"...the colors do beckon you..."

"The Front Gate..."

March 13th, 2002:  MAJOR UPDATE FOR THIS WHOLE SITE!!!  Minnasan, I apologize that it's been so long since I've updated, but my computer system at school has had me locked out of my access to my page since September and that's no joke!!!  Oi, it's been awful!!!  But, I managed to find a place in the college that hasn't locked me out, and I AM LITERALLY GOING TO GIVE THIS PLACE A TOTAL OVERHAUL!!  I'm getting rid of the shrines, keeping the fiction, adding "Gensomaden Saiyuki" as well as "Final Fantasy X" stuff and tons of new fanart!  Also note, this site is going to start becoming more art intensive with stuff by me now that I have access more frequently to a scanner!  For those of you who've held in with me, I've greatly appreciated it!  Look for much new stuff in the next three or four days, as this is getting a full vamp pull!  OH YAH, AND I FIXED THE FLIPPING GUESTBOOK SO PLEASE SIGN AGAIN!!!  Ja for now, but not for too long this time!!

August 20th:  SPECIAL UPDATE!!!  Gomen nasai, minnasan, but this isn't what you'd call a stereotypical update.  This is to let everyone know that...I'M GOING TO FLORIDA FOR A WEEK!!!  That's right, otakuchan, your Garden Mistress is on her way to the great sunny state for vacation from August 26th-September 1st.  This means in the long run that if you want to e-mail me, you'll need to wait until after Sept. 1st, because I have no access to my computer.  I'll give a short run down of my vacation when I get back...Also...I'M GOING TO NAN DESU KAN IN SEPTEMBER!!  So, I'll have a review of that too!!  Ja ne for now!!  =^.^=V

July 26th:  OH MY GOSH, HAS IT BEEN THIS LONG SINCE I UPDATED?!!!!  ::hits head on desk::  I am SOOOOO sorry, minnsan, but things have been literal chaos for me in the past few months!  Oi, but I've come back with what I think is a sizeable update, so I hope this tides everyone over as I plan the revamp!  I've got new fics in both "The Thorns of the Roses" and "The City of Worthing" as well as tons of new pics in "A Bouquet of Roses!"  I apologize to everyone for taking so long, but I hope this makes up for it for a little while!  Arigato, and enjoy!  Ja ne!  =^.^=V

April 17th:  Gomen for the late update, minna-san, but I have been terribly sick.  Arigato for your continuing support and as you can see on my new hits pic, I've gotten over 12,000+ hits!  YATTA!  Please, read the section I have on the main Garden Page and follow the link.  I would like everyone to read what I have written.  Just as a note, the second Worthing book, "The Oedipus Complex" will have it's first chapter released on the anniversary of the ending of "The Maze..."  In least I hope...::crosses fingers::  Well, that's it for now and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign my guestbook!  ::big wobbly anime eyes::  Ja ne for now!

March 22nd:  Woah, another update in the same month!  Wow, I can't believe it!!  ::does happy dance::  DID YOU SEE TRIPOD GAVE ME BACK MY SITE?!!!  Thank heavens for small favors, I am so damned happy now!!  Yatta!!  ::does Shorty hop::  Anyhoo, you came for the updates, ne?  Well, I realized that I didn't have my link for my webrings page up!  So, I added that to the main part of the Garden!  Oh, and do you see the new pic at the top of my Gou-kun with roses?!  Woo, isn't he so cute?  Jaysen is totally talented and she gave me another Gou-kun too, this time of "Bleu!"  You can find that super cute chibi in my Photos of Worthing section!!  Arigato and I'll be coming back soon with probably another full site revamp...Yah I know, but I'm an art major and I get bored of looks real quick!  Ja for now!

March 13th:  WOO!!  I'VE MADE ANOTHER UPDATE IN A MONTH'S TIME!  ::grins::  Hai, I know, you're all shocked.  It might not be a huge update, but it's a cool one!  Okay, minna-san, there's a new pic on my top page from Moon-chan!  She made me a gorgeous AshXSmile pic, my FAVE YAOI PnM couple!  Oh, and check out on the intro page before you get into my Garden, and you'll see a little animated icon of the dreamy Luz from the original on-line manga "3 Pillars!"  Just click on him and check out this totally awesome manga from Karniz Archada!  That's all for now!  Ja ne, minna-san and I'll be back soon!  =^.^=

February 15th:  Wow, look, an update only less than a month a part!!!  Okay, well, you can see the two kewl new pics my friend Moon-chan gave me on the main page!  There's a new fic in Worthing, and it's in honor of toasting Valentine's Day!  There's also a new text link for Konami's Pop n Music main site!  Enjoy, minna-san, and please, please, PLEASE sign my guestbook, ne?  Ja for now!  =^.^=

January 30th:  Updates...Well, what can I say...LOOK AROUND EVERYWHERE!!!  OH MY GOSH, THERE IS SO MUCH NEW STUFF THAT I WANT YOU ALL TO SEE EVERYTHING!!  Vist every page, minna-san, there's new stuff and a new look on each page!  There's also tons of new fiction, fan art and two new shrines!  Like I said, never fear, I didn't die!!  PLEASE SEND ME LOTS OF E-MAIL AND SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!  I'll love you all forever like I do now!  Ja ne for now!  =^.^=

January 25th:  Hai, I'm still alive!!!!  AUGH, I HAVE TO DO THIS QUICK BEFORE I GET CAUGHT AGAIN!  Any hoo, I cleaned up my main page!  I wanna thank Physh-san for letting me know that my links were broken!  I apologize to anyone that this isn't a huge update, but I'm not supposed to be using the school's computer for this!  Please, thanks for the hits and I'll be back soon, I swear!  ::Runs off before she gets caught again::

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