"...remember to tread lightly in MY GARDEN..."

Konniichi-wa, minna-san!  Woah, if you've wandered into this part of the Garden, that must mean you actually want to know a little about me...=O.o=  I'll try not to be afraid...

Name:  Miracle Shining

Real Name:  Is stranger than my pen name, but I'll tell you this, it means "fortress."

Age:  23

Gender:  Female...part time cat girl...

Hair Color:  Depends on my mood...

Eye Color:  Dark Brown

Height:  5'1"...hai, you read it right...

Favorite color:  Purple of any shade

Favorite food:  BBQ chicken, and Japanese.

University:  Black Hills State University, Spearfish, South Dakota

Major:  Art/Theatre double major with a minor in webpage graphical design...whew, say that ten times fast!!

Hobbies:  Drawing and reading manga and doujinsh, writing yaoi/shonen ai, and erotica, hanging out with my otaku-chan's, doing theatre, nature walks, and seeing my vampire...

Relationship status:  Oooh...that's a good question...heh-heh...

Top Ten Anime/Video Game Girls She Wished She Could Be:

1.  Tenjou Utena:  She is so gorgeous and so in control!
2.  Mizuno Ami:  My best friend Mako-chan says I'm just like her!
3.  Arisigawa Juri:  My favorite Utena character.  AUGH, SHE IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL!
4.  Ten'ou Haruka:  My other nickname, 'cuz people say I like to drive fast...heh...
5.  Lina Inverse:  This is an inside joke with my brother...
6.  Reiho:  She gets Shido-san and she is so pretty!
7.  Yumi:  ::giggles::  Well, she does get to be around all the Tekk II bishies!
8.  Sora:  I just love her!  She proves that Digi-destined DON'T have to wear a dress!
9.  Terumi:  Because she's willing to give everything for her beloved Koichi-san...
10.  Selphie Tilmett:  My friend Mosas will understand this...::grins

titude and a great unit to drive too!
Top Ten Anime/Video Game Guys She'd Like to GLOMP:

1.  Gourry Gabriev:  Well, that's a given, ne?
2.  Vash the Stampede:  It's the coat...It has got to be the coat!!
3.  David Kreugler:  Do you notice a trend?  My top three are all blonde!
4.  Zelgadiss Greywars:  That is if Gou-kun lets me near him!
5.  Dead End:  Oooh...so BEAUTIFUL!
6.  Illusion no Yuki Okiayu:  Okay, this is an original character of my buddy Ki-chan, but he's so perfect for my Neo!!
7.  Squall Leonheart:  I have to have my silent, brooding type!
8.  Irvine Kinneas:  GAH...IT'S THE COWBOY GEAR!!
9.  Barthomei Fatima:  I never could refuse a man with a big...whip...heh...
10.  Kai:  Okay, so he's not an anime character but that man needs a good GLOMP!

Likes:  Eating and gourmet cooking, reading yaoi/shonen ai and erotica, theatre, her vampire, her otaku-chan, the color purple, and Spring.

Dislikes:  Cold days, snow, negative attitudes, and critics.

Aspiration: Have my original manga characters get published.  Get an internship under Jim Henson industries.

Well, that's about it for me, minna-san!  Glad you stopped into my Garden house and got to know me!!  Ja!  =^.^=

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