"The Maze"

By: Miracle Shining


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CHAPTER FIFTEEN: "Cat and Mouse"--The Final Confrontation

Zelgadiss felt the sting of the cold rain in his eyes as he moved slowly from the safety of the door. The roof was flooded and the chimera could feel the water creeping underneath his pant legs and batting up under his shins. It was a distraction and a danger that could prove fatal to him. Moving carefully, he stepped through the water, trying to be mindful not to move too quickly. The rain was loud, but if Rezo was nearby, he would be able to hear him walking.

"Detective Greywars, aren't you curious where I am?!" a voice rang through the rain.

Zelgadiss spun around instantly and fired his gun. The sound of a bullet striking stone and then boomeranging away met his ears. He growled and tightened his grip on his weapon.

"Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!" he chastised himself. He only had three rounds left in his barrel. They would have to be good ones.

"A little anxious, aren't we, detective?" Rezo continued to taunt from somewhere on the building. "I thought you'd be grateful to finally meet me! After all, I was the one who helped you get all the stuff you dreamed about when you were working with us!"

The chimera gritted his teeth and growled, moving slowly behind an old chimney stack that rose from the roof. Resting his back against it, Zelgadiss tried to calm his shaking. The rain offered little to him and he had to blink again to get some of the water from his eyes. Closing his eyes for a moment, he tried to focus his ears to the sound of movement.

"I can't see anything through this torrent." he thought quietly to himself.

"Careful, Greywars, you shouldn't sleep on the job!"

Zelgadiss opened his eyes to see a gun poking through the rain. He barely had time to duck before a bullet came whizzing through the air and punctured the old tin chimney stack. Zelgadiss gasped and crawled through the flooding water, trying to use it to conceal himself.

"Oh, detective, now where did you go? We're just getting started!" Rezo shouted, his voice was laced with insanity.

Zelgadiss huddled himself up against one of the small heating vents that protruded from the top of the building. He swallowed and checked himself. Blinking, he felt around in the water near him.

"My gun...dammit, I dropped my gun!!" he growled to himself.

"Oh, detective!..." the voice echoed over the sound of the rain.

Zel swallowed and remained completely still. Fate would have to be kind with him tonight.


Ameria looked up from tying Zangulus to see that Gourry was missing. She let out a squeak and grabbed a hold of Lina.

"Sergeant Inverse, where's Gourry?!"

Lina looked up from her ex-officer and her mouth fell open. Standing, she walked over to where the unconscious Erin was. She knew there should have been a gun lying near her hand, but there wasn't anything to be found. Lina shook her head.

"He went after Zel. Damn, I knew I should have watched them better!"

"We need to come after him, Sergeant!"

"No, Saillune, you need to get yourself and your father downstairs. The police will be arriving soon!"

"What about you?"

"I'm going up the elevator and finish this!"

"Sergeant..." Ameria barely whispered.

"Come on, Ameria. If that's what the sergeant wants." Phil said quietly.

"No, Papa! No! This is my case too and I want to see it come to an end!"

Ameria took off down the corridor, heading for the elevator.

"Saillune, are you nuts?! Come back here this instant!"


The mayor and Lina were quick to follow the young detective. Ameria had her gun pulled when she struck the button to the old elevator. She could hear the gears turning slowly and then a loud 'clink' sound. Waiting, she struck the button again. Now there was only the whirring sound of gears trying to move. Lina and Phil had finally caught up. Ameria let out a frustrated scream and pounded on the button again. The elevator once again tried to respond to the request, but the doors didn't open.

"Saillune...Ameria, the elevator is stuck." Lina said quietly.

"No...NO!!" Ameria pounded on the button again, frustration in her face. "We can't let Detective Greywars and Gourry get hurt!"

"Maybe we're in luck, Ameria. Zel can take care of himself and maybe Gourry's stuck in the elevator right now. I don't see any steps that lead to the roof, though."

"What now, Sergeant?" Ameria said quietly, her breath coming out in slow drags.

"We go downstairs and wait for the rest of the police. I think with their help, we can get the equipment we need to get to the roof. For now, we've got to just wait and keep our faith that our two men know exactly what they're doing."

Ameria nodded hesitantly and threw a glance at the elevator.


Gourry had stepped out the elevator slowly, the cold wind striking his face and sealing his golden hair to his forehead, over his eye, and down his back. The chill offered a kind of relief to the burning in his wounds. He leaned slightly against the frame and listened for the sound of the elevator moving down the shaft again. He heard a soft 'clink' noise and almost absently came to the conclusion that the elevator was stuck.

Forcing his eyes to stare through the rain, he moved slowly to the wall next to the door. His boots were up to their ankles in flood water and now he was beginning to feel the cold of the rain. He rested the gun against his chest, holding it there as he tried to get some bearing of where he was. There appeared to be a couple chimneys, a couple heating vents and some other objects scattered about the top of the building. He slowly began to move when he heard a gun fire.

Pressing himself against the wall, he could see a small spark appear around one of the chimneys. For a brief moment, he swore he could see movement before the rain splashed into his eyes again.

"Oh detective, now where did you go?! We're just getting started!" Rezo's voice rang over the rain.

Gourry felt his heart jump into his throat. Zelgadiss was on the roof and so was the head of the Kopii. But, how would he know who was who? He could barely make out any viable forms, unless they were stationary. Gourry swallowed and applied the safety to his gun.

"Better safe than sorry." he thought to himself.

Slowly, the young blonde stepped away from the wall, letting out a soft breath of chilled air and began to move over the roof.


Zel wondered how long he could stay hidden behind the heating vent before Rezo figured out where he was.

"Think, Greywars, think! What else do you have on you other than your gun?"

Zelgadiss slowly shifted, trying not to attract any unwanted attention. Moving his hand into his old leather jacket, he felt around. Something cool touched his fingers and he drew it from one of his inner pockets. He narrowed his eyes and stared at it through the rain.

"My jack knife...well, it's not much..." Zel mused, opening the small knife from it's case. He swallowed and shifted again, placing the knife at the corner of his jacket. Pulling it upwards, it tore the material quietly.

"Good, it's still sharp. Not much for me currently, but if I can just get the gun from Rezo or in least get him to fire all of his bullets, I might have a chance. Problem is, I don't know how many bullets are left in his gun."

"Detective, this really has no point!" the voice came again. "Why don't you just come out and die like a good young man? Then I could go back to my business and you could go...well, to heaven, I suppose!" Rezo said with a laugh.

"Of all the mob bosses in the world, Worthing has the most psychotic." Zel grumbled to himself. Steadying his knife between his fingers, he slowly slinked on his stomach and rested himself in the water. The cold liquid shot through his clothes, but he was already numb. Moving on his stomach, he began to slither toward one of the other chimneys. Keeping himself close to the ground, he kept his eyes open.

"No stars, no moon, I can't see anything!" Zel growled.

But, he could hear movement. Lying flat on his stomach, he ceased moving. The barely audible clicking of heels moved around the roof. Zelgadiss steadied his hand in front of him, ready to lash out when the opportunity arose.

"Oh, detective! I know you're here somewhere..."

The footsteps drew closer to the chimera. Zelgadiss narrowed his eyes, his grip tightening on the small weapon.

"If I can just cut through his leg, it should drop him."

The footsteps veered suddenly.

"Where is he going?"

"I think I see you over there, Greywars! Now, why don't you come out and play?!"

Zelgadiss let out a soft puff of air, his body relaxing for a moment. Something else had caught the Kopii's attention and it gave him a moment longer to prepare.

"But, what else would be moving up here?"


Gourry slid down the back of one of the chimneys, resting for a moment. He let the gun rest against his thigh and stifled back a moan of pain. The whipping had made him weak and some of his adrenaline that had forced him to stand was wearing off. He swallowed back the pain and forced himself to focus on the area of the roof.

"Somewhere there is Zel and somewhere there is the Kopii. But, how do I know which is which?"

"I think I see you over there, Greywars! Now, why don't you come out and play?!"

Gourry froze against the chimney, hearing the sloshing of water over the torrents of rain. The footsteps drew closer and Gourry began to hold his breath. He forced his shaking hand to cease moving and slowly moved his thumb up to click the release. Raising it up, he slowly peeked around the side of the tin chimney.

A bullet came whizzing by, skimming Gourry's cheek and slicing off a few strands of his hair. He had to stifle a scream and immediately pressed himself back against his safety again.

"Oh, come now, Zelgadiss. Don't hide, we can make this a lot easier." Rezo said simply.

The sound of movement from behind him caught Rezo's attention and he turned around slowly.

"Oh, has someone come to join our little party, Greywars? Well, I'll just have to see who it is and take them out first."

Rezo turned from the chimney and began to walk the opposite direction. Gourry let out another sigh, forcing himself to loosen his grip on the gun. He touched the side of his face where the bullet had skimmed. A small burn was resting on his left cheek, but the rain cooled the wound quickly.

"Oh, Zel, he thought I was you. But, where are you?!" Gourry questioned desperately to himself.


Zelgadiss had heard the shot and had stood up, the water splashing off his clothes and onto the roof again.

"Who the hell is he shooting at?!"

"Oh, has someone come to join our little party, Greywars? Well, I'll just have to see who it is and take them out first."

Zel wiped more of the rain from his eyes and could make out the image of an approaching form. Quickly, he pressed himself against a nearby stone jette and waited.

"I hope this is Rezo and not someone else." he muttered to himself.

Glancing from around the corner, Zelgadiss could see the person continuing to approach. He held his breath and waited patiently. Carefully changing his grip on the small jack knife, he maneuvered his arm to rest against the wall.

The person drew closer, Zelgadiss could hear the footsteps increase in intensity. His own heartbeat seemed to move in time with each pounding on the cement. He tightened his fingers around his small weapon and waited for what seemed like an eternity.

His eyes made out an arm stretched forward as the figure began to pass the jette. The gun was secured in front of the person and Zelgadiss took the opportunity, striking out with the small knife. The weapon struck it's mark and stuck in the wrist of the person. The gun went flying to the ground and disappeared underneath the water.

"Dammit!" Rezo shouted, grabbing for the small knife incised in his wrist.

The chimera was quick to react and grabbed the red suited man, throwing him against the jette, using the stone wall for leverage. The mob boss let out a gasp of air and pulled the knife from his wrist, striking at Zelgadiss with it. The detective was quick to move, but lost his grasp on the man.

Rezo went tumbling down to the ground, using the water and darkness as a shield against Zelgadiss. Taking a handful of the icy water, he threw it up in the chimera's face, temporarily blinding him as he tried to scrub the chill from his eyes.

Zel felt a strike to his legs and then he was face down in the cold Worthing rain water. He moaned as his ribs struck the ground twice as hard, making it difficult for him to breathe. But, he could see a black shoe and grabbed for it. Rezo let out a frustrated growl and forced himself to turn, kicking the detective directly in the face. Zelgadiss tried to keep his grip, but the silk of the Kopii's suit was too slick and the man slithered away from the chimera. Zel let out a frustrated scream and began to move after him. The result was a sudden pain that stopped Zelgadiss where he was. His ribcage felt as if it was on fire and melting at the same time. Groaning, he instinctively balled up, lying in the cold water.

"Have...have to get...get up..." he gasped to himself.

"I wouldn't be lying around on the job, if I were you, Detective! You never know when the next assault might occur!"

Zelgadiss couldn't place where the sound was coming from. He closed his eyes and swallowed back the pain once again.


Gourry had heard someone scream in pain. Forcing himself from the chimney, he moved slowly through the water, trying not to disturb it too much. He couldn't pinpoint the direct source of the noise, but it was about fifty feet away from him. Slowly, he approached, hesitant.

The sudden splash of water immediately made him stop. There was noise and then silence. Gourry felt all of his fears rise in his throats.

"Oh please, don't let him have killed Zel...please..." Gourry whispered silently.

The young blonde continued to move forward when a figure quickly moved another direction. Gourry aimed for the person and then dropped his gun.

"No, I don't know if it's Zel or not. I've got to find him first and then I'll know." he told himself.

Slowly, Gourry stepped against another wall, resting his tired form. He hurt so bad and he wanted to just close his eyes. But, his determination and the cold rain kept him awake and his senses acute.

"Please, let Zel be okay, please..."


Zelgadiss uncurled his body slowly, the pain still spiking through him, but having eased somewhat. He forced himself up into a semi sitting position, making sure that he put as little pressure as he had too on his injured side. His hand shifted through the cold water and to his surprise, touched something. Feeling around, he realized that it was a gun.

"Rezo must have dropped his when I stabbed his wrist."

This was a strange twist of luck and Zel had to smile despite his situation.

"Well, I owe somebody big time for this." he mused.

Forcing himself to a standing position, he opened the barrel and squinted through the downpour.

"One bullet. Oh, that's just cute. The head of the Kopii doesn't keep a full barrel."

Zelgadiss frowned and clicked the barrel shut. Walking slowly around the water, he kept a close eye for movement in front of him. His eyes scanned around for the third person who seemed to be on the roof.

"I need to be careful. I don't want to shoot whoever else is up here." Zel thought to himself.

Stepping around a nearby box, he let out a yelp when a hand grabbed him from nowhere. He pulled the trigger and the gun fired the last bullet directly up into the night air. Landing hard on his back, the chimera let out a scream of pain.

"You should be more careful as to where you step, detective." Rezo's cold voice met Zel's ears.

Zelgadiss struggled for a moment before he felt something sharp against his throat.

"Did you know I have another obsession, detective? I like collecting knives. I had this one especially made for rare occasions. They guaranteed me that it could slice through even the toughest stone. So, care to see if it works?"

Zel couldn't scream any more. That act alone caused him more pain than he could muster and the weight of the Rezo's body on top of his added to the ache even more. He forced back the anxiety that rose to the surface. If he was going to die, he would do it without a sound.

Rezo's lips curved into a dark smile and he moved the blade from Zel's throat, placing the tip at the side of his neck, readying himself to make one smooth cut across the chimera's throat.

The sound of gunfire greeted Zel's ears instead of a blade to his neck. The Kopii spun around suddenly to see a form in the rain and smoke rising underneath the torrents. The bullet had missed both him and Zelgadiss, but it was enough to provide distraction. Zelgadiss used the opportunity and kicked up, forcing the Kopii off him with a swift kick.

Rezo went rolling off the chimera, but was quick to stand. Zel still couldn't get up very fast and the head of the mob used that to his advantage. Twirling the knife in his hand, he lunged at the form quickly. The person dodged with surprising agility, but wasn't prepared for a spin around. Rezo quickly turned and thrust out his knife again. The blade struck it's target and the person fell to the ground.

Zelgadiss moaned and drug himself over to the person who had risked their life for him. His eyes almost glazed over when he could finally make out gold resting among the cold rain water.

"No...no, please, let it not be him..."

The chimera finally was close enough to make out Gourry's shape resting on the ground. He had to stifle his cry of horror.

The young blonde slowly lifted up his head and rolled over, grasping his arm. The blade had only skimmed through his shirt and sliced his arm with the gun, but it still hurt. Zelgadiss let out a sigh of relief and pulled himself over to Gourry.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he demanded.

"Finishing something that should have been finished long ago." came his response.

"Well, isn't this sweet. A lovers' reunion. Well, since you two are so meant to be, how about I both send you to heaven together?"

Zel and Gourry both looked up to see Rezo move the blade in his hands. With a sudden burst of adrenaline, the chimera sprung to his feet and forced all his weight into Rezo's body. The act stunned the man and both bodies went flying backwards.

Both men stumbled through the water, their feet finding no purchase on the slick wetness of the roof. Before either knew it, both men were at the edge of the building, barely balancing on barrier between the roof and a sheer drop to concrete.

The duo staggered, still trying to stand. Rezo sliced at Zelgadiss with blade again. The whole process caused the chimera to lose his balance and he went falling over the edge.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!" Gourry screamed, seeing the image of Zelgadiss slipping over the edge.


Lina, Ameria, and Phil had made it down to the bottom floor using the old steps that they had found. Lina was relieved to see the police force at the bottom. Naga was waiting, her hand shielding her eyes from the onslaught of the storm.

"What the hell is going on, Lina?!" Naga demanded.

"Hell is exactly what is going on, Naga!" she responded loudly.

Her eyes fell upon a cooling heap of metal and glass near the warehouse.

"What was that?!"

"Detective Greywars car at one time, Lina. I guess whoever did this was testing his agility skills! I have officers currently checking out the vehicle!"

"Do we have a spotlight?!" Lina questioned.

"Yah, why?"

"Get it turned on and shine it at the roof! Gourry, Zel, and the head of the Kopii are up on the roof! We need to find them!"

Naga nodded and turned to one of the officers, giving the instructions. The young man ran over and clicked on the spotlight, directing it toward the roof. Scanning the light slowly, it stopped over something, or someone hanging from the edge of the building.

"Zel!!" Lina shouted.


Zelgadiss had no idea how he had managed to catch the decorative stone landing, but he was dangling there, his fingers gripping hold of the slick rock. Rezo looked down at him and then the spotlight struck them, blinding the Kopii head for a moment. Zelgadiss tried to force himself up, but once the dots had faded from Rezo's eyes, he stepped on Zel's fingers.

"I don't think you're going anywhere, my little detective friend. I think that I'll let everyone in your precinct see you die. That way, I won't have you to deal with any more and neither will they."

Rezo held up the knife, ready to plunge it directly into Zel's skull. The chimera moved quickly and suddenly freed one of his hands from the rock and grabbed the Kopii's ankle, pulling him off the building.

"Yah, well, I wouldn't be so sure!" he shouted as the man began to fall.

Rezo acted quickly and grabbed hold of Zelgadiss as he was falling, gripping hold of the smaller man's legs. Zel let out a scream of pain as the added weight not only loosened his fingers on the stone, but also put more pressure on his already wounded ribcage.

"Well, well, here we are yet again, old friend. Well, if I have to go, then I guess you can come with me!"

Rezo loosened his hand with the knife and drove the blade clean through one of Zelgadiss's legs. The chimera screamed and then let out another howl of pain and Rezo let both of his hands use the blade as leverage. He let himself dangle, holding only onto the knife.

"In least I'll have your leg with me always, detective!" he screamed through the rain.

"I don't think so." a voice appeared from above.

Zelgadiss looked up, his fingers slowly slipping from the slick stone. Gourry stared down at them and then grabbed Zel by his shirt, holding his with one arm. The other arm slid down the side of the building, a gun pointed directly at Rezo.

"Say hello to some of my old clients in hell, you bastard."

Rezo's eyes opened wide, his mouth open to scream. The bullet entered through his mouth and came flying out the other side. Within seconds, the limp body released the knife and came falling down the building, the spotlight following it's descent the whole way before it impacted the cold cement below it.

Gourry let the gun fall from his hand and used both of them to yank the detective over the edge and back onto the safety of the roof. The rain had lessened slightly and both men could finally make each other out through the streams of water.

Zelgadiss stared up at wonder at his lover and then gave a half smile.

"Following me was the stupidest thing you could have ever done, Gourry."

"Well, forgive me for caring, Detective." Gourry responded.

Zel shook his head and laughed slightly, despite the incredible pain he was in. Gourry sat up and cradled the detective in his lap, keeping his leg still.

"Thank you, Gourry. You saved my life."

"You saved mine already, Zel, I owed you one."

"Well, how about we cease trying to collect when it comes to this, huh?"

Gourry nodded in agreement, the spotlight coming to rest on their forms. He could now see the police cars below them and the hustle and bustle of people moving into the buildings. The rain was slowly ceasing and a few clouds were moving out of the sky.

"Rain is stopping." Zel said quietly.

"Uh-huh..." Gourry responded and looked down at the detective.

"Have I ever told you I loved you, Gourry?" Zel questioned.

Gourry shook his head, smiling some through his pain.

"Well, I do, you know. I love you."

"I love you too." Gourry said simply. "Wonder how long it will take them to get the elevator fixed."

"Broken, huh? Well, I guess we'll just have to sit here and talk for a while." Zel said, a slight smirk on his face.

"Talking...I think I like..." Gourry said quietly, holding Zel to him closely and watching as the clouds began to break in the night sky.


"Sergeant Inverse?" came a soft voice.

Lina turned to see Syphiel standing with her bandaged and holding something in her hands.

"Syphiel! What are you doing here?"

Syphiel approached, holding the object close to here. She presented it to Lina, smiling slightly.

"The officers found this in Detective Greywars car. It's the only thing that survived. It's a little burnt and there a dent in it, but the inside is in tact."

Lina looked at the object and then turned to look up at the roof, the spotlight still resting on the two battered men on the building.

"You know what, Syphiel?" Lina asked, taking the object from Syphiel's hands and opening it, an intact picture looking back at her.

"What's that Sergeant?"

"I think everything is going to be okay..."

Syphiel looked up to the building and nodded.

"Yah, it is."

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