"Welcome to 'The Maze'...I feel so alone..."

Detective Zelgadiss Greywars is sent out to find murder witness and/or suspect Gourry Gabriev in Worthing's Red Light District, "The Maze."  What he finds if more than he ever bargained for.

  1.  The Mouth of the Maze
  2.  The Night Dweller
  3.  A Dark Empire
  4.  21 Questions
  5.  Family Ties
  6.  Touch the Rain
  7.  Good Night, Sweet Prince
  8.  "Janie's Got a Gun"
  9.  Confessions and Realizations
10.  Consenting
11.  An Interlude of Thoughts
12.  The Tangles Unravel
13.  Gathering the Fold
14.  The Heart of The Maze
15.  "Cat and Mouse"--The Final Confrontation
16.  Epilogue:  Time Heals Everything

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