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Blue Rose Desire:  Gourry Gabriev

Ohayo goziamasu, minna-san.  Welcome to my main shrine of my site, belonging to my beautiful blue rose, Gourry Gabriev.  Please, feel free to visit the gallery and take any pictures you like, as long as they have not been altered, i.e., ones with text.  Enjoy your stroll through my roses! 

  People say that there are always a comic fool in all of us.  Apparently according to the Slayers series, that would have to be the tall swordsman, Gourry Gabriev.  I'd like to beg to differ with this opinion.  There is much more to Gourry than meets the eye.

We first meet Gourry in the first episode of the Slayers, where he goes about trying to "rescue" his partner Lina Inverse from a band of bandits, thinking that she's a damsel in distress.  We all know this is quite the opposite.  But, even that small action showed one of Gourry's greatest attributes.  He put others first, not just because he was a knight, but because it was something he believed in.  He also showed a great deal of concern over Lina, despite his rather bizarre reaction upon realizing she was a rather flat busted, young lady.  Hey, we all have our faults to tally with, and Gourry's fault is also his strongest attribute.

The fault and gift is simply that Gourry is simple.  Not in the way that people have come to interpret the word, but more as a sweet naivity that I often think people are jealous of.  Yes, I will be the first to admit that Gourry is by far one of the least intellectual people I have ever seen.  He misses jokes, forgets names and directions, and loses track to time.  But, those are also incredible strong points, because through Gourry's eyes, everything has evolved into being much more easy to understand.  He is not as foolish or stupid as many think.  He observes and then at the most unusual of times, he states something or comes up with an idea that is truly profound.  He is also honest, and with a good pure heart.  Which is why he is the bearer of the Hikari no Ken.

The Hikari no Ken or Sword of Light is a mystical sword that's power is controlled by a user of pure heart and soul.  The power can be called forth and the sword can easily vanquish any Mazoku or other unpleasant creatures that cross it's blade.  Gourry inherited it from his family, a sword from a long line of pure swordsman within the Gabriev line.  Then, of course, there is the fact that Gourry has no magical capabilities.  Unlike the other members of Slayers, Gourry relies strictly on his muscle and skill with his sword to get him through situations.  It is not a bad technique, but when it comes to calling on L-sama himself, a little magic never hurt any one.

Gourry is a very handsome young man, tall and built extremely well, the fact evident underneath his rather unusual blue armor.  He also bears the color blue, a color known for gentleness and purity.  His long golden blonde hair rests just below his waist and he has two sapphire blue eyes, the right one generally covered by his long blonde bangs.  He is by far one of the most handsome characters within the Slayers universe.

One can usually find Gourry being avidly insulted by Lina.  I some times think he's just there for the food, another of Gourry's amusing attributes.  He eats like there's no tomorrow.  But, when not with Lina, he is in the company of Zelgadiss Greywars.  Often seen together, I firmly believe Gourry is more comfortable with Zel because Zel does not make him feel as big a fool as the others.  Also, it seems like it's easier for Gourry to communicate his points to Zel and he understands in return.  If you would like to know why I think these two should be together, please visit Roses Entwined and read my opinions on the idea.

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