"A Most Dangerous Game" (snippet/ficlet)

By: Miracle Shining

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Slayers charas don't belong to me...We all know that by now! This is another AU snippet/ficlet and very dark. I guess to really get into it, this ficlet/snippet was inspired by "Sliver," "Basic Instinct," and "Boxing Helena." I chose this particular snippet/ficlet, 'cuz I think we all need a good shot of LEMON, don't you? Heh-heh...Anyhoo, this picks up in the middle, so it may be a bit confusing, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! If you think this should be a full fledged fic, please, let me know! Ja!


Zelgadiss sat quietly at his desk, the security cameras dancing from one part of the building to the next. He frowned, thinking that he could have found a more glamorous job with his education, but until there was an opening, he'd have to settle for being a survelliance person. Sighing, he contemplated yet again why he hadn't quit three days ago. The answer came walking through the door.

The chimera felt his throat catch as he immediately saw long golden hair come swishing by one of the cameras. It was him, the same man who had come to consume Zel's thoughts every night since he had first seen him. The man paused in front of the elevator door and glanced upwards toward one of the cameras. Zelgadiss almost fell backwards, the stare of the man's visible sapphire eye seeming to pierce through the camera and into him.

The blonde entered the elevator and Zel caught his breath. Spinning his chair, his gaze immediately went to camera five, which was located inside of the elevator. The blonde struck his floor number and stood silently. Zelgadiss moistened his lips, seeing that the tall man was wearing only a long button down white shirt and a tight pair of jeans.

After a moment, the blonde pressed another button and the elevator suddenly came to a screeching hault.

"That's not his floor..." Zel thought to himself.

The doors to the elevator didn't come open, and Zelgadiss heard a beeping behind him. Glancing over his shoulder at the control panel, he saw a blinking red light indicating that the elevator had been manually stopped. He choked for a moment, and then raised a trembling hand to strike the call button to talk to the blonde.

"You like watching me, don't you?"

The chimera quickly spun back to the camera five's screen. The blonde was still standing there quietly, but a slight smirk played at the corner of his lips.

"You like watching me, don't you?" he repeated.

Zel swallowed back the ball of saliva that had caught in his throat and reached over again to push the button. He wasn't sure whether he was pushing it to ask if there was a problem or answer the question.

"It's all right, you don't have to answer me." the blonde said quietly. "I just know that you must like watching me. You seem to do it a lot."

"How does he?..." Zel couldn't finish his thought.

"You're probably wondering why I stopped the elevator, aren't you?"

Zelgadiss's finger slid off the call button and his attention went straight to the screen, not realizing he was nodding his head.

"Do you know my name?"

Once again, the chimera shook his head, afraid to speak vocally.

The blonde smirked a little more and leaned his back against the elevator wall. He slid his fingers through some of his long golden locks and then rested his hand on his hip, toying with one of the belt loops.

"My name is Gourry Gabriev. I live on the seventeenth floor...but then again, you know that, don't you?"

Zelgadiss felt a blush slide over his cheeks. He went to turn away from the screen, but stopped when he saw Gourry reach his other hand up and unbutton the top button of his shirt.

"I know you like watching me, mystery man...Oh yes, I know you're a man, one of the other security guards told me that a man watches the security screens at night."

Zelgadiss coughed and stared wide eyed as Gourry continued to unbutton his shirt until it fell to the side, exposing his muscular, smooth chest. He leaned a little farther back against the elevator wall, and slowly began to trace his fingers up and down his chest. The chimera felt his body shake slightly, and a tug played between his legs.

"I fascinate you, don't I, mystery man? You've watched me come home with people at night, haven't you? Seen the things I do and what they do to me? It's like watching a free adult film, isn't it?" Gourry said softly, his voice thick with something Zelgadiss couldn't place.

Zel's gaze followed Gourry's hands as they slid through his mane of hair and down over his chest, repeating the pattern slowly. Pausing for a moment, Gourry slid his finger over his chest and pinched his nipple, bringing a gasp from him and a soft, moan to Zel's lips.

"What do you do when you're watching me, mystery man? Do you do things to yourself?"

Zelgadiss's fingers curled against the front of the screening desk. He swallowed back the surge of lust that fired through him as Gourry moved his hands to undoing the top button of his jeans, playing over the waist band of them slowly.

"You're quite the voyeur, aren't you, mystery man? Even now, I bet you're watching me harder than you've watched anything before..."

Gourry opened his jeans and slid his hand inside, his other fingers still tracing over his chest. Zelgadiss shuddered and let out another moan, watching as Gourry's hand moved slowly inside of his own jeans.

"Mmm...We all have our little kinks, don't we mystery man?..." Gourry whispered, his voice slow and rich.

Zelgadiss felt the press against his slacks, the feeling of aroused fever crossing his cheeks and nose. He kept his hands on the desk, afraid that if he let them wander, Gourry would some how know he was doing something.

Gourry slid down the elevator wall slowly, his hair splaying over the wall and over his shoulders. He finally relaxed into a semi crouched position, his wrist moving slowly and his other hand still tracing his chest. His breath was coming out in short, soft noises and he pushed his jeans open farther.

Zel let out a cry of lust and gripped so tightly onto the screening desk, that his blue tinted knuckles turned a light sky blue from the pressure. He unconciously wondered if they'd find finger imprints tomorrow morning when the shifts would change.

"Oh gods..." Gourry whispered as he brought himself closer, his gaze sliding up to the camera, his sapphire eye staring straight into Zel's. The blonde stroked faster, and Zel found himself whimpering, almost child like in his need.

"That's okay, mystery man. I have my kinks too...I like being watched..."

With those words, Gourry suddenly curled forward slightly and Zel saw heat slide over the blonde's fingers. The chimera felt a chill slide up his back and then something warm touch his slacks and part of his leg. Swallowing, he glanced down for a moment at his stained pants.

His gaze flew back to Gourry, the blonde still resting in that position. Slowly, he wiped his hands on his jeans and stood carefully, buttoning up all his clothing again. Pressing the button, the elevator quickly came to an upward movement again.

Zelgadiss said nothing and neither did the blonde. The elevator went four more floors before stopping at the seventeenth. The doors slid open silently and the blonde stepped partially out, before pausing and looking back inside and up at the camera.

"I want to see you soon, mystery man...Perhaps you can do more than watch..."

With that, Gourry disappeared out of the doors and down his hall. Zelgadiss didn't even bother to watch him wander to his room. The chimera was left to ponder this strange turn of events and how to get the stain out of his pants before tomorrow morning.


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