"The Maze"

By: Miracle Shining


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Chapter Eleven: An Interlude of Thoughts

Zelgadiss rolled his head from side to side slowly, the last remnants of the pleasant haze of sleep rolling off his thoughts. He glanced down at the body resting close to him, golden locks strewn across his blue tinted chest. He smiled silently and maneuvered himself quietly, picking up his partner's head carefully and lying it back down again. Gourry mumbled uneasily, shifting and pulling himself tight into a ball. He whispered his sister's name as he exhaled a trembling breath.

Zel frowned, shaking his head. The two who were responsible for this would pay, whether they worked for the Kopii or not. They'd get what was coming to them, whether by just means or by more seedy methods.

Zel slowly moved out of bed, a slight stiffness in his body. His frown morphed into a half smile when his mind ran over the events that had occurred only a couple hours before.

"Maybe I should have tried men a long time ago..." Zel absently thought with a chuckle.

Fishing for his pants in the dark, he slipped them on silently as not to disturb Gourry. Opening the small drawer that he had gotten his protection from, he pulled out a tin ash tray with a very old package of cigarettes and a small, used match book sitting inside it. Opening the box, Zel pulled one of the white sticks free and flicked open the match book. Placing the cigarette in between his lips, he struck the match a couple times before the tip took. He lit the tip and put out the match quickly. Taking a long drag, he pulled the cigarette from his lips and breathed the smoke out slowly. He never really liked smoking, but he always did it when something was weighing heavy on his mind. Walking over to the window next to his bed, he watched the rain slide down the glass.

"It seems to have gotten heavier since last night." he silently commented.

Zelgadiss glanced over at the neon green numbers of the clock on his night stand. The numbers read seven twenty-four a.m., but with the weather, it looked around eight p.m. or later. The rain was harsh and pounding on the window and Zel wondered how Gourry could sleep with the noise. Then again, he hadn't awaken until now either.

A sudden jolt of pain in his ribs nearly made him drop his cigarette. He swallowed and slowly took in deep breaths.

"Maybe they did break something." Zel mumbled to himself.

He drew on the cigarette again, watching the smoke rise over his head absently.

"Two men take out everything Gourry has ever known. The two men supposedly work for the Kopii mob. The mayor is involved with the Kopii and so is the head honcho of all the police forces. But, what does this have to do with The Maze? So the Kopii wanted the mayor and the police out of The Maze and Ameria and I do an investigation of two small time murders and the whole place goes up. There's something heavy in The Maze. The mayor must have something to hide from the Kopii that he's willing to risk the lives of all the people in Worthing for. I just wish I knew what...geez, what's Lina gonna' think about this whole situation? Greywars, do you even know what the hell you're doing?..."

Zel's thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of movement beside him. His attention turned to the body shifting softly in the bed. Zelgadiss smiled as Gourry's eyes opened slowly, two blue sapphires that could be seen even in the dim room.

"Hi..." Gourry said softly, his voice thin and almost frail.

"Hi..." Zel responded, coming over to the bed, the cigarette dangling from his lips.

"Didn't know you smoked."

Zelgadiss smirked, pulling the stick from his lips and tapping some of the ash into the tray.

"I don't really. Only when I need to think."

Gourry sat up slowly, his body moving stiffly but at the same time, very elegantly. He reached up, pulling Zel back down onto the bed. The chimera was more than willing to go and he relaxed down on the soft mattress, sitting up and resting his back against the wooden head board.

The young blonde haired man took Zel's cigarette between his own fingers and took a long drag off it, letting the smoke drift out of his mouth in slow wavy patterns. He handed the stick back to Zel, who stared at Gourry slightly dumbfounded.

"You smoke, Gourry?"

Gourry grinned slightly and shook his head.

"Nope, disgusting habit. But occasionally I light up when I'm stressed or after a really good encounter."

Zel chuckled softly, drawing on the last touch of nicotine and putting the cigarette out in the metal tray. He let the smoke slowly drift from his lips. Gourry watched his face quietly.

"So, if you smoke for those two reasons Gourry, which one was it this morning?"

"Thirty percent of one and seventy of the other."

"I'm hoping that the seventy was the second choice."

Gourry only smiled and leaned his head against Zel's chest again. The detective wrapped his arms around the blonde young man as he too sat up slightly, snaking his arms around Zel's waist.



"Did...did you enjoy last night?"

Zelgadiss looked down at Gourry and smiled gently. He brushed some of his long golden bangs to the side so he could look at both of his blue eyes.


That simple word was all that Gourry needed to hear. Zel leaned down, claiming his lover's mouth in a deep kiss. The young man moaned softly into his mouth, a very satisfying sound to Zelgadiss's ears. Gently, the kiss broke and both men smiled at each other.

"Gourry," Zel said softly, his voice gentle and firm, "I know you don't want to do what I'm going to ask next, but it has to be done. We need to go back to your apartment and get some of your personal items and also see if anyone saw the intruders."

Gourry lowered his head, his breath coming out in slow, erratic bursts.

"Great, Greywars, just make everything worse for him than it already is..." Zel growled silently to himself.


Zelgadiss thought he had imagined the word, but he saw Gourry looking at him and the young man nodded slowly.

"Just promise me two things, Zel."

"Anything." Zelgadiss said honestly.

"One, I don't have to go up there. You can get what you think is necessary for clothing and shoes and stuff."

"Agreed. The other?"

Gourry swallowed, straining to find the words for the next request.


Zel was concerned by his sudden lack of words.

Finally, the young man spoke slowly.

"There's...there's a small music box with a blue rose engraved in the gold top. Inside is a picture of my whole family. Our mother gave it to Filia and I as a gift to remember them in case anything happened to anyone of us...It...it plays the song I was playing last night on your CD player. That's why Filia loved the song so much...please, I know you're not supposed to take stuff other than clothes and junk like that, but could you bring that also? It's all I have left of my family..."

Gourry's shoulders shook then, a flood of emotions that had not been expressed fully yet came open. He sobbed in long, broken spurts, his face streaked with tears that refused to stop flowing. He slid down Zel's chest, burying his face into the blankets and balling up into the fetal position.

Zelgadiss tilted his head back, streams of tears slipping over his stone touched cheeks. The pain of this young man was more than even he could stand. He reached down with his arms and gently eased Gourry out of the ball he was in. Zel pulled him against him, covering his cheeks, forehead and lips with light, gentle kisses. Gourry's crying eased slowly, until he relaxed trembling against Zel's chest, his body racked with both grief and sheer exhaustion.

"Ssh...ssh..." Zel whispered softly and began to do a gentle rhythmic stroking of Gourry's long blonde hair.

Gourry stared out into the dark room, his hands gripping tightly to Zel's arms wrapped around him.

"They'll come for you too, Zelgadiss. They'll come because you're with me."

"Then let them try and get through me, Gourry. They won't have you. Not as long as I'm still alive."

"You may not be for long if let me stay with you." Gourry whispered bitterly.


Zelgadiss turned Gourry's face to look at him, his eyes gentle and soft. Gourry swore he could lose himself in those deep blue eyes. Zel gently leaned down again, kissing his lover's lips slowly and reassuringly.

"I love you, Gourry..." Zel silently thought to himself.

Gourry shifted so that his rested his back on Zelgadiss's lap, his arms snaking around the chimera's neck. The kiss continued in it's slow, gentle pattern.

"I love you, Zel..." Gourry quietly thought.


The drive back to Gourry's apartment was a long, slow one. The Worthing rain had flooded a couple of the major streets and sand baggers and construction people were out making detour routes and redirecting traffic. The longer it took, the more tension Zel could sense in Gourry.

The duo finally reached Gourry's apartment ten minutes later than usual. The young blonde haired man stared at the building, his eyes tired and empty. Zelgadiss smiled a little and reached over, squeezing his hand.

"You can just stay in the car, Gourry. I'll get the stuff you need."

"I'll go in, I just don't want to go into my room. Please, Zel, the music box too." Gourry responded.

Zelgadiss nodded, opening the door and getting struck by the icy rain once again. Gourry slipped out of the other side, wearing only the long white shirt of Zel's and his leather pants from the previous night. He still had no shoes on, but hadn't really thought about asking for any.

Zel noticed immediately that Gourry wasn't wearing any foot protection and quickly ran him into the main entry of the old building. Standing in the entryway was Jeffery, clad in a purple chiffon shift with blue scarf around his neck. Zelgadiss couldn't help staring and Gourry only shook his head.

"What the hell are you doing back, Gourry?" Jeffery hissed. "Do you realize how bad the place is now? No one wants to stay here now. Mother and I are losing business left and right. All because of you."

Gourry lowered his head, biting his lip. Zel stepped forward, his arm snaked posessively around Gourry's waist. Jeffery noticed the arm and immediately scowled.

"We met yesterday, sir. I was one of the police officers who investigated last night's incident. I can verify that Gourry has nothing to do with the situation that arose here."

"Well, how do I know that?" Jeffery responded haughtily.

"Because you had me in your room for tea just before it happened and your mother made me leave my boots!" Gourry suddenly lashed out.

Jeffery stepped back, resting his hand over his chest and breathing hard. The young man had obviously been stunned by Gourry's outburst. He fanned himself lightly and stared at Zel.

"Fine then, what do you want?"

"My name is Detective Greywars, sir. You are?"

"Jeffery. That's all you need to know. Mother told me not to give out my last name to strangers."

"I don't think they get much stranger than him." Zel mused to himself.

Zelgadiss nodded.

"All right then, Jeffery. I'm going to remove some of Gourry's clothing and other necessities that he will need from the crime scene."

"Isn't that removal of evidence?" Jeffery retorted.

Zelgadiss narrowed his eyes and the corners of his mouth turned downwards. This guy was just being a plain jerk about everything.

"Jeffery, please, I need my boots. They're the only pair I own. Could I please have them?" Gourry pleaded softly.

Jeffery looked coolly at the two men standing in front of him. Finally he tossed some of his badly cut bangs to the side and nodded.

"Fine. You can come in and when you're done upstairs, detective, you can come and get your...your...friend." Jeffery spat out and turned around, marching into his room.

"Is he always like that?" Zel asked quietly.

"Only on good days." Gourry responded softly.

Zel looked at Gourry and smiled slightly, running his fingers through some of his hair. Gourry smiled back a little and touched Zel's face.

"I'll be back before you have to drink any tea."


Zel pecked Gourry on the mouth and the young man sighed softly. Quietly, Gourry walked into Jeffery's room, his arms crossed over his chest. Zelgadiss watched Jeffery slip his arm around Gourry's waist and close the door.

"He lays one hand on him and I'll make sure he stays that high of a tenor." Zel grumbled to himself.

The chimera looked up the creaking stairs and quietly made his way up the old staircase. He shook his head in disgust at the state of some of the buildings in Worthing.

"So much for the 'betterment of the city' plan set up by Mayor Saillune."

Zel reached the second story and was grateful that there were no police around for once. Usually crime scenes such as these were patrolled continually. But, it was in a bad part of town and nobody wanted to stay around if they didn't have too.

Zel stopped in front of the door, his stomach turning slightly as the image of Gourry with the gun and Filia laying against the wall played over in his mind. The look of fear and sorrow on Gourry's face was forever locked in his senses.

Stepping over the yellow crime tape, he surveyed the room. There were a few things knocked over from the two who had killed Filia, but generally the place was neat and organized. Zel wandered over to the closet and opened the creaking door. There wasn't much for clothes, except for a few dresses and a long coat that looked as though they belonged to Filia.

A small oak dresser that had seen better days was next to the closet. Zel opened up one set of drawers to find some very intimate female apparel. He blushed unconsciously and closed the drawer. Pulling open the one beside it was a few tight blue shirts.

"Ah, this must be Gourry's side."

Zel picked out a few of the shirts, and then opened the bottom drawer, pulling out a set of leather pants with the sides cut out and laced up, a pair of torn jeans and a set of spandex styled fish net pants.

"I need to take him shopping." Zel absently thought to himself.

Digging farther into the drawer, he found an old duffel bag that had been folded up and placed under the pants. Opening it up, he placed the few articles of clothing inside. He opened the top drawer and wasn't surprised to find a few packages of condoms, but no underwear.

"In least he's safe about it all."

Zelgadiss zipped up the bag and then looked at the top of the dresser. A small box glinted in the light, a mixture of pure gold and metallic blue.

"The music box..."

Zelgadiss carefully picked up the small box and looked it over. It was an exquisite piece of craftsmanship, made of pure gold and the blue rose made of blue tinted gold. Curiously, Zel opened the top of the box. Small gears moved slowly and the soft sound of Filia's favorite song filled the silent room. From the light of the hall, Zel could see the picture inside the box top. Four people, a handsome man, a lovely woman, a beautiful daughter, and a gorgeous son stood smiling. Zel swallowed, a tear slipping down his cheek as the music continued to play, sweet and strange against the dark setting of the room.

"I wonder if you're parents would have approved of me, Gourry."

Zel closed the small music box and picked up the duffel bag. He stepped over the yellow tape for the last time. Staring into the room, he shook his head and sighed softly.

"In this world there is justice and there is sin. Why do we always go for the second?"

Zelgadiss walked away from the room, the song of the music box drifting through his tired senses and giving comfort to him.


"Who is he, Gourry?" Jeffery asked quietly.


Gourry was once again sitting on Jeffery's couch as he had the previous night. But, Jeffery had returned with his boots this time and Gourry was quick to put them on, his feet already chilled more than necessary.

"The detective. Why is he so interested in you?"

Gourry narrowed his eyes slightly.

"What do you mean?"

Jeffery sat down beside Gourry and took his hand. Gourry wanted to pull away, but just sat there, staring at Jeffery curiously.

"He really doesn't seem to be the type to stick around with someone like you, Gourry. Take me for example. I'd never leave your side. I'd always be there whenever you needed me. I wouldn't be trouncing around the town looking for trouble. I'd wait for you to get home every night..."

Jeffery's voice trailed off as his hand went from Gourry's to resting on the young man's upper thigh. Gourry began to inch away, but Jeffery kept moving toward him.

"Jeffery, I need to go. Really, Detective Greywars is going to be waiting for me."

"Oh, c'mon, Gourry. You can stay with my mother and I. We'll take very good care of you..."

Gourry was almost plastered against the side of the couch when Jeffery's hand came up to grab his chin. The door suddenly came open and Zel stood with the duffel bag slung over his shoulder and the music box in his hands. Jeffery pulled back and growled at the chimera.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?!" he demanded.

Gourry immediately flew off the couch and slung his arms around Zel's neck. The detective gave a half smile to Gourry and handed the young man the golden music box. Gourry looked at the small box and smiled at Zel.

"Thank you."

"Any time."

The two men exchanged a long kiss in front of Jeffery's very angry eyes.

"You're nothing more than a cheap slut, Gourry Gabriev!" Jeffery screamed. "You're as rude and crude as those two jerks last night!"

Zel broke the kiss with Gourry and glanced around the taller young man at the fuming Jeffery.

"What did you say?"

"I said that Gourry was a cheap slut..."

"No, after that...about the two jerks..."

Jeffery frowned, biting his lip and pouting.

"These two guys came in last night asking whether there was an elevator in this apartment. They were both really rude and one of them even suggested I get a new wardrobe! How insulting!"

"These two men, Jeffery. Did you get their names?"

"No, why?"

Zelgadiss walked around Gourry and motioned for Jeffery to sit down.

"The incident that occurred last night involved two sets of foot prints. Did these two people say anything before they left?"

"No, they just left. They were both big guys though. One of them was really, really homely. He had this jewel stuck in the middle of his forehead."
Zelgadiss's eyes grew wider as Jeffery continued to speak.

"The other one, well he kind of had Gourry's looks, 'cept he had really tanned skin and this main of wavy blue black hair. He was pretty cute, but he was really rude. I should have had them thrown out before they even had a chance to walk around."

Gourry grabbed one of Zel's shoulders and leaned down, whispering into his ear.

"Those were the two guys that I saw with the head of the Kopii."

Zelgadiss shook his head, trying to fathom the explanations of the two people he had just heard. He turned to look at Gourry, his face serious.

"Are you sure, Gourry?"

"Yah, I'd remember those faces any where."
"Then there's more to them than just the Kopii."

"What are you talking about, Zel?"

"Gourry, if those two men fit both Jeffery's description and your memory, I know them."
"Who are they? Zel, what's going on?"
Zelgadiss stood quietly, taking Jeffery's hand and shaking it slowly.

"Thank you, Jeffery. You may have just become an important link to solving my case."

Jeffery stared at the detective thoroughly dumbfounded.

"Um, sure..." he responded softly.

"Gourry, could you please join me in the car. I have something I need to tell you."

Gourry nodded, his face full of concern. Zel carried the duffel bag and Gourry was quick to follow behind, clutching his music box to his chest. Jeffery watched the two men exit, shaking his head.

Both men quickly bolted through the Worthing rain to Zel's car. Getting in quickly, both slammed the doors. Gourry stared at Zelgadiss who was gripping the steering wheel tightly between his fingers.

"Zel, what's going on?"

"Those two men, Gourry, the ones that fit your memory and Jeffery's description. I told you I know them."

Gourry nodded.

"If those two men are whom I think they are, then those two men are the officers that were busted in the drug raid last year."
"Your old partners?" Gourry questioned quickly.

Zel nodded slowly.

"Their names are Zangulus and Vrummugen. They had at least another five years before probation. If they're out, and working for the Kopii, then all hell is going to break loose."

"How are you going to find out?"

"We're going to go to the 14th precinct and make some calls."

Gourry swallowed, his heart jumping into his throat. If these two men were Zel's old partners, the chimera was now in severe danger. Gourry stared down at the box in his hands.

"If I lose you too, Zel, then I won't have anything left..." he thought silently.

Curling his fingers around the box, he continued to look down at it as Zelgadiss drove through the rainy streets of Worthing.

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