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"THE QUESTION OF U?"--sequel to "Carry On Dancing..."

By: Miracle Shining

AUTHOR'S NOTE: No Slayers characters are mine and none were harmed in the production of this piece, but two left with really big smiles on their faces...::coughs:: Ahem, and the song "The Question of U" is owned by the Artist Formerly known as Prince, or the weird symbol guy and I am making no profits from it...he just writes such good stripping songs...anyhoo, a bit PWP, okay, prolly a lot...and it's limey...or LEMONY...::chuckles::...oi...enjoy!!!


Zelgadiss relaxed comfortably in the over stuffed chair that graced the inn room he was residing in. Lina had made a fortune frisking some bandits and they had enough to actually stay at an inn with beds that had clean sheets. Zel was enjoying even that small comfort. The other was a large novel he had found at the local library. It was a book he had been longing to read for some time and finally had some quiet time to read it without disruption.

Zel flinched slightly when he heard shouting from the room next to him. Ameria and Lina were at each other's throats again about who got the bed near the window. Zel sighed softly and shook his head.

"Thank Kami-sama that these rooms have locks on their doors. There's no way that Ameria can come in crying about Lina smacking her in her sleep tonight." Zel mused.

The door to the small bathroom in their room opened slowly, and a flash of gold could be seen through the haze of the door. Zel smiled slightly and opened his book. It wasn't the first time he had seen Gourry come out of the bath recently. He laughed softly as he heard the blonde fumbling about the bathroom for a comb.

"Problems, Gourry?" Zel said softly, trying to keep the amusement in his voice quiet.

"Yah, the mirror's all foggy."

"Well, there's a mirror out here. Why don't you just comb your hair out here?"

"Hey, that's a good idea..."

The chimera rolled his eyes slightly, despite the small smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth. Opening the large novel on his lap, he began to quietly read the first page. Gourry walked by him quietly, his pajama bottoms barely resting on his hips. Despite Zel wanting to continue to read, the body striding by him was a major distraction.

Sighing to himself, his mind flashed back to the night at the ladies club when Gourry had stripped and then had kissed him not once but twice that evening. They had went back to the room and spent the night making out, but hadn't gone much past that. Recently, there hadn't been any real interaction between them at all, with the exception of an occassional stolen kiss or touch.

Oddly though, Zelgadiss found that he really didn't mind. Those small kisses and touches were more than he could ask for, and in his mind, felt like he deserved. Besides, Gourry was by far better company than two young women trying to tear each other's hair out over who got what bed.

Gourry stood in front of the mirror, his golden locks heavy from the water. Smiling absently to himself, he picked up the comb and pulled the towel from his hair, draping it over his shoulders. He began to hum softly to himself, pulling the comb lightly through his rich hair. He continued to hum softly and accidently swayed his hips. Suprised at himself, Gourry sat down the comb and looked in the mirror, humming softly again and his hips almost swaying on their own.

"!" he thought to himself, not having moved his hips like that since the night club. "I wonder if I can still swivel them like Janson taught me."

Slowly, almost as if testing, Gourry moved his hips in a full circle. Grinning, the blonde chuckled softly to himself.

"What do you know." He mused, and picked up the comb again, watching Zel through the mirror. A slow, devilish smile crept onto his lips.

So what is the answer
To the Question of U?

Zelgadiss was immersed in the next page of the book when he felt Gourry's eyes on him. Raising his eyes upward, he saw the blonde leaning back against the mirror. Raising an eyebrow, he turned the corner of the page he was reading down and closed the book.

"What are you smiling about?"

"I just realized something."

"That you actually have dark roots in your hair?"

The swordsman stuck his tongue out at Zel.

"Very funny. No, I mean it. I just realized something."

Zelgadiss looked at Gourry curiously, and then saw his hips rock back and forth slightly.

"Oh, Gourry..." Zel thought quickly to himself, knowing that he would be lost if those hips started swaying.

"I can still do it, you know." Gourry said softly, his voice warm and smooth.

The chimera swallowed slowly, his eyes dropping down to his book.

"Just open the book Zel, and act like you're not interested."

But, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get his hands to open the book. Pulling his gaze upwards, he saw Gourry looking at him, his visible sapphire eye smoldering underneath the heavy veil of gold.

What do I look for,
What shall I do?

Gourry moved the towel slowly down his chest, his eyes never leaving Zel's as his hips slowly began to rock back and forth. The only music that was playing was the soft melody Gourry was humming. The shaman felt his mouth start to go dry as the towel dropped down to Gourry's stomach and slid down between his legs before landing on the floor. Pushing himself away from the mirror, he rocked his hips forward and back slowly, the movement languid.

Zel felt his breath catch and he could feel a blush slowly creep onto his cheeks.

"I can't believe he's doing this again."

Which way do I turn,
When I'm feeling lost?

Gourry rolled his head slowly around, drawing closer to Zel, his fingers trailing patterns down his strong chest, pausing to brush over one of his own nipples, causing the shaman to drag in a short breath. A wicked smile crept onto the blonde's face and he dipped his fingers lower, letting them play over the waist band of his pants.

"You didn't think I'd remember how to do this, did you, Zel?" Gourry barely whispered.

The chimera let his eyes rove over Gourry's solid frame, falling to linger on the waistband of the swordsman's pajama bottoms.

"H-hai.." Zel said softly, his words unintentionally catching.

The blonde drew closer, standing a foot from Zel and rocked his hips in a full circle, his fingers clenching onto his own thighs, drawing a gasp from him and a shudder from Zel. Dragging his nails up his outer thighs, he pressed his hands inward, grasping his inner thighs and tugging lightly at the pants. But, he didn't pull hard enough, the silk of the bottoms still resting firmly on his hips.

If I sell my soul,
Now what will it cost?

Zelgadiss let out a trembling breath, letting the book fall off his lap, reading, a long forgotten thing in his mind. Slowly, he reached out one of his cool, stone touched hands and barely brushed Gourry's chest. The swordsman caught Zel's wrist, resting the palm firmly on his stomach and guiding the touch upward to his chest.

The shaman squirmed a little in his seat and began to get up from his chair.

"No." Gourry softly reprimanded. "Stay sitting."

Zelgadiss let out a soft whimper, but complied, letting Gourry guide his hand over the smooth planes of his body. Bringing the hand up slowly, he let his lips brush over Zel's fingertips, before dropping the hand and drawing back again, turning around slowly and rocking his hips forward and backwards again, the silk giving a glimpse of the strong legs hidden underneath the smoother material.

"T-turn around..." Zel barely whispered, unsure that it was even his lips the words came from.

To his surpise, Gourry obeyed, turning around slowly, his fingers shifting through his long gold locks, twirling the hair around his fingers and tilting his head back slowly, his hips moving from the left to the right.

Zel reached out his hand and Gourry moved closer, the chimera grasping the band of his silk pajamas and guiding Gourry close to him, his breath heating the skin of Gourry's lower chest and stomach. The blonde continued to move his hips, running his hands over Zelgadiss's shoulders.

Must I become naked?
No image at all?

"Take these off." Zel breathed against Gourry's stomach, his fingers playing with the band.

"Untie them." Gourry commanded softly, bending himself forward, letting his lips barely touch the tip of the shaman's pointed ear. Zelgadiss shuddered and pulled on the tie, his fingers working on their own accord. The tie fell loose and Gourry pushed back slowly, turning around again and easing the pants over his hips. Zel moaned softly to himself, seeing that Gourry wore nothing underneath. The blonde swordsman stepped gracefully out of the silk pooled around his feet, his hair modestly covering most of his back and upper legs. Zelgadiss felt a flash of disappointment, which soon disappeared as one of Gourry's arms shifted out to his side and slowly he turned around.

The chimera felt all the air leave his chest as Gourry moved seductively from side to side, his hands caressing his own frame, those brilliant sapphires never leaving Zel's darker blue ones.

Shall I remain a bride,
Or get down and crawl?

Gourry dropped to his knees and slowly got on all fours, slinking across the floor to Zel like a cat stalking his prey. The shaman was almost trembling when Gourry slid between his legs, pressing his naked body against Zel's clothed one. The swordsman ran his hands slowly over Zel's chest before getting up and turning around, setting himself lightly on the shaman's lap before moving slowly around, sliding up and down Zel's legs, Gourry's legs parted.

Zelgadiss panted, feeling Gourry's naked body caress him through his clothes. He reached up, trying to run his hands down the blonde's front, but was stopped by Gourry pushing his hands aside, a soft laugh coming from him. The torture was exquisite and the chimera gave himself over to a low moan. Gourry continued to rock in his lap, shifting his body weight and craning his neck backwards so that golden hair splayed over Zel's neck and chest. The chimera whimpered softly, trying to keep his hands still. Suddenly, Gourry stood and Zel let out a soft cry of protest.

All of the questions,
Of my life of being...

Gourry held out his hand to Zelgadiss.

"Dance with me, Zel."

Trembling, the shaman stood slowly, Gourry pulling Zelgadiss against him tightly, bending Zel backwards until his head fell back, and the blonde's warm lips and wet tongue slid over the underside of his chin. Zelgadiss let out a low groan, his hands coming up to clench Gourry's shoulders. The blonde rumbled softly against the chimera, their hips grinding together slowly, each movement adding to the tension even more. Gourry slowly moved away from Zel, taking his hands and resting them on his hips, finding Zelgadiss's and doing the same.

"Feel how my hips move." Gourry said softly. "Janson told me that dancing like this was just like pretending you were making love to the person you desired most in the world."

Zel shook, feeling the rocking of Gourry's hips and the slow movement of his own.

"That's right, Zel. Feel it."

Gourry turned Zelgadiss around slowly and arched his back and hips against Zel's rear. The chimera let out a low groan, catching Gourry's hips and pulling him forward again, their movements growing more and more erotic, Gourry's now hardened erection pressing against Zel's cloth covered rear.

Slowly, the shaman slid his hands under his own shirt, still keeping his hips rocking with Gourry's and yanked the material off. He felt two large hands immediately come up, caressing the small rocks that graced his chest before the fingers slid over Zel's nipples, drawing a drawn out gasp from the man.

"Untie me." Zel whispered softly, guiding Gourry's hands to his pants. The blonde man's fingers slowly unraveled the knot that held up Zel's silk pajama bottoms, letting them slide off Zel's narrow hips and pool below at his feet.

Zelgadiss immediately gasped, feeling flesh pressing against his rear, his mind heated and his hips seeming to move on their own. Gourry once again turned Zelgadiss around, staring deeply into Zel's deep blue eyes. Easing his leg in between Zel's, he rocked their hips together in slow, grinding movements.

The shaman let his head fall back for a moment, giving in briefly to the hot sparks shooting through his body as Gourry's erection ground slowly against his. Pulling his head up, he wrapped his arms around Gourry's neck, using that as his brace as he ground his hips against Gourry's, the touch bringing a soft moan from Gourry's lips.

They continued to rock, two naked bodies in a slow, seductive dance. The tension continued to build between them, Gourry pausing for a few moments as their time grew close and letting them relax again. The chimera sighed pleasurably when the blonde's lips found his again and their dance resumed, a leg pressing firmly between his, his hips pressing against Gourry's.

The slow, sensual movements slowly began to pick up in speed, until Zel's head fell back, unable to sustain the kiss, feeling Gourry's strong thigh brushing hard against him, until he let out a cry, shuddering, his hips forcing themselves firmly against Gourry's, warmth spilling over Gourry's and his stomach. Trembling, the blonde felt Zel's hips press hard against him and that was all it took before he was whispering Zel's name in the chimera's ear, his own sticky heat spilling between them. Both men sank to the ground, a tangle of arms and legs, sweat covering their frames, the smell of their mixed climaxes lingering over them.

"Mmm, Gourry..." Zel finally managed to say, his eyes opening to look at the swordsman looking down at him. Smiling, Zel, reached up and caught him, pulling him down into a deep kiss.

Breaking away slowly, Gourry smiled warmly at Zelgadiss.

"That was your first lesson on how to strip." Gourry whispered in Zel's ear.

"First lesson?" Zel said with a soft laugh.

"Oh hai...then of course, you'll need to practice."

"Hai." Zel responded, pulling Gourry on top of him. "Lots and lots of practice."

When I decided to trust to choose,
What is the answer to the Question of U?

THE END...OR IS IT?...=^.^=

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