry's role in the group.  They are a duo that works off one another's emotions, and it makes them even stronger.

Of course, there are reasons beyond these emotional or metaphysical ideas.  Let's face it, from a bishonen point of view, these two are just hot!!!  The whole concept of two young men as cute        as them enjoying one another's company in more ways than one can always put a grin on a yaoi/shonen ai obsessed shoujo's face...=^.^=  But, aside from that, there is the beauty of the union.  Innocence joined with angst, time joined with youth, and bittersweet joined with joy.  They fit together, simply as two rose bushes entertwining.

Would you like to visit my shrine to my Blue Rose Desire: Gourry or perhaps you'd like to visit the mini-shrine to my Lavender Rose Fire: Zelgadiss.  Whatever path you choose, the roses will still be here.

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