Hibernal Heart

part 7

by LN

Around a table in a corner of a restaurant, Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Xelloss were planning their next move. Gourry was mainly silent as the others tossed ideas back and forth.

This is taking too long. This Mo`re person could be doing gods know what to Zel! But what would he want with Zel anyway? If he wanted power, it seems like he would have gone after Lina instead. Unless Zel is just bait. But it wouldn't explain the attack if that were the case. No, it was Zel he wanted, but why? Something about Zel that he wants. Something we don't know about. And Zel is so closed up about everything, I don't know if Zel even knows what it is or not. Damn it, this is making my head hurt. I just want to get Zel back and have everything normal again. Is that too much to ask?

To his left, Lina and Amelia were busy coming up with possible attack plans, which Xelloss kept shooting down. The diminutive sorceress banged the table in frustration.

"I don't get you, Xelloss! Everything we've come up with so far, you've been blowing holes into! I thought you said you were going to help?!"

"I am helping," he replied. "Going in with a half cocked plan won't save Zelgadis, which is what you want to do, right?"

Lina faltered. "Well, yeah, but..."

The Trickster Priest wagged his finger. "No buts. All these plans would do is get us killed at best."

Amelia, who looked ready to cry, slumped forward on the table. "Then, what do we do?"

"Well," said Xelloss, "it would help if we knew why Mo`re wanted Zelgadis. Anybody have any ideas?"

Amelia pounded the table. "Mo`re is evil! He doesn't need a reason! He's cruel and wicked and must be brought to justice!"

Oh brother, if it were only that simple, Gourry thought. He glanced over at Lina, and knew she was thinking the same thing. Tell me again, where did we find this kid?

The priest shook his head. "Actually, no one knows if Mo`re is evil. It's assumed because of Shabranigdo and Ceiphied, but it's never been proven. And the one thing I do know is he never does anything without a reason. What the reason is, well that's a different story. But he wouldn't have taken Zel-kun without cause."

Nodding, Lina turned to Gourry. "You've been awfully quiet."

"Well, you're always telling me to shut up and do what you say."

The sorceress has the good grace to look chagrinned. "Yeah, well, since we keep hitting walls, maybe you have a thought we can actually use."

You must be desperate. So am I in truth, so I won't argue this time. Gourry took a deep breath, collecting his thought as best he could. "Well, it seems to me that Zel might have something this Mory..."

"Mo`re," Lina said.

"Whatever. What if he snatched Zel because Zel had something he wanted?"

"It makes sense," the priest agreed. "It would explain why he's spent so much effort on acquiring Zelgadis in the first place."

Amelia looked skeptical. "But what could Mister Zelgadis have that someone like Mo`re would want so badly?"

"Power?" asked Xelloss?

"But if that's the case, why not take Lina?"

"Gee, thanks, Gourry."

"I didn't mean..."

She ignored him. "Okay, so let's say it's true, that Zel has something Mo`re wants. The question is, does Zel even know what it is? If he doesn't, he could be in serious trouble. If he does, then we need to find out what it is as well."

"How do we find out?" The princess asked.

"Well, I think Zel told me his home wasn't too far from here. Maybe we can learn something there."

That will take too long. Gourry was about to protest when Xelloss spoke up first.

"Why don't you and Amelia go to his house, while me and Gou-kun scout ahead. Now that I know who we're dealing with, I think I can find him. We'll need to know the area before we can try and get Zelgadis back."

"Good idea." Lina stood up, her usually bossiness coming through. "Gourry, you're with Xelloss. Amelia, you're with me. Let's get a move on!" Lina grabbed the young Seyruun princess, dragging her out the door. Gourry looked coolly over at the priest, dropping all pretenses.

"You know where Mo`re is?"

"Not exactly. Like with the Mazoku, I have a general sense of where to go. It will become more exact the closer we get."

The swordsman stood up. "Then we should get going."


He turned, looking back at the Mazoku. Gourry had to blink, because the Xelloss actually appeared to be nervous. "What is it?"

"Why are you doing this?"

Huh? Gourry stared at him. "What do you mean why? Zel is our friend, we have to help him."

Xelloss shook his head. "You misunderstand me. I know why you're doing it, but why are you doing this?"

Gourry stood there for a minute. Then it dawned on him what Xelloss was asking him. Not ready to admit anything to the priest, and secretly wondering the same thing, he replied, "I don't know. Probably the same reason you're doing it."

"Fair enough. Shall we go?" Xelloss walked outside, leaving Gourry to ponder for a second before following after him.

Mo`re was troubled. He had the staff of Oberon, and now he had the creature who held the power of Ra Lagora. Unfortunately, he didn't quite know how to get it.

Delays. Always delays.

He suppose he could jut kill the chimera and release the energy that way. But it wasn't a practical idea. If he couldn't control it, he would lose the only person who could reproduce the spell. No, killing wasn't an option.

What to do, what to do? Mo`re looked over at the chimera. Zelgadis was still asleep. Mo`re felt it would be best to keep him in that state. But he'd have to feed the chimera soon. And Zelgadis himself might know something, even if he didn't know about the Ra Lagora.

Hmm, the Ra Lagora is a high energy spiritual spell. Which means Zel would need to put out an enormous amount of energy to reach it. He gets close when he cast the Ra Tilt, but it's not enough. I need something stronger than a Ra Tilt, but it might kill him, unless I use his own energy. But how?

Zel whimpered in his sleep. Mo`re checked his dreamscape, expecting to have to get rid of another nightmare. He was not prepared for what he saw.

So, you want the swordsman? And you think he doesn't want you because of your looks? How positively naive and charming. And you don't even know he returns you feelings. Ah, humans are so cute with their repressed feelings. Repressed... hmm... Maybe I can use that...

Mo`re slipped completely into Zel's dream, intent on getting the Ra Lagora one way or another.

Zel was on a bed, quite nude. He was lying peacefully in Gourry's arms, who was equally as unclothed. They'd made love for the first time, and Zel was very tired and content. Though a part of him knew it was a dream, he didn't care. All that mattered was he was, at least in part, with Gourry.

The air stilled. Something was wrong. Zel rolled over to check on Gourry.

"Gourry? Are you okay?"

The blond groaned, shifting, his eyes closed. "Of course I am. Why? Something wrong?"

"I don't know. The air feels wrong. Like everything's stopped. I'm worried..."

Gourry's lashes fluttered opened. Green cat eyes stared back at him. Zel backed away in fear.


A strange laugh echoed throughout. Gourry began crawling to the frightened chimera, eyes glowing softly.

"Of course it's me, Zel. I'm the one you want, after all. Isn't that why you dreamed about me? Don't be shy, I know you want me."

Zel tried to scoot off the bed, but found himself entangled in the sheets. Startled, he watched as Gourry continued approaching him.

"Why, Zel, don't tell me you're shy. It's almost as if you've never done this before..."

Zel couldn't hide the blush burning across his face. He turned away as Gourry leaned in close.

"Oh, dear, you haven't, have you? Not willingly, I mean. No wonder that attack was so terrible for you. You must have felt that I wouldn't want you afterwards, that you were damaged, flawed. Is that it?, Zel?"

He was too close. Gourry was just too close. Zel closed his eyes, his mind cloudy and uncertain. His breath grew ragged from the heat rolling off of his lover. Zel was finding it hard to concentrate as he answered. "Y-yes..."

Gourry reached out, pulling Zel close enough to press his body to the shaman. Zel gasped as Gourry's harden flesh was ground against him, the heat shooting through him. His shyness came out, and Zel tried nervously to pull away, but Gourry was somehow holding him still. Zel moaned, his own arousal becoming apparent.

"See, I still want you, and you want me. There's no need to be shy. Isn't this what you've been secretly wishing for? Someone to hold you..." Gourry leaned close, whispering in Zel's ear...

"Someone to touch you..."

Gourry's hand slid down the blue skin, circling the various small rocks embedded in his flesh. Zel shivered, closing his eyes. The sensations were drowning him in a sea of warmth.

"Someone to kiss you..."

A small whimper caught in Zel's throat. Gourry kissed Zel's closed lids, running his lips down his throat, teeth grazing across his stone. Zel groaned, melting against the taller man, pressing his face into Gourry's neck.

"Someone to set your soul aflame."

Zel was pushed down roughly on the bed. He gasped when he felt Gourry pushing his legs apart. Memories from others doing the same gave him a panic attack, causing him to struggle. Gourry stroked his hair, making soothing sounds to calm the chimera.

"It's okay, it's me. Hush now, it's okay. They're gone. No one will hurt you again. It's alright, Zelgadis, it's alright..."

Slowly, Gourry's soothing voice penetrated the haze in his mind. Zel settled down, looking up shyly at Gourry. "I... I'm sorry..."

"It's okay, Zel. I understand." Gourry ran a hand through the wire hair. "But I mean it when I say I want you. I've always wanted you, since I first knew of your existence. You have been the focus of my thoughts since I came to this realm. You haunted me, even before I knew it was you. I felt you though the planes, calling out to me. And now, I will finally have you, in ways you've only dreamed of, little chimera."

Now he knew something was wrong. Struggling past the confusion whirling in his mind, Zel stared up at the green-slit eyes.

"Who are you?"

The blond smiled down at him. "Does it matter who I am? Everything I said was true. I have wanted you for centuries. I've wanted what you possessed. When I met you, I found I wanted to possess you as well. But I can't. Not the way I'd like to. So I'll have to settle for what I can get. Is it so important to know who I am, when I want you the way you've always wished to be desired?"

The confusion grew. His words were surrounding Zel in a fog of sweetness and longing. Zel tried to shake it off as the man pressed his body close.

"It's... I... need to know..."

The man sighed. "If you simply must know. I just thought you'd enjoy this more if I were in his form. Still, I must admit, I'd rather you were awake anyway."

What the...? The room changed. Zel realized groggily that he must be waking up. Still, his head refused to clear completely. He glanced up, finding the same green eyes, but in a different face, this one more angelic...

"Mo`re? Wh-why?"

"Why indeed? Everything I said was true. I have wanted you, I just didn't know who you were at first. And this is a pleasant way to get what I've been looking for." He shifted, laying between Zel's legs.

"Looking for? Don't... understand..."

"Apparently not. It's simple. You, my dear Zelgadis, are the key to what I seek. You are the Ra Lagora."

"I.. wha... I don't..." A finger placed on his lips silenced the chimera.

"You don't have to understand, just feel. Everything you've kept bottle up, I want you to let it free. Just feel, Zelgadis. Feel what I'm going to give to you." Mo`re gave Zel a deep, harsh kiss, sending agonizing jolts of lust running across his nerves. Zel found himself surrendering to the fiery passion Mo`re ignited within him.

"But... what about..."

"What about Gourry? Or perhaps even Xelloss?" Mo`re cupped Zel's chin. "What about them? I'm here right now. I can feel you burning inside. I want that fire. Me. Give it to me, Zelgadis." Mo`re slid between Zel's legs, placed a kiss on his chest, and thrust himself deep inside the chimera.

Zel screamed, his body arching off the bed. Pain/pleasure shot though his entire being. His arms wrap around Mo`re, hips riding up, matching Mo`re's rhythm in a frenzy of motion. His eyes were wide open as Zel was pounded into, the heat washing over him in bright, forceful waves.

Mo`re slammed his length deeper inside, marveling at the feel of soft flesh inside the stone body. The energy crackles around them. Mo`re smiles feeling Zel's desire along with the power of Ra Lagora as it broke free. Mo`re reached down, roughly stroking Zel's shaft. His groan and sobs were a Utopia of sound to Mo`re's ears.

The world became a foggy mist for Zelgadis. Lights, colors, everything was seen through a red haze. His heart threaten to beat out of his chest. The flesh throbbing and thrusting inside him was colder than ice, hotter than hell. A strange energy flowed around them as he felt the pressure building to the surface.

"That's it... feel it, Zel... feel it for me..." Shifting, Mo`re searched for the point of pleasure within Zel. He knew he found it when Zel cried out hoarsely. Mo`re leaned over him, hitting that place over and over again, his body rocking into Zel, the force nearly bouncing him off the bed.

gods... oh gods... Tears fell to the pillow beneath him. Zel's legs wound around Mo`re, the feelings excruciating. I think... I feel... I... Zelgadis roared, splashing white over both of them.

Mo`re looked up. The energy was growing beyond imagination, spiraling to the heavens. Mo`re gazed down affectionately at Zel, stroking the side of his face.

"Look at it, beautiful one. It's your creation, your child." Mo`re gazed at the energy as it began forming.

"It is... Ra Lagora."

Xelloss and Gourry were walking on the road when they saw it. A flash of light, growing and spreading from the horizon. Xelloss looked closely, and saw the faint image of a serpent in the light. He turned to Gourry.

"I think I know what Mo`re wanted. And I think we all may be in trouble."

"Why? What is it Zel had?"

Xelloss opened his eyes, looking almost sad as he spoke.

"He held the end of the world."

They both looked at each other, and ran towards the light.

To be continued....

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