"The Maze"

By: Miracle Shining


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EPILOGUE: Time Heals Everything

Zelgadiss smiled, straddling his new motorcycle. It was a thrill just to have a machine of that kind of power under his ownership again. A small gift of appreciation from the city of Worthing. Pulling out of the police parking garage, he edged his way onto the busy Worthing streets. It was a warm day in Worthing, a preview of the hot summer weather that was edging ever closer. But, Zel was in too good of a mood to think about the heat that was bound to strike soon.

It had been over four months since the Kopii mob case had come to a close and a number of things had occurred, many of which were still unresolved.

The head of the police had been indicted and removed, the city council deciding that Lina would be the person for the job. Now, the young woman was going gray and Zelgadiss could never stop teasing her about it. The Mayor was a different story. The trial was still going on, but no one really paid attention. Most people didn't want the job of running Worthing, and there were already rumors that the case would be thrown out of court within the next couple weeks.

"I wonder how Ameria and Syphiel are getting along." Zelgadiss thought absently as he made a right to go downtown, the wind bristling over his wire hair, adding a kind of comfort.

Ameria had decided to move out of her home, her relationship with her father still strained. Syphiel had decided to let her move in with her, the two young women getting along quite well. Ameria was no more a rookie detective and she was proving herself competent as each month passed.

"She keeps this up and I'll be out of a job!" Zel mused to himself.

Stopping at a small music store, Zelgadiss turned off his bike's ignition. He rested against the motorcycle and pulled his cane from the side of one of the bike's packs. The doctor had told him that he would only have to use the cane for the next couple weeks, just until his wounded leg was completely rehabilitated. His ribcage though, well that was another story. The doctor had told him there was nothing they could do and time would just have to be Zel's friend.

"When you have my life, that just doesn't happen." Zel thought with a chuckle.

Lina had required that Zel take a two month lay off from work to heal. He was happy to be back among the other officers again though, since he wasn't one to stay inactive for long.

Slowly, he made his way into the small store. He was greeted by a young woman smiling behind the counter.

"Oh, Detective Greywars! You're in luck, it was finished this afternoon!"

Zel smiled and nodded, standing in front of the desk.

"Was it hard to repair?"

"Well, one of the gears was rather hard to come by, but we managed. I think it works better now than it did before."

"And the picture?"

"We made sure it was set inside of it just as it was originally."

Zelgadiss nodded and pulled his credit card from his wallet. It was an expensive purchase, but well worth it in his eyes.

The young woman appeared from the back, carrying a small square package. She ran Zel's credit card through the machine and Zel signed, smiling.

"This must be very special to you, Detective."

"Oh, it is." Zel said with a nod and waved, taking the package.

He moved slowly to his bike again and secured the package in one of the bags. Placing his cane back in it's holder, he mounted his bike and turned it on again, easing back into the streets.

He drove down one of Worthing's smaller streets that led out to the Worthing cemetery. He could feel the coolness of air as his motorcycle picked up speed and his thoughts fell to his mate and lover.

They say that time heals everything and Gourry was living proof in Zelgadiss's eyes. The doctors treated his physical wounds. They were pleased that he didn't scar easily and the whip marks had left barely anything on his back. The emotional wounds were another story. For the first couple months, Gourry was plagued with nightmares. He was recommended to an acclaimed psychologist. Last week, the doctor was pleased to say that Gourry would only need to come and see him once a month if he liked. He had said that Gourry's recovery had to do with Zelgadiss's support and love for him. He now attended Northland Academy Art School in Worthing. He excelled at dancing, a skill Zel would found both fascinating and fitting for Gourry. He had also made some new friends, one of his closest being a girl with short pink hair and blue eyes named Utena Tenjou. Zel had to admit, he liked her and thought she was a good friend for Gourry.

Zel eased quietly through the cemetery gates, a kind of peace floating over him. Driving slowly down one of the paths, his eyes fell upon a figure standing in front of a line of gravestones. Stopping his motorcycle, he turned it off and dismounted quietly, grabbing his cane and the package. Making his way onto the grass, he approached the person.

Golden hair swung lightly in the breeze, stretching out away from Gourry's form. His blue shirt was tied way up away from his waist, resting just below his pecs and a pair of tight low slung jeans and a set of combat boots graced his lower half.

"Even after I took him shopping and he still dresses like that." Zel laughed to himself, though the view was more than tempting.

Gourry turned around as he heard footsteps approaching. His face lit up and he smiled warmly as Zelgadiss approached. Zel smiled, holding the package behind his back and coming to stand beside the taller blonde man.

"The roses are beautiful, Gourry." he said quietly.

Gourry nodded, straightening a lavender rose that rested on the newest plot.

"Yah, Filia always liked roses. You know, it's kind of peaceful seeing them in a row. Mom, Dad, and Sis. It seems like it should be kind of morbid, but I just don't think it is."

Zelgadiss nodded, looking at the three gravestones. They were a gentle reminder for Gourry of his family he once knew and also a reminder to Zel that he was honored to have their son and brother in his life.

"Oh, I have something for you Gourry. I thought it would be fitting to give it to you here."

Gourry looked curiously at the detective. Zel brought the small package from the behind his back and handed it to the young man.

"Do I open it now?" Gourry questioned, taking the box.

Zelgadiss nodded.

Slowly, Gourry undid the string and the brown wrapping paper. Tears instantly flooded his blue sapphire eyes. He blinked them back and slowly opened the top of his music box, looking at the picture inside. The gears turned without squeaking now and the music drifted over the otherwise silent cemetery.

"Zel...how did you...I thought..."

"When the Kopii died, the officers found your music box in what was left of my car. Syphiel gave it to Lina and Lina gave it to me. It took the music store people almost four months to find the necessary gears for it, but I made sure they didn't give up until they had it fixed."

Gourry closed the box and then looked at Zelgadiss before throwing his arms around the chimera's neck, locking their lips in a deep, lingering kiss. Zel responded, wrapping his arms around Gourry's waist and kissing back with just as much force.

Their lips slowly parted and Zel took a moment to wipe away a few of Gourry's tears.

"I love you, you know." Zel said softly.

Gourry nodded and smiled through his tears.

"I love you too."

"Do you want to head home and get something to eat?" Zel asked quietly, pecking Gourry's lips again.

The tall blonde nodded and smiled, turning back to the gravestones and saying a soft good-bye before throwing them a kiss.

The two men made their way slowly back to the motorcycle, Zel using Gourry for some of his support. He placed his cane back into it's holder and Gourry slipped the music box back into one of the cases on the side of the box.

Zel mounted the bike and Gourry sat behind him, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist, leaning down enough to rest his head against Zel's shoulder. Zelgadiss smiled and revved the bike, moving down the cemetery path and out onto the open road. Both men relaxed against the breeze and Gourry sighed, closing his eyes and listening to Zel breathing over the sound of the motorcycle.

"Time does heal everything." he thought to himself and smiled.

"Always, Gourry, always..." Zel thought, and smiled himself



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