"Photos of Worthing..."

Summoner Cat

wpe3D.jpg (48930 bytes)  Sugoi!  The scene from when our good Detective is lookng for Gourry in "The Maze!"

Miracle Shining

wpe3F.jpg (41683 bytes)  Here's my little drawing of the duo before their first time together in "The Maze."

Ronda Searls

wpe41.jpg (18420 bytes)  My gorgeous Gourry's outfit from The Night Dweller club scene!  Yummy!!

wpe10.gif (32901 bytes)  Beautiful pen sketch of Gourry in his Night Dweller outfit!

wpe12.gif (45817 bytes)  Sergeant Inverse at her best!  =^.^=

wpe14.gif (58251 bytes)  Wow, Ronda-chan can even do the Kopii nice!!

wpe1F.jpg (18955 bytes) ::chuckles::  This is an inside joke about the detective and Gourry going t-shirt shopping...You've got to love Ro-chan's humor!

wpe21.jpg (18989 bytes)  Done as a special request for me!  OOOH, now that is one hot ex-hooker!!!  ::giggles::  =^.^=


  WAI!!!  It's "Bleu" in fuschia!!  Isn't he the cutest thing?!  Gah, I love this chibi!  Arigato again, Jaysen, isn't she the best?  ::huggles::


wpe1.jpg (50495 bytes)  Augh!  Too kawaii for words!!  This is the chibi version of my fave detective and blonde!  Arigato, Moon-chan!!


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