"The Maze"

By: Miracle Shining


AUTHOR'S NOTE: All the Slayers characters are property of their respective companies and distributions. I'm just a fan, please don't sue me. This is an alternity fic with heavy angst, dark themes, and YAOI, so if you are under 18 or the legal age in your state or country, offended by m/m relationships, or can not handle really dark literature, than leave now!! I won't be responsible for you if you do not! Domo arigato, and enjoy the fic!! =^.^= Xellos and Phibrezo lovers, Gomen nasai ahead of time...=^.^=


CHAPTER SEVEN: Good Night, Sweet Prince

Xellos sighed as he watched the rain beat down in front of his suite window. High above the city, in one of the finest built buildings in Worthing, he overlooked the whole area and his eyes fell upon The Maze. His kingdom, as he had come to look at it as.

"A kingdom of filth, whoredom, and sin. What more could a person ask for?" he ruefully thought to himself.

Turning from the window, he walked over to one of his lushly stuffed red velvet chairs. He sank down in it, feeling the soft material slide under his slender fingers.

"Mmm, but if this kingdom can bring me this king of luxury, then I will definitely say that sin is the only way to go." he quietly mused.

"What was that, boss?" a soft voice came from the adjacent bathroom.

"Oh, nothing, Noir, I was just thinking to myself." he responded quietly.

Phibrezo stepped out of the bathroom, drying off her shoulder length black hair. She smiled affectionately at Xellos and stepped carefully around a glass coffee table and sat next to him. The towel she was wearing barely held to her curves, and a somewhat wicked smile crossed Xellos' lips.

"Is it still raining?"

"When isn't it, Noir?" Xellos responded, his eyes falling back to the window, the cold rain streaking down the large piece of glass.

"True..." Phibrezo nodded and then gave a mischievous grin. "How about I go and keep you warm tonight, boss?"

"Mmm, sounds like a dream come true."

Xellos suddenly scooped up the towel clad woman and dashed to the bedroom. He barely managed to close the door before he was discarding his clothing and jumping back to his lover's arms.


The two figures walked quietly into a large, dark building. Both stopped to shake the cold rain off their coats, and the first removed his large brim hat, dusting the drops off the top. He pushed his fingers through his mane of blue black hair, taking care to remove some streams of water from his rich locks. His partner took off his hood, shaking out his thinning hair and wiping the drops that clung to the jewel that graced the middle of his forehead.

"The boss wants to see us now." the first figure said softly, fingering a long piece of his hair.

"Then we shouldn't keep him waiting." the other man said quietly.

The two men walked a few feet in the dim lighting to a small elevator. Both crawled inside and hit the button for the very top floor. The elevator creaked, in desperate needs of repair, and began it's slow journey to the top of the shaft. Both people in the elevator remained quiet, even breathing softer than usual. When the elevator finally made a quick, jolting stop, the doors moved slowly open and both stepped out.

The huge corridor they walked down was graced with innumerable expensive paintings, most attained from either unsavory methods or dirty money. The rich maroon carpet was a gentle compliment to the black stone walls that the paintings hung on. At the very end of the corridor was a large mahogany door, engraved with a large "R" in the center. Upon reaching the entry, the first man pushed a small call button and then stood back and waited.

"Yes?" a young, female voice said through the box.

"It's Zangulus and Vrummugen, Erin. The boss said he wants to see us."

"Ah yes, he has been waiting for you. One moment please, and I'll open the door."

Zangulus and Vrummugen stood side by side, patiently waiting for the door to open. Slowly, light began to flow out into the opening as the huge wooden door came creaking open. A young woman with black, slightly spiky hair pulled back in a ponytail greeted the two men. She wore an extremely tight, purple business suit with a very short skirt and high black hills.

"Gentlemen, he has been waiting anxiously for you."

Both men nodded.

"Thank you, Erin. Is he in his office?" Zangulus asked.

"Where else would he be?"

Erin motioned for Zangulus and Vrummugen to follow her down another shorter, more lighted corridor. This hallway was graced with pictures of their boss and one of their boss and Erin together. Erin quietly knocked on the door at the end.

"Sir, Zangulus and Vrummugen are here as you requested."

"Very good, Erin, see them in."

"Yes, sir."

Erin turned the knob to the smaller, less elaborate door and motioned for the two men to enter. Closing the door behind them both, she moved in front of them and began to walk toward the center of the room. The room was lit dimly, but enough to make out the rich Baroque furniture that graced it's maroon carpeted floors. A large window showed the rain that was still pouring outside and the occasional streak of lightning that would show the true luxury of their surroundings. In the center of the room was a large marble desk with a huge chair turned to face away from it. The chair rocked back and forth.

"Sir, Zangulus and Vrummugen are here to report."

"Very good, Erin. Would you gentlemen like something to drink?" the voice from the chair said quietly.

"No thank you, sir." Vrummugen said softly.

"Well then, with that out of the way, I can get to business."

The chair swiveled slightly, but not all the way around. An arm with a red suit sleeve held out it's hand, holding a large brandy glass.

"It seems that even with Martina and Garv dispensed of, the police are wandering around The Maze. I've had another conversation with our good mayor, but he doesn't seem to be seeing things our way, gentlemen. Now, as I recall, there are three others that were involved with our little arrangement, a Xellos Metallia, a Phibrezo, and a Gourry Gabriev. Am I correct?"

"Yes, boss." Zangulus nodded.

"I had hoped that getting rid of Martina and Garv would have shut this whole thing up, but this Detective Greywars and his little girl detective along with the whole 14th precinct had to go and get curious, didn't they, gentlemen?"

"Yes, sir."

"Now, I know normally the police would have let this thing go when I talked to the mayor. But not this time. This Gourry Gabriev had to open his mouth and talk to this Detective Greywars, didn't he?"


"Well, now, we just can't have that can we?"

"We can get rid of him quick, boss." Zangulus quickly interjected.

The red suit clad arm swirled the brandy around in it's glass.

"I would have originally thought of that, but not now, Zangulus. No, now I have a much better plan. One that can guarantee that the police will have nothing to stand on with anything Gourry Gabriev says."

"What is that, sir?" Vrummugen questioned.

"I want you to pay our good friend, Xellos Metallia a visit. Then after you're done showing him the proper respect, I want you to go to Gourry Gabriev's apartment and show his half sister, Filia Ul Copt the same kind of respect."

Zangulus let out a cold, bitter laugh.

"I assume it's the only kind of respect you hire us for, boss?"

"Exactly, Zangulus. You'll know what to do, both of you are very creative young men. I'm sure you'll enjoy making Detective Greywars life a little harder, won't you?"

"Oh, with pleasure." Vrummugen nodded.

"Well then, gentlemen, you have your orders. Go out there and make me proud."

"Yes sir."

"Erin, would you please show these gentlemen the door?"

Erin walked away from the large marble desk and escorted the men out of the door. She closed behind them, securing the lock and then walking back to the desk.

"What kind of thing do you have planned, sir?"

The chair turned slowly, the brandy spilling out the side of the large glass slightly. The man sitting in the large chair smiled his eternal smile at Erin, his red, three piece suit matching with the black chair he sat in. His closed eyes stared at her and he smiled again.

"Oh, you wait, my sweet Erin. The fun has just begun."


Xellos stretched his arms lazily over his head. He smiled to himself and yawned a pleased yawn. He took a moment to glance over to the young woman lying next to him in bed. He sighed happily, and continued to watch her sleep.

"This is it, Xellos Metallia, this is the day." he thought quietly to himself.

Xellos slipped silently from the bed and crept into the bathroom. He knelt down by the toilet and pulled something away from the base of the porcelain. Pulling the tape off of it, he fingered the small, black velvet box in his hand.

"Xellos, no more waiting, you're doing it tonight." he assured himself.

Xellos was pulled from his thoughts as he heard rustling from his bed. He smiled, biting his lip with a feeling of joy and serenity in one. He clutched the box in his hand and quickly got to his feet. Walking back into the bedroom, he watched from the doorway as Phibrezo yawned, and stretched her beautiful slender arms. She saw Xellos and smiled lazily at him.

"Hey, boss..."


"What are you doing up?"

"Well, I thought I would show you something."

"Show me something?"

"Yah, slip on your nightgown and come out into the living room."

"Okay..." Phibrezo nodded and yawned again.

Xellos turned from the doorway and walked into the spacious living room. The cold rain still beat against the large picture window, but he didn't care. He was on top of the world and he rolled the velvet box between his fingers.

"So, what did you wanna' show me, boss?" Phibrezo asked softly.

Xellos turned to Phibrezo, his face glowing. He motioned for her to come to him and she gladly did. He hugged her tightly and kissed her neck before pulling back and taking a deep breath.

"Noir...Phibrezo, how long have we known each other?"

"Geez...I guess since you've been in The Maze...must be seven years now..."

"And how long have we been together those seven years, not just as employer and employee?"

"Wow, it's been...seven years..." Phibrezo nodded.

"I've...I've been thinking about how long we've been together, and I've been wanting to do this for a long time..."

"Do what, boss?" Phibrezo questioned, her face full of curiosity.

Xellos almost melted seeing the innocence on her face. She was willing to follow him to the ends of the earth and back again. He took a deep breath again and exhaled slowly. Getting down on one knee, he took her hand into his, and opened up the velvet box with his free hand. Inside was a huge, diamond ring set in white gold.

"Phibrezo, will you marry me?"

Phibrezo couldn't even get the words out. She only squealed and threw her arms around Xellos' neck, almost knocking her lover to the ground. Finally, she pulled herself together enough to vocally respond.

"Yes, oh my heavens, yes, Xellos!!"

Xellos grinned, taking the beautiful ring from it's velvet encasement. He took her right hand and smiled at her as he readied himself to place the ring over her finger.

The door to their apartment suddenly flew open, two men stepping inside. They were both clad in large, heavy coats, one wearing a large hat and the other wearing a hood. Without seeing their faces, Xellos and Phibrezo already knew who they were. Xellos stood, Phibrezo's ring still in his hand. He was beyond infuriated.

"Zangulus! Vrummugen! What is the meaning of this?!" he demanded.

"Well, Mr. Metallia, we've had special orders from the high and almighty one that we're supposed to give you the 'proper respect.' You know what that means..." Zangulus said, his voice laced with hate and bitterness.

"He said what?!" Xellos shouted, horrified.

"You heard him." Vrummugen stated flatly.

"What have I done?!"

"It's not us to question the boss's orders, so why don't you be nice and just let us do this quietly?" Zangulus asked, holding up his glove clad hands.

"You're insane! Phibrezo, get out of here!" Xellos commanded to his girlfriend.

Phibrezo stared at Xellos, her eyes desperate. Xellos nodded for her to hurry and run for the door. She let out a cry and quickly took off, almost reaching the doorway before getting grabbed by a lightning fast Vrummugen.

"Oh, you've been a bad girl too, Phibrezo." Zangulus growled. "The boss said you must be punished too...Vrummugen, would you like to have the honors?"

Vrummugen only grinned and stared at the frightened woman in his arms. He kissed her roughly and then in the next moment spun her around to face Xellos and Zangulus.

"Take a good look at her, Xelly, my boy. This will be her last facial expression you'll ever see."

Xellos stared into Phibrezo's eyes, laden with fear and anger and sadness. But under those layers was a deep love for the man she was looking at. The tears streamed down her fair face and she mouthed the words "I love you" to him.

The loud crack was what graced the suddenly silent room next. Phibrezo fell from Vrummugen's arms, her head lying in an off position to the rest of her body. A small drop of blood came from the corner of her mouth and her eyes stared unseeing at the feet of the Zangulus and Xellos.

"Ph-phibrezo..." Xellos could barely muster. His girlfriend lie twisted and dead on their white carpet.

Vrummugen leaned down and put his glove clad fingers to her twisted neck. A small smile played over his thin lips.

"She's dead."

"No!!!!" Xellos screamed and tried to tear himself away from the human blockade Zangulus had made of himself. Zangulus simply moved in front of the grieving man. Grabbing Xellos by his shoulder length hair, he pushed him back toward the picture window.

"Now, Mr. Metallia, how high would you say you were up? Ten...fifteen...oh, nope, according to the steps we took, you're on the twenty-third floor. That's out of twenty-five. You're pretty high up, Mr. Metallia."

Xellos's stomach turned at the close proximity the other man had to him, but his eyes refused to move from the body of his soon to be fiancee. The horrors of Zangulus was far less than what he was staring at past him. Vrummugen silently left her body and approached the duo. Zangulus pushed the shorter man against the glass.

"Well, well, what do we do now, Mr. Metallia? I suppose Vrummugen and I could play with you for a while, maybe beat you into a bloody pulp and then leave you to die? No, that wouldn't do, because that's not what the boss sent us to do. Hmm, what shall we do then? Knives? Perhaps a club?"

Zangulus stepped away from Xellos, leaving the young man heaving, his back against the cold, rainy glass of his high rise apartment. Vrummugen moved to the side and mentally, Xellos thought it was odd. Finally, the tall hat wearing man turned back to Xellos.

"Ah, hell with it! I'll just use the good old faithful technique!"

Zangulus pulled out a large handgun and held it chest level to Xellos.

"Good night, sweet prince."

Xellos only heard the trigger pull. He didn't see Zangulus put down the gun and laugh. He didn't see Vrummugen smile to himself. He didn't see the blossom of blood that spewed from his chest. He only vaguely felt the glass shatter behind him. Then he felt as light as air. He could almost swear he was flying. Lights flashed by his eyes and he knew that some of the lights were reflections of windows.

"Strange, I'm falling..." his mind reeled.

He continued to descend, oddly slow in his mind and to his body. He stared up at the stars, for the first time realizing how many large and beautiful ones there were. He could feel the wind and the rain and wondered why he had never appreciated them before. Then he saw her. The image of his one true love smiling down at him.

"Phibrezo..." he mentally whispered.

Holding out his arms to hers, he could feel her reach down and wrap her slender arms around his trembling body. Then he felt something cold and hard and then nothing.

The roof of the car Xellos had landed in had completely collapsed in, the front and rear windows, along with all the sides bursting in and blowing glass shards everywhere. The car alarm began to screech and lights flew on in the apartment. The scream of a woman was the first thing heard above the racket of the alarm.

Xellos hand unflexed as the last breath he would ever breathe slipped from his body. The ring that he had clutched so tightly in his hand fell from his fingers, clicking softly on the cement street and then getting carried down into a drain by a mixture of blood and cold rain.


The two men slipped quietly out the back door of the apartment, disappearing into a nearby alley.

"Did you think anyone saw us?"

"Not anyone that would talk to the cops if they did."

"So, what now?"

"We go and do as the boss says. Time to give Miss Filia Ul Copt some of our 'respect.'"

The long haired man laughed icily and slipped into the street, his partner following close behind.

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