"Trick or Treat!"

By: Miracle Shining

SUBTITLED: "Hail to the King, Baby..."

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Once again, the Slayers peeps and mention of Shoujo Kakumei Utena peeps do not belong to me, though I do like to use two particular males in very unusual methods...heh-heh...Sam Raimi and the "Evil Dead" trilogy also does not belong to me and I don't think I could have improved that in the least. Worthing, and all representations however to belong to me and are copyrighted by me. Woo-hoo, makes me feel good! Okies, funny fiction from Worthing...Hai, I know, everyone is gasping and of course, LEMONY goodness! Happy Halloween everyone!!


Detective Zelgadiss Greywars stared at the big orange circle around the number 31 on his calender. He had been standing staring at that calender for the past fifteen minutes, trying to mentally force the number to change to a different one. Even all that glaring didn't seem to help and he finally sighed, leaning his head against the wall.

October 31st. It was the absolutely worst holiday to ever bless the American continent when it came to the city of Worthing. Zel had worked the streets during Halloween. He had seen things occur that he still tried to block out to this very day. Even worse yet, he worked for the 14th precinct, the one that got all the nasty cases when it came to occults, suicides, and mass hysteria. Frankly, the detective was exhausted still after the battle with the Koppi mob. Still, he kept staring at the number, praying that it would somehow skip to November 1st at will.

"Really, Zel, you're going to strain your eyes..." a soft, light voice said from behind him.

Zelgadiss sighed and turned around to see Gourry standing there with a mixing bowl. The corner of his mouth turned slightly, realizing how domesticated his wild fire blonde looked when he was holding kitchen utensils. Zel leaned against the wall and smirked.

"You know I hate this night." Zelgadiss stated flatly.

Gourry rolled his eyes and stepped past Zel into their kitchen, stirring the spaghetti sauce that was almost to a boil. He tapped the spoon lightly and glanced over his shoulder, his golden ponytail flipping slightly to the side.

"I don't know why you're complaining. Lina gave you the night off tonight."

"Yah, but do you realize that I could be called in at any moment to see what kind of nutcases are running around Worthing tonight?" Zel groaned.

Gourry tasted the sauce and frowned.

"Needs more basil."

"Are you even listening to me?"

"Yes, Zel, I've been listening to you all day talk about dreading tonight. I've been watching you stare at the calender for the past hour, and I've been watching you sulk about it. Personally, I had other plans for tonight than hearing you grumble." Gourry stated firmly before throwing some more basil into the sauce.

Zelgadiss stood rather dumbfounded, still not quite used to Gourry's forward and some times forceful nature. After a moment he shook his head and laughed, leaning against the counter, watching Gourry stir the sauce.

"I'm a pain, aren't I?"

"Yes, you are." Gourry held up the spoon. "Taste this."

Zel did as he was told and frowned also.

"Needs more garlic."

"Zel, if I added half as much garlic as you do to everything, they'd think I was a vampire hunter."

"So, I like garlic!" Zel defended himself before sneaking a pinch on Gourry's rear.

The blonde jumped and then glared good naturedly at Zel before pointing to the cupboard.

"Set the table. Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes."

Zel shook his head and laughed again.

"You're worse than a wife."

"Take that back, Zel, or I'll be forced to make you pay for that comment later."

"I should certainly hope so..." Zel whispered in Gourry's ear, his hand slipping forward just enough to brush over his lower waist. Gourry couldn't prevent the shiver and he heard Zel laugh softly.

"Just you wait, Greywars. I've got a little Halloween suprise for you tonight." Gourry thought to himself and grinned.


Zelgadiss sat the last couple dishes in the sink. He had thought about washing them for Gourry after dinner, but after watching the way the blonde ate his spaghetti, he had other things in mind. Zel ran his tongue absently over his bottom lip, replaying the episode at dinner in which Gourry seemed to enjoy his pasta a little more than he should. It took everything in the detective's power not to knock the fork from his lover's hand and drag him over the table into his lap.

"Then I would have eaten dessert early..." Zel thought with a grin.

His eyes almost absently wandered back to the calender that hung on the wall. Almost immediately, his mood soured again as he thought about the damage that could be occurring in Worthing as he stood with the dishes in his hands. Sure, Ameria was becoming one of the best detectives around and if she couldn't do it, he was sure Lina would inlist Touga Kiryuu to help with a case. For some reason, that made him even more moody.

"Not that I don't like Touga...but still..."

"Zel, are you staring at that calender again?!" Gourry shouted from upstairs.

Even now, Zelgadiss couldn't figure out how Gourry knew what he was doing even when he wasn't there. He sighed, realizing that he was a rather predictable person though. He was used to regulations and restrictions. Gourry, his wildfire blonde on the other hand, wasn't. Zel had to admit, they seemed to balance each other out quite well.

"So, it's Halloween night, and we're at home. What are we doing?" Zel shouted back to Gourry.

"Hopefully nothing that keeps me too far from the phone if something goes wrong." He added mentally to himself.

"We're going to watch some DVD's I rented and we're going to have an evening together, since we hardly see each other any more." Gourry responded down to Zel.

"DVD's? Man, they better not be chick flicks."

"Oh, just shut up and go and put them in the player." Gourry chided Zel playfully.

Zel wandered down into their living room and picked up the sack containing the movies. He pulled out the DVD's and studied the titles.

"Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness? Gourry, what's up with the Sam Raimi films?"

"I like Sam Raimi!"

"You?! You don't seem like the Raimi type."

"Oh, and then who's type would I be then?" Gourry responded quickly.

Zel snapped his lips shut, knowing that if he started getting into a banter with Gourry, he'd never get the blonde to stop with the one liners. Besides, he was still replaying the pasta dinner sequence in his head.

"Definitely going to pay him back for that." Zel said to himself as he put the DVD discs in their player.

"I'm starting them, Gourry. Are you coming downstairs pretty soon?"

"Yah, I just have to get something."

This raised the detective's curiosity as he hit 'play' on the player and then 'random select.' The machine flipped over to "Evil Dead 2" and the opening credits began to roll. Zel couldn't help but keep glancing up the twisting staircase to the second floor. The light to the bathroom was on, and he could hear Gourry scuffling around in there.

"What in the world is he getting?" Zel wondered to himself.

A shriek from the television drew his attention back to the action, and the character "Ash" returning to the house that started it all in "Evil Dead." No matter how schlocky the film was, Zel always did get a kick out of watching it. Relaxing back, he sank down into the cushions and watched the movie quietly. He didn't notice the light turn out in the bathroom or the fact that it had gotten rather silent while he was sitting there. After a few minutes, Zel looked upstairs and saw the lights off.


"Yes, Zel?" A soft, almost purring voice touched his ears.

Zelgadiss felt his heart speed up a few beats and he stared up the staircase, still not seeing his lover, but knowing very well that he was there.

"What are you up too?"

"Well, it is Halloween. I thought it would only be proper for me to have a costume for the occassion."

Even the shriek from one of the demons on the movie couldn't distract Zelgadiss now as he watched Gourry's silouhetted form slowly descend their staircase. Swallowing, Zel saw Gourry stop at the very last step, clad only in his long white button down sleeping shirt, and Zel's police uniform hat. In his hand he held a set of handcuffs. The metal cuffs clinked softly together.

"I thought I'd go as a nosy detective for the occassion." Gourry whispered softly, stepping toward the couch. The shirt fell elegantly around his hips and upper thighs, giving Zel a good glimpse that there was no undergarments underneath.

Gourry slid onto the couch, the police man's hat wore rakishly to the side, just barely giving a glimpse of the sapphire blue visible eye underneath. He had let his hair down, the waves of gold spilling over his shoulders, back, and part of the couch. Zelgadiss had to mentally remind himself to exhale the air in his lungs.

"Now, detective. You're under arrest for the rest of the night and you're not allowed to answer the phone, to move from this room, or even to think about work for the rest of the evening." Gourry stated softly.

Zel couldn't stop the grin that formed on his lips.

"Oh, and what are you going to do officer? Frisk me?..."

Gourry brought Zel's hands upwards, and much to the chimera's suprise, pulled him off the couch and down to his knees, handcuffing his wrists around the leg of the coffee table in front of the couch. Zel blinked and looked down at his wrists and then up at Gourry, who held the key in his other hand. He took the small silver key and slid it under the couch, securing it by his left foot.

"Wait, hold up! I can't move with these things on!" Zel said.

"Exactly...Now try and sit back and watch the movie, detective." Gourry replied, an impish grin on his face.

The detective didn't know what to say as Gourry relaxed very comfortably on the couch, watching the movie without any indication that he intended on releasing him any time soon. Zel began to silently list the ways he'd get back at the blonde for this little Halloween stunt when he felt something smooth and cool touch his shoulder. Glancing his head to the side, he immediately made eye contact with a cream colored ankle that was slowly sliding down the front of him, and then a knee. Finally, one long leg was draped firmly over his shoulder, the foot toying none too subtly between Zel's legs.

Gourry sat right behind Zel, his right leg dangling over Zel's shoulder, his toes squeezing and toying with the tightening bulge underneath them. His left foot remained secure over the silver key. Slowly, he leand forward just enough to let his hair spill over Zel's shoulders.

"You know, Zel...I think Sam Raimi really does make good films. You don't really have to pay attention to them at all, and you can still enjoy them, wouldn't you agree?"

If Zel had the capability to respond then, he probably would have said something smart back, but all his thoughts were focused on the wicked set of toes that were pressing into his pants. Pulling on his wrists, it was obvious that the only way he was going to get them away was to tip over the coffee table. Cringing, he looked at the glasses of wine that were sitting on the table.

"Damn, he really thought this out. He'd have my head if I tipped the coffee table and spilled the wine on the carpet." Zel mused, and yanked on his wrists again.

"Wow, Zel...He's got a chainsaw for an arm now..." Gourry absently said, sliding his leg away from Zel's body, and slinking down to snake his hands underneath the chimera's tank top. Zel gasped and tried to reach behind him, only to find his wrists being yanked on again. Cursing, he turned his head enough to look at Gourry, who had a very triumphant look on his face.

"You play dirty." Zel grumbled, trying to slide his wrists out of the handcuffs.

"No, detective, I just like playing..." Gourry whispered back before letting his lips run over Zel's, and quickly deepening the kiss. The detective bit back a groan, the taste of Gourry mixed with the wine they had with dinner, and the image of him in his see through shirt almost being incentive enough for him to knock the table over.

Gourry pulled away suddenly and then sat back, watching the movie again. He had a smirk on his face and was slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt, letting his fingers trail over his chest and stomach in the process. Zel stared down at the cursed coffee table and the up at the screen. The last major fight sequence in which "Ash" takes after eveyone with his chainsaw arm was playing across the television. Zelgadiss began to mentally wish he had a chainsaw, or even a stupid paper clip to get the handcuffs off. Glancing back over his shoulder, he had to choke back the moan that rose to his throat.

Gourry relaxed completely on his back, stretching his frame over the couch, his left leg still dangling over the side, his foot firmly on the silver key. His shirt was completely undone, his hair splaying over his frame and the couch, the police man's hat set very strategically, modestly covering Gourry's lower half.

"Mmm...Zel, I do like watching these movies..." Gourry shifted his hips upward, making a small thrust into the hat. "Don't you?..."

The chimera forced the spit to form in his mouth as the DVD player switched over to "Army of Darkness." Gourry's eyes were mere slits, only revealing a touch of the sapphire underneath his visible eye. His hands trailed warmly over his frame, his breath coming out in soft little puffs of pleasure. The detective stared at the wine glasses on the table, and then at the tempting blonde lying on his couch.

"He can kill me later...Happy Halloween to me..." Zel thought to himself with a grin.

With a forceful push, the coffee table went flying over and so did the wine glasses, pouring the red liquid on the floor. Suprisingly, Gourry didn't move, his left foot staying firmly on the key. Zel stood up, staring at the blonde. Gourry looked calmly at Zel, but his the way his chest moved up and down indicated he was anything but calm. Zel dove at Gourry's leg and the blonde let out a yelp and then started laughing as the chimera mercilessly tickled the underside of Gourry's foot until the lifted it up. Zelgadiss grabbed the key and stuck it into the handcuffs, dropping the shackles to the carpet. Gourry sat up, staring at Zel, his visible eye on fire, his back pressed against the couch.

"Well now, my wildfire blonde...Looks like I'm going to have to frisk you for any other 'weapons' you might have on you..."

Zelgadiss pulled off his tank top and quickly stripped off his sweatpants, throwing the material to the side. Before Gourry even had time to react, the detective was on him, pinning his back to the seat cushions of the couch, his long legs dangling over the arm rests. The police cap still rested between them, Zel applying pressure so that it rubbed against Gourry's length. The blonde young man couldn't fight the soft moan that came to his lips. Zel stripped Gourry of his shirt, throwing the material to the side and letting his hands traverse all over his partner's muscular frame.

"Well, it seems that you're pretty clean of any other paraphanelia. But, I had better do an overall check."

Pulling the hat from in between them, Zelgadiss ground his hips against Gourry's, forcing a rising cry from his lover. Hungrily, Gourry grabbed Zel's shoulders and pulled him up, locking his lips with the smaller man's. The kisses led into one another, the only other sound was the background noise of demons with catapults running around on the television. Breaking away, Gourry whimpered and shifted under Zel, bringing his legs up and around Zel's waist, nudging downward against his lover's erection.

"Now give me one good reason why I should do this after your little stunt you just pulled." Zel whispered against Gourry's lips, his hand sliding between them and his fingers toying at the blonde's opening.

"Because you forgot about work, didn't you?" Gourry whispered back, sliding his own hand down, pressing Zel's fingers against his opening.

Zel couldn't help but grin then. Gourry was absolutely right. Since the evening had started, he had slowly begun to forget that it was even Halloween night, and had been enjoying himself too much, in spite of the situation.

"There's lubricant by the couch." Gourry said softly, his lips trailing over Zel's slender neck and onto his strong shoulders.

Zelgadiss grinned, pulling away to grab the tube that had been resting behind the couch's arm rest. Applying a heavy amount onto his fingers, he slipped his index inside Gourry, bringing a keen moan from his partner.


"Mmm...now this is definitely better than going out anywhere tonight..." Zel responded, pushing a second finger in easily, Gourry shifting to accomodate his partner.

Gourry kept his eyes open, watching every movement of Zel's body and face. He moistened his lips as Zelgadiss drew his fingers free, stopping for a few moments to wrap his fist around Gourry. The blonde wasn't prepared for the sudden sensation and cursed out loud.

"Roll over, wildfire...You had your trick...now I want my treat..." Zel whispered hotly against Gourry's mouth, releasing the blonde's length from his hand. Groaning, Gourry forced himself onto his stomach, dangling his head, and his upper chest over the arm rest, using the side of the couch for something to grip. The detective took the lubricant and coated himself, hissing through his teeth. Running his tongue down Gourry's back, he pushed in, meeting very little resistance.

Gourry screamed at the same time that the princess on the television screamed. Sinking his teeth into the arm rest, his hips rocked hungrily back against Zel's hips, pulling his lover deeper. Finally releasing his grip on the couch, he brought his head back, letting out a series of loud, pleading moans.

Zelgadiss shifted his hips again, searching for the pleasure point deep within his lover. He secretly loved that Gourry was actually a relatively noisy lover, especially when they did things like this. Not biting back his own cries, he pushed harder against Gourry, his hand wrapped firmly around his partner's hardened flesh, stroking faster with each movement. Shifting a little to the side again, he found the spot instantly when Gourry reflexively grabbed the couch and reached behind him, holding Zel there.

"Oh gods...th-there..." Gourry sobbed, his hips rocking back.

Zel pushed himself up further and after a few more hard, rocking thrusts, he tightened his grip on Gourry's erection, shaking as his climax slid out of him and into the heat of his lover's body. Gourry cried out, feeling hot silk spilling into him. Bringing himself up more, Zel continued to rub against that one sensitive spot and then pushed his fingernail into the small slit in Gourry's flesh. It was all it took, and the blonde curled forward, crying Zel's name before collapsing, his own essence splashing the couch.

They both laid still and quiet before Zelgadiss finally pulled back, withdrawing slowly. Gourry whimpered underneath him, wanting him to stay still with him longer. Zel cooed softly against Gourry's ear and helped Gourry up. Changing position, Zel laid down on his back then, and his young lover curled on top of his chest, their breath still ragged. Glancing about the room, the coffee table was upset, glasses of wine spilled on the carpet, and he knew Gourry's climax was on the couch's material.

"We're really going to have to clean up later..." Zel whispered softly.

Gourry looked up, a lazy look of pleasure on his face.

"Hey, it's Halloween, it's a special occassion." Gourry said with a tired smile.

"I suppose so. So, did you enjoy the treat as much as I did?" Zel asked with a chuckle, his eyes falling over to the television as "Ash" ran through the skeletons with the princess close to him.

Gourry also watched the screen and after a moment, he heard the line that answered it all. Taking Zel's face between his hands, he turned the detective to look at him and then repeated it to him, making them both break out in a fit of laughter.

"Hail to the King, Baby..."


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