"The Maze"

By: Miracle Shining


AUTHOR'S NOTE: All the Slayers characters are property of their respective companies and distributions. I'm just a fan, please don't sue me. This is an alternity fic with heavy angst, dark themes, and YAOI, so if you are under 18 or the legal age in your state or country, offended by m/m relationships, or can not handle really dark literature, than leave now!! I won't be responsible for you if you do not! Domo arigato, and enjoy the fic!! =^.^= WARNING: LEMON!!! Okay, now that that is out of the way, enjoy!! =^.~=


CHAPTER TEN: Consenting

Zel turned the car slowly into the underground parking lot of his apartment complex. Gourry had been silent the whole trip and his silence made Zelgadiss even more uncomfortable.

"We're here, Gourry." he said softly.

Gourry looked up at the dimly lit surroundings of the parking lot garage.

"You live in a nice part of town."

"After the bust, the only thing I was allowed to keep was the apartment. I don't have my bike any more, though I really wish I did for times when I want to disappear."

Gourry only nodded a little and stared out of the window again. Zel watched the young man and found himself worrying whether he was in shock or not.

Zelgadiss quietly opened his car door and after a brief moment, Gourry did the same. The two men began to silently cross the garage to the apartment entrance. The clicking of Zel's shoes seemed to echo and it made both men more uncomfortable. But, the discomfort slowly began to leak into fear as another set of steps could be heard behind them. First a few soft steps and then another set joined them. They were following in synch with Gourry and Zel's movements.

"Zel...is somebody following us?" Gourry barely whispered.

Zelgadiss continued to go forward, not turning around.

"Just keep walking toward the door. They may be other people going to their apartments. Walk a little faster." Zel instructed.

Gourry nodded and both he and Zel began to pick up their pace. The footsteps behind them also increased in speed.

"Damn! We are being followed." Zel growled. "Hurry, get to the doors. I'll hold them off if I have too."


"Just do it, Gourry!"

Gourry moved in front of Zel, running toward the door. Zelgadiss turned around, pulling out his gun and holding it near his head. He scanned the dark parking garage, but couldn't pick up any shape. The footsteps continued to come and he made a quick circle, trying to find the source of the sound. The footsteps came closer and then the lights went out in the parking garage.

Zel's heart leapt in his throat and he stood perfectly still.

"Gourry, I hope you're inside now..." he numbly thought.

The footsteps seemed to spread out now, not going in one particular direction. Whomever was wandering in the dark seemed to be lost without the light also. Zel began to step back slowly, vaguely remembering where the door was supposed to be.

The impact with his side came next and the gun went flying from his hand.

"What the hell?!" Zel screamed.

Within moments, a fist like steel punched into his side and one came up at his chin. Zel coughed and fell down to the cement, groaning. A small trickle of blood from his newly torn lip flowed into his mouth and the bitter taste of iron coupled with the burning pain in his side dizzied him.

Another swift kick struck his side and then a foot to his back pressed down on his spine. He could hear his joints pop and screamed from the heat burning in his bones.

The attacker suddenly ceased, hushed whispers coming from not one source, but two. Zel couldn't make out the voices through his haze of pain. They all sounded like a jumble of words and hisses. The footsteps suddenly became more distant, and the sound of an approaching car replaced the noise of the feet.

The lights of the car fell upon the body of Zelgadiss and it came to a screeching halt. Gourry could finally see the chimera through the dark and came running out of the doors. He had made it to safety, but Zel hadn't been as lucky. The person in the car quickly got out and kneeled down beside Zel.

"Hey, man, are you okay?" he asked quickly.

Gourry ran toward the source of the light and bent down, turning Zelgadiss's head to look at him.

"Zel...we've got to get you to a hospital..." Gourry whispered.

"N...no...hos-hospital...take me...take me to my room..." he groaned softly.

Gourry stared down at Zel and then back up at the driver.

"Zelgadiss, we need to get you attention..."

"Just get me to my room..." he hissed.

Gourry frowned and carefully picked up Zel's body, the chimera groaning in pain as the weight of his body shifted in Gourry's arms.

"Hey, he needs to get to a doctor!" the driver exclaimed.

"If he doesn't want to go...he doesn't go..." Gourry whispered back. "Thank you for stopping..."

On shaky legs, Gourry made his way to the apartment door and opened it with one hand. The driver stared on, dumbfounded by what he had seen take place.

Going to the elevator, Gourry pressed the open button and waited quietly. For as strong as Zelgadiss was, he was rather light. But then again, Gourry had grown used to heavy things pushing down on him. He mused absently over the thought and the door to the elevator quietly came open.

"What floor, Zel?"

"Eighteenth...room 187..." Zel groaned, curling up a little in Gourry's arms.

Gourry frowned and waited impatiently for the elevator to come to a stop. The door slid open and Gourry warily walked down the hall, watching his surroundings for any more suspicious people. Stopping at door 187, he set Zel down to rest against his side.

"I need a key, Zel..."

The chimera nodded slowly and fished out a pass card key from his jacket pocket and handed it to Gourry. The young man quickly slipped the card through and moved Zel inside, following close behind. He closed the door quietly and almost tripped over a pile of clothes next to the door.

"I don't clean much..." Zel cracked, despite the pain. He rested himself against the wall and breathed slowly.

Gourry scanned the room, not sure how one person could make so many piles of papers, clothes, and junk.

"So I see..." Gourry responded quietly.

Zel moved away from the wall and coughed slightly. He straightened himself up a little more and made his way through the piles to the staircase.

"I might need a little help here, Gourry...bathroom's upstairs..."

Gourry's bottom lip trembled slightly, but he nodded and stood behind Zel as the chimera made his up the small winding staircase slowly. The two rooms upstairs were the bathroom and the bedroom. Zel made a left and turned on the light to the bathroom. Gourry was secretly relieved to see that part of the apartment was clean.

Zelgadiss wandered in and sat on the edge of the bath tub. He slowly took off his black leather jacket, followed by his suspenders, and finally undid his shirt, pulling it off to the side. Gourry looked away for a moment when the bruises on Zel's side came into view.

"There's a small first aid kit under the sink."

Gourry knelt down and opened the door. Inside was a very small first aid kit with only the bare necessities inside.

"Take out the iodine bottle and the ACE bandage."

Gourry obediently did as he was told. He picked up a small cotton ball in the case and poured a small amount of iodine on it. Gently, he moved in between Zel's leg and padded at the small cut on his lip. Zel flinched slightly, but then offered Gourry a tired smile.

"Never liked that stuff..."

"You should be at a doctor..." Gourry chided.

"Don't like doctors or hospitals...and it's not that bad...my ribs are just bruised and they got a good hit in on my chin..."

"But how do you know they're not broken?" Gourry suddenly demanded.

Zelgadiss stared into Gourry's visible blue eye, seeing the pain in the young man. He gently reached up and brushed a few stray hairs away from his face.

"They're not, Gourry...I promise, they're not..."

Gourry blushed and looked down. He picked up the ACE bandage and began to wrap around Zel's ribcage and shoulderblade.

"You're pretty good at this..."

"I've had to mend myself a few times. When Filia was younger, she'd always get into scuffs, and then I'd be the nearby medic to..."

Gourry looked down at the tile floor, his breath trembling. The mention of his sister's name again was more than he could bare and he stopped wrapping Zel's ribcage.

"Gourry, it's okay to cry."

The young man looked up at Zel through tears and smiled slightly.

"I know."

He continued to wrap Zel until the bandage was used up. Standing, he took Zel and balanced him against his side and led him into his bedroom. Once again, the place was in relative chaos, but nothing like downstairs. Quietly and carefully, Gourry laid Zelgadiss on the bed.

"Just rest now, Zel."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm not sure."

"Don't go any where. If you do, I lose my job..." Zel smiled slightly.

Gourry nodded, offering a small smile back to the chimera.

"I won't."

Zelgadiss closed his eyes and Gourry watched for some time as his breathing became slower and his eyelids flickered slightly. He finally fell asleep and the blonde haired young man got up quietly and went downstairs.

At the bottom step, he stared at the piles of everything everywhere.

"Well, I guess I could clean..." he absently thought.

Bending down, he picked up the first pile that was closest to him.


Zel opened his eyes to the green numbers staring at him.

"Four twenty-three a.m.? Damn, those bastards did knock you silly, Greywars..."

Zelgadiss slowly got up, the sting in his right side almost sending him through the ceiling. Carefully he walked out of the room and looked downstairs. His mouth fell open at the sight of his apartment. Everything was neat and dusted, all the piles gone and the sound of soft music playing downstairs. He watched Gourry sitting on the floor, wearing a long white button up shirt and looking through some of Zel's compact discs.

"Gourry?" Zel asked quietly as he made his way slowly down the small staircase. The young man looked up at Zel as he approached.

"I needed something to do last night. I couldn't sleep. So, I cleaned. I found this white shirt of yours, I think. It's like a 3X, so I figured it would fit."

"So I see that it does. I never returned it to the store, because I could never find it again. How long did it take you to clean this place?"

"About five hours. You're a very disorganized person and you need to check your milk dates more often."

"You even cleaned the refrigerator?" Zel asked amazed.

Gourry nodded.

"You don't cook much, do you? I found a lot of Chinese take out."

Zel shook his head and laughed softly.

"How are you feeling?"

"Side hurts, but I'll live." Zel responded quietly. "What about you?"

Gourry sighed and held up a compact disc.

"This is Filia's favorite song. The one playing now. She loved classical music. I used to think it was annoying, but now, it's like a quiet reminder that's she always there." Gourry whispered.

Zelgadiss watched as Gourry closed his eyes, more tears slipping down his cheek. The chimera made his way over to a cabinet and opened it up.

"Do you drink?" Zel asked.

"Um, not usually..." Gourry said softly.

"You do now..."

Zelgadiss walked over to Gourry and sat down beside the young man. Resting his back against the wooden divider railing between the living room and the entry way, he poured two glasses of cognac, handing one of the glasses full of the warm liquor to Gourry. He took the other and sipped it quietly, and placed the bottle on the railing.

"I've never had brandy warm before."

"Trust me, the kick is a lot better." Zel smiled.

Gourry sipped the cognac and made a face.

"This stuff is rather interesting..."

"It's not the most expensive, but it does the job."

Zel moved uncomfortably. His shirt was still clinging to one side of his body, his left arm still pushed through one of the sleeves. Gourry watched Zel for a moment and then set his glass down. Lying down on his side, he rested his head in Zelgadiss's lap, closing his eyes.

Zelgadiss watched Gourry resting in his lap. If it would have been any other man than this young man, he probably would have shoved them off and asked them what their problem was. But this was Gourry. He was different from anyone Zel had met before.

Quietly, Zel reached up his hand and began to slowly stroke Gourry's golden hair again. The young man slowly opened his eyes and sighed softly.

"You don't like men, do you, Zel?" he asked softly.

Zelgadiss sipped a little of his cognac again.

"Two day ago, I would have said I was so damn straight they could have bounced a penny off my stiff body."

Gourry laughed quietly at the comment.

"But now, Gourry...I'm not sure..."

Gourry sat up, looking into Zel's blue eyes.

"Not sure?"

Zelgadiss smiled slightly and slid his hand behind Gourry's neck, pulling the young man against him. His lips barely touched Gourry's, the motion sending a shiver up both Gourry and his spine. Pulling back, he looked at Gourry quietly.

"I'm a little new at this, so you're going to have to help me along, Gourry." Zel joked softly.

"Z-zel...you...you don't have to do this...you don't even like men..." Gourry stuttered.

"You're not a man to me, Gourry. You're just Gourry Gabriev. There is no male or female now. Just two consenting people who want to be together."

Gourry swallowed, not sure whether he should believe what he was hearing. The next kiss proved his thoughts wrong and he melted against Zelgadiss, hungry for the other man's attentions.

Zelgadiss shivered, feeling Gourry press against him. The young man had basically surrendered himself to Zel's whims. The thought made Zel almost dizzy and he had to breathe slowly to keep himself from being light headed.

Slowly, Zel nudged at Gourry's lips with his tongue. The young man gladly opened his mouth, wrapping his arms around Zelgadiss's neck. He moaned softly as Zel barely played against his tongue. Another shiver crept up Zel's spine and he kissed Gourry with more force, his hands finding blonde, silken hair and tangling their fingers in it.

The kiss broke, both men gasping for air.

"You're pretty good..." Gourry smirked.

"I've had my moments..." Zel replied, running his lips over Gourry's chin.

The young man clutched close to Zelgadiss, but was mindful of his ribs. Running his fingers lightly over Zel's bare shoulder, he pushed the other side of the shirt off and leaned down, kissing the exposed skin.

"Damn, Gourry..." Zel breathed, shifting himself awkwardly.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, but from my tight pants, I think you're doing a lot right..."

Gourry shook his head and smiled.

"Do you always make cracks when you're intimate?"

Zel grinned, slipping his hands under the long white shirt, tracing Gourry's smooth back and slipping his hands down, running them over Gourry's bare backside. He smirked watching Gourry arch slightly.

"Only if no one can keep me busy...and you're not wearing anything under this shirt..."

Gourry bit his lip, his fingers trailing over the Zel's blue tinted skin.

"Couldn't...all my clothes were soaked..." Gourry whispered.

Zelgadiss leaned forward, letting his mouth latch onto Gourry's throat, tasting the slight salt flavor of his skin. The young man whimpered, shifting to move on Zel's lap. He eased one of his knees between Zel's legs and added a small amount of pressure. Zel gasped, pulling back and running his fingers down to the buttons on Gourry's shirt.

Gourry watched as Zel's surprisingly nimble fingers undid each one of the buttons. Pushing the white material aside, Zel ran his hand down Gourry's chest and then slowly over his stomach. His eyes fell upon the lower half of Gourry's body. He smiled slightly.

"I see I'm not the only one interested..."

"V-very funny, Greywars..."

The young man retaliated to the comment by applying more pressure between Zel's legs. The chimera growled, pushing Gourry on his back and latching his mouth over his, Zel's hands exploring the contours and shape of Gourry's chest and stomach.

Gourry squirmed underneath Zel, surprised again at how strong he was. He wrapped his arms around his neck, sliding his hands down onto Zel's rear and pressing down, grinding their bodies together. Zelgadiss pulled back, grabbing his hands and pinning them over his head.

"Bad..." Zel smirked.

Gourry only gave a half smile and nipped at Zel's lips, running his tongue slightly over the wound he had received only a few hours before. The chimera shuddered, releasing Gourry's hands and relaxing on top of the taller young man.

Zelgadiss looked down at Gourry, the young man's face was flushed and his lips were becoming a little swollen from their heavy kissing. His hair was already disheveled again, and his eyes were dilated, giving him a very delicious wanton appearance.

"If I don't do something very bad to you in a few moments, Gourry, I will explode..." Zel stated.

Gourry grinned, pushing Zel off him and standing awkwardly, pulling the chimera carefully to his feet.

"You got protection?"

"Damn straight." Zel responded and took the lead, pulling Gourry up the staircase. Both men hardly had time to get through the door before they were tumbling on top of the covers. Gourry squirmed underneath Zel, his fingers working on Zel's belt without much avail. The detective grinned, sitting up and undoing the belt and then his pants. He left them on and quickly pushed off his socks.

"The pants go." Gourry growled.

Zel smirked, kissing Gourry's mouth and then neck again.

"You want it that bad, Gabriev?"

"Yes." Gourry hissed.

The young man suddenly flipped Zelgadiss over and pulled at his pants. The sudden turn shot pain right through Zel's body, but it was minor compared to Gourry's mouth on his chest. His lips traveled downwards, kissing small areas of rock that graced Zel's skin. His breath choked in his lungs when Gourry pulled the pants off completely and his hot, wet mouth came down on him.

"Holy mother of..." Zel almost screamed.

In his short life, Zelgadiss couldn't think of any time that felt better than this one moment. None of his female partners had ever had this kind of skill.

Gourry worked Zel's flesh slowly, his teeth grazing lightly over the skin and his tongue flicking over his tip. He wanted the time to last for as long as possible. But, from Zel's whimpers, he knew that if he kept it up too long, the chimera would be going over the edge. Still, he continued, almost wanting the moment to come so he could taste him.

Zelgadiss finally pulled Gourry's head away from his lower body and pulled him up. Flipping them over, he stared at the young man below him.

"What do you want?" Zel whispered, his voice deep and soft to Gourry's ears.

"You...now..." Gourry whimpered, his body shifting underneath Zel's. Those small movements added even more to Zel's sensitive body and he had to support himself from collapsing on top of his partner.

"I'm new at this Gourry...what do I need to do?..."

"You need lubricant of some kind..."

Zel nodded, getting up quicker than he ever thought he could with injured ribs. He quickly rushed into the bathroom and threw open the mirror which housed the medicine cabinet. He began to shuffle through the miscellaneous bottles and other small things inside.

"There has got to be a tube of lubricant from my old girlfriend in here still...aspirin...sleeping aide...toothpaste...dammit...yes!!" Zel's celebrated silently as he grabbed the small tube from behind everything else and returned to the bedroom.

He stopped at the door and watched Gourry, his eyes scanning over the form lying on the bed. The white shirt was still clinging to him, but it did little to cover his well built frame. He sat up and held out his hand to Zelgadiss, his eyes pleading to him to return to the bed.

It was the best invitation Zelgadiss could have received. He quickly climbed onto the bed and claimed Gourry's mouth again. The young man moaned softly, his hands latching onto Zel's hair and feeling the wire like texture.

Their kiss broke and Zel was feeling as out of breath as Gourry was.

"Okay, now tell me what do to..."

"It's almost like a woman, Zel...lubricate the opening and make sure it's slick."

Zelgadiss obediently did as he was told, slicking his fingers and moving his hand underneath Gourry's body, one finger testing the opening before pressing inside slowly.

Gourry let out a gasp and Zel looked at him, his eyes concerned.

"Am I hurting you?"

The young man shook his head, kissing Zel's chin, cheeks, and lips with fierce passion.

"Keep going, please..." Gourry begged.

Zel nodded, pressing a second finger inside Gourry's opening. The feeling was tight and hot and Zel didn't think he could get any harder, but it was happening. He moved his fingers around slowly and the whimpers and soft cries coming from Gourry added to the fire even more.

"I need you now, Zel..."

Zelgadiss pulled his fingers free and reached over to the nightstand beside both of them. Fumbling with the drawer, he finally pulled it open and pulled out a small package.

"Don't leave home without one." Zel smirked, tearing open the package.

Gourry kissed the side of Zel's face as the chimera rolled on his back, applying the latex to his length and then rolled on his side, kissing Gourry's lips.

"Okay...I'm ready..."

Gourry nodded, holding his arms for Zel to crawl on top of him.

"So there is more than one way to do this..." Zel thought silently to himself.

The shorter man positioned himself at the blonde haired man's opening. He looked up at Gourry, making sure that it was all right. Gourry's eyes told the Zel the answer and he pressed inside slowly. The moment his tip entered the tightness, Zelgadiss didn't care about anything but the young man underneath him.

Gourry moaned feeling Zel press into him. The chimera was careful, but Gourry wasn't used to being treated so gently. He shifted slightly, drawing more of Zel inside him.

The chimera hissed, feeling himself being pulled deeper. He was trying to restrain himself from going to fast, secretly enjoying the anxious pleasure it was causing Gourry. Gourry looked up into Zel's blue eyes, seeing the concentration in them.

"Harder, Zel..." Gourry commanded quietly.

That one comment was all it took and Zel pressed himself completely to the hilt. Gourry sobbed, his legs coming up under the sudden force. Zelgadiss stopped instantly, grabbing Gourry's face with his hands and looking at him.

"Did I hurt you?"

"A little..." Gourry whispered.

"Damn..." Zel drew back, ready to withdraw completely when Gourry locked his legs completely around Zel's waist, holding the man in place.

"You stop now, Greywars, and I'll break your neck..." Gourry stated softly.

Before Gourry, Zel would have considered that a very nasty threat. But now it had became something more. A sensual phrase that Gourry really wanted Zel. He wasn't the only one.

Zelgadiss began to move slowly inside Gourry, each thrust seeming to pull deep sensations from every part of his body. His fingers trailed over his partner's face and down his chest. Slowly, Zel's fingertips found Gourry's hardened length and barely brushed over it. The sound the young man made was more than satisfying and Zelgadiss wrapped his hand around and slowly kneaded him.

"Please, Zel...I want you too..." Gourry whispered, his face flushed.

Zel nodded, stroking Gourry in time with his thrusts, calculating carefully what drew the deepest cries from the young man's throat. Gourry rocked slowly with Zelgadiss, both men exchanging heated kisses and soft moans of pleasure.

Zel could feel the tenseness in his body building, and though he attempted to push it down, it refused to stay at bay. His tempo picked up and he began to move Gourry with more force, his hand picking up in pace.

Gourry whimpered and latched his legs tighter around Zel's waist, forcing Zel to move farther and deeper within his body. Zelgadiss wasn't sure how much more he could take before he lost it.

"Harder, Zel...don't hold back..." Gourry cried quietly, his body aching for release.

Zelgadiss thrust in long deep strokes, his hand moving roughly over Gourry's sensitive flesh. The young man sobbed quietly and then suddenly stiffened. Zel felt muscles contract around him. Gourry's body lifted slightly off the covers, his legs locked tightly around Zel's waist. Zelgadiss could feel a warmth flow into his hands, but he was too taken back by Gourry's climax to notice.

"...zel..." Gourry barely whispered.

That was all it took to trigger Zelgadiss. He pushed hard into Gourry, lifting the young man's hips off the bed. Gourry let out a loud sob and dug his fingernails deeply into Zel's back. Still working Gourry's length in his hand, Zel buried himself as far as he could go, holding Gourry in that position until his climax shook him to the core. He trembled as he felt Gourry's nails rake down his back and he knew some of his skin had been scratched open. The pain in his ribcage flew through him like hot spikes, but it was all minor compared to feeling the pleasure of release. Zelgadiss collapsed on top of Gourry, his breath ragged and broken. The blonde haired man whimpered underneath him, his fingernails still buried in the scratches on Zel's back. They both laid like that for a few moments and finally Zel pushed himself up to look at Gourry.

"Are you okay?" Zel whispered.

Gourry nodded, his face slightly streaked with tears of passion. Zel brushed away some of the saline streams and kissed Gourry's mouth gently. The kiss broke, and Zel regretfully moved out of Gourry's body. He frowned upon seeing a small red spot underneath him.

"I made you bleed..."

"It's okay, Zel...it was your first time..." Gourry whispered, holding out his arms to Zel.

The chimera slipped off the latex, disposing of it and laid down, gathering the taller young man in his arms. Gourry rested his head on Zel's shoulder.

"I'm sorry I hurt you, Gourry..." Zel whispered, his voice cracking.

"Don't cry, Zel. It happens with first timers. I'm okay..."

Zelgadiss kissed Gourry's forehead.

"If you're sure..."

Gourry nodded.

"I'll just be a little stiff tomorrow." he mused.

Zelgadiss shook his head slightly, laughing quietly.

"You and me, both...."



"Did...did you do this to make me forget about Filia for a while...or...or did you do this because you wanted to...?" Gourry questioned softly.

Zelgadiss was silent for a moment and Gourry felt his heart sink. Gently, Zel touched Gourry's face, running his hand over some of Gourry's sweaty, stray locks.

"A long time ago, I would have said it was a way to make you forget...but I can't say that now. I wanted to do it, Gourry. I think I wanted you the moment I met you two days ago. I guess I wasn't who I thought I was after all." Zel smiled.

"I thought you weren't supposed to sleep with your suspects or witnesses, Detective." Gourry teased.

"Well, not all of them have looked like you." Zel countered.

"Oh, so you just did it because you thought I was cute!"

Zelgadiss playfully rolled his eyes and kissed Gourry's mouth again. The young man sighed pleasurably, snuggling close against his partner's body.

"Get some sleep, Gourry...there's things we have to do in a few hours."

Gourry bit his lip and nodded.


"Yah, Gourry?"

"Will you be here when I wake up?" Gourry asked softly, the words that Filia spoke only two nights before coming from his lips.

"I promise." Zel responded softly.

Gourry closed his eyes, resting against Zel's body. Zel watched the ceiling of his bedroom, listening to the sound of the clock buzzing quietly. He stroked Gourry's hair gently and watched him sleep.

"Is this what love feels like?..." Zel asked himself silently and returned to staring at the ceiling. Tomorrow, things would change.

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