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AUTHOR'S NOTE: All "The Slayers" characters represented in this fan fiction piece are property of their respected companies. "Carry On" is property of Savage Garden and EMI music. Please don't sue me, I have no money. I'm just a poor college gal who loves bishonen! This is a YAOI/SHONEN AI song fiction piece, so you have been warned. If you are under legal age of 18 or are offended by male/male relationships, leave now! With that in mind, this was something rather funny I came up with while listening to Savage Garden with too little sleep. Don't take it too serious, I sure don't! Enjoy!!



"The moonlight...shines down interstellar beams, and the groove tonight is something more than you've ever seen. The stars and planets taking shape, a stolen kiss has come too late..."


"But, Miss Lina, we can't go in that place!!" Ameria squealed upon seeing the building Lina Inverse had stopped in front of. Gourry and Zelgadiss had been kind of dragging behind, exhausted from how fast Lina was moving. Gourry held his stomach as a loud rumble came to his ears.

"Must have food..." Gourry groaned.

Zelgadiss only rolled his eyes from behind the hood. Though secretly, he watched the tall blonde warrior from the corner of his eye. He looked so forlorn about no food, so sexy...

"Zelgadiss Greywars, you stop thinking that right now!" he scolded himself. Besides, what would a gorgeous guy like Gourry want with a creature like him. Gorgeous...oh he was so...

"Knock it off!!" Zelgadiss shouted silently to his brain.

He was not paying attention and rammed right into the one person he had just been thinking about. Embarrassed, he backed up and rubbed his nose, trying to look calm about the thing. His attention was drawn to Ameria and Gourry, whose mouths were dangling wide open.

"What is wrong with you two?" Zelgadiss queried, impatient to get some rest.

Ameria only pointed up to a sign that hung from the door. Zelgadiss read the sign out loud.

"Lonely Ladies Club, a male dancer organization..." Zelgadiss's voice trailed off as he turned to Lina. "This is a male strip joint..."

Lina nodded.

"Exactly, we need to make some quick gold. You know the women who come to these places. Little old lonely ladies who have lots of money to throw around."

Ameria just stared at Lina.

"But, Miss Lina, there isn't anyone with us to...st-st-strip..." Ameria blushed horribly at saying that word.

"Oh yes there is."

"Who?" Ameria questioned.

As if the idea dawned on both of them, Lina and Ameria both turned to stare at Gourry, who was still staring wide eyed at the sign. He looked at the two girls and immediately started to shake his head.

"Oh no, I've done tons of crazy stuff for you guys before, but THIS is where I draw the line!"

Lina approached, a small glint of fire forming in her fingers.

"Don't make me use this, Gourry."

Gourry sweatdropped, backing up. He saw Lina begin to open her mouth to say "Fireball!" when he finally stopped.

"Okay!! OKAY!!! Just don't fireball me again." Gourry blushed deeply and swallowed.

"Good." Lina said firmly. "Now, Gourry, go in there and get a job. Make sure it's a good routine. We'll meet you back here in three hours."

"But where are you going?"

"We can't go in the club with you. Ameria and I have to get made up to look older. They won't let minors in the club. Besides, we need to 'help' Zel get ready."

Zelgadiss stared at Lina and narrowed his blue eyes.

"What do you mean, 'get ready?'"

Lina shrugged. "Well, they don't allow men in the clubs when they're open, so that means..."

Zelgadiss started shaking his head furiously.

"Oh no, not that again!! Absolutely not!! I refuse!!"

Before Zelgadiss could make any more complaints, Lina fireballed him and left him twitching on the ground. Ameria and Gourry both sweatdropped.

Lina grabbed Ameria and pulled a dazed Zelgadiss to his feet. She then turned to Gourry.

"We'll be back in three hours. Make sure you've got one hell of a routine, Gourry, we need the gold!"

With that, Lina drug Ameria and the fighting Zelgadiss off. Gourry sighed and turned to the building, opened the door, and stepped inside.



"In the moonlight, Carry on, keep romancing, Carry on, carry on dancing. In the moonlight, Carry on, keep romancing, Carry on, carry on dancing..."


Ameria toiled with Zelgadiss's hair, putting a blue ribbon in it upon Lina's request. Zelgadiss sat grumbling, batting at them to get away from him from time to time.

"Oh, stop complaining, Zel! You know that we need the money and if it's the only way to get it, than we will!" Lina firmly said.

"Maybe Gourry didn't want to do it, Lina." Zelgadiss stated flatly.

"Well, it's too late now. There, that's the final touch. Ameria, he looks perfect!"

Zelgadiss stood, wearing a long blue gown with his built in chest hidden gracefully under a white cape. He wore deep blue gloves and his hair was graced with a blue ribbon, tucking some of the wiry lavender behind one of his ears. He grumbled and fumbled with his "bustline."

"They're not even! I can't believe you're making me do this!"

"Oh quiet, Zel! Look, we have just enough time to get to the club before they get too busy. Let's hope Gourry has one heck of a routine. Mmm, I can almost feel that gold in my hands right now!"

"Miss Lina, I feel as though this isn't very just..."

Lina threw Ameria a look with her ruby eyes and Ameria immediately quieted.

"Come on then, let's get back to the club!"

The three headed back to the main street, readying themselves for the evening.



"You're never safe 'till you see the dawn. And if the clock strikes past midnight, the hope is gone. To move under..."


Gourry swallowed nervously as the manager opened the dressing room for the other male dancers. The manager had been all too eager to hire Gourry, saying something about him having the right mix of pretty looks and body to make the ladies go wild. Gourry, honestly, had no idea what she was talking about.

"Fellas?" the manager spoke quietly. "This is Gourry Gabriev, our new dancer. Make him feel welcome and make sure he gets the basics of stripping and a good costume."

The dancers looked up at Gourry, scrutinizing him for a moment. Finally, a young man with long black hair and rich black eyes nodded to the manager.

"Sure, doll, we'll show him the ropes."

The manager smiles, pecked Gourry on the cheek and went back to the club to open it for business.

Gourry felt a blush come over his cheeks. He nervously rested his Hikari no ken against one of the lockers. The exotic black haired young man stepped up to Gourry and offered his hand.

"Hello, I'm Janson."

Gourry shook Janson's hand nervously.


"And that short haired guy with the green eyes is Greyson and the tall guy with the deep tan and the black tattoo is Lex."

Gourry nodded to all the dancers.


Janson put a friendly hand on Gourry's shoulder.

"So, what brings you to the wonderful world of lady entertainment?"

"Um, well, you see, I...I was kind of forced into it...the group I'm traveling with is out of money and Lina, the girl who kind of runs things, decided we needed some gold and quick."

Janson nodded.

"Ah, I see...so, she sent you here to do a little stripping, give the ladies a cheap thrill and then grab the gold."

Gourry rubbed the back of his head, thinking for a long moment.

"Yah, I guess you're right, Janson..." Gourry nodded.

Janson chuckled. "Well, we'll see if we can give you some quick pointers and a decent costume."

Greyson stood up and Gourry found himself staring at him. He was dressed like a cowboy, but he was wearing no jeans under his chaps. Only a black string bikini. His vest barely covered his chest and he tipped his cowboy hat.

"I believe I'm the first one on stage tonight, gents." Greyson said with a laugh and then slipped out the door.

Gourry blinked and felt his cheeks go even redder.

"Do you all wear...wear...that?"

Janson chuckled again.

"No, that's part of Greyson's routine. He strips to a country flavored song. Take Lex there, he strips to a rather interesting metal sound."

Lex turned around, decked out in skin tight leather pants, a skin tight leather vest, a black backwards hat and a chain around his neck similar to what you would lead a dog on. In his hand, he held a cat of nine tails.

"He's for the more adventurous and exotic ladies." Janson added with a laugh.

Lex only grinned and walked by Gourry, giving him a hardy slap on the back.

"Drives the ladies wild, kid." Then Lex exited out the door to the club.

Gourry sweatdropped and swallowed hard. He looked at Janson and his cheeks felt as though they were on fire.

"I don't think I can do this, Janson."

"Of course you can, Gourry, it's all about the atmosphere and how you feel about yourself."

"What do you mean?"

Janson grinned.

"You really have never done this before, have you?"

Gourry shook his head and sighed.

"I never really thought about it."

Janson laughed quietly and finished securing his towel around his waist. He looked as though he had just stepped out of the shower.

"The ladies dig the wet and puppy dog eyed look."

Gourry nodded.

"Well, stand up and let me have a look at you. We'll find a costume that fits and some music that works and a dance style that is all you."

Gourry swallowed and smiled weakly.

"Okay, where do we start?"

Janson grinned and pointed at Gourry's clothing.

"Those go first..."



"The moonlight, Carry on, keep romancing, Carry on, carry on dancing. In the moonlight, Carry on, keep romancing, Carry on, carry on dancing..."


The maitre'de sat Lina, Ameria and the in-drag Zelgadiss at a table near the front of the stage. He asked quietly if any of them would like any drinks.

"Of course, I'll have a glass of wine." Lina responded almost too sweetly.

"But, Miss Lina, we're not old enough too..." Ameria's words were quickly cut off by Lina elbowing her in the stomach under the table.

"She'll have a glass of wine too."

The maitre'de nodded and then looked at Zelgadiss, who had his head bowed and was trying to avoid being noticed.

"And what about you, miss?"

"Coffee." Zel mumbled.

The maitre'de nodded and scurried off to get their drinks.

Lina frowned and tugged at Zelgadiss's hair until he looked up, furious.

"Look, Zel, you've got to look like you want to be here. Besides, we need at act older. So start looking enthused!"

Zel faked a wide, over exaggerated grin and then went back to sulking.

The maitre'de returned back with two glasses of rich red wine and a cup of coffee for Zelgadiss. Lina took the two glasses and set one in front of Ameria, while Zelgadiss took his mug. The maitre'de bowed and then left for another table.

"But, Miss Lina," Ameria began again, "It wouldn't be just for us to drink this, we're not old enough..."

"Just shut up, Ameria, and drink." Lina stated and took a sip of her wine.

Ameria nodded, though uncertain and also took a sip, making a face.

"Idiots..." Zel thought to himself as he surveyed the crowd of already anxious women. "I wonder how Gourry is faring?..."


Gourry swallowed nervously, standing in his boxers as Janson dug through the many trunks and closets full of clothes. He kept glancing over his shoulder, looking at Gourry and then returning back to the clothes again.

"Have you found anything yet?" Gourry asked almost timidly.

After a pause, Janson finally pulled something in plastic from one of the closets. "Ah-hah!! I knew I would find it! This is perfect for you, Gourry."

Gourry walked over to Janson, as the raven haired man pulled the plastic off a beautiful three piece blue silk suit, complete with skinny blue necktie and long sleeved white shirt.

"This will look perfect on you, Gourry." Janson stated and handed Gourry the suit. "And these for your undergarments."

Gourry turned crimson as Janson handed him a set of the tiniest navy blue g-string underwear he had ever seen.

"I...I have to w-wear these?" Gourry stuttered.

"Well, you don't have too, but I really think leaving yourself flying to the wind isn't always brilliant." Janson chuckled.

Gourry blushed again and slipped out of his boxers, Janson holding the silk suit. He swallowed and shimmied into the tight underwear, wincing until he finally had himself secure and adjusted. Janson smirked as he watched Gourry walk a few steps.

"It takes some getting used to, Gourry."

"No kidding! Sheesh, they're not kidding when they say they ride!"

Janson laughed, his dark black eyes watching Gourry's movements. He shook his head, chuckling and went over to Gourry, turning the young blonde warrior around.

"I'm afraid that we're going to have to work on some basic stripping moves now, while there's still a little time before I go on."

Gourry nodded, feeling still very awkward.

Janson stepped back and smiled.

"Now watch me, Gourry, it's all in the hips, really. Just feel the rhythm in your waist and legs, especially your hips and move with it."

Janson rotated his hips, moving them in one solid motion. Gourry stared at him for a moment, his cheeks still furiously red.

"You can't be embarrassed about doing this, Gourry. Nervous, yes, but embarrassed, no. The women can sense that. Here, come here and give me your hands."

Gourry nodded and approached Janson, holding out his hands. He almost choked when the slightly taller man put Gourry's hands on his hips. He tried to pull away, but Janson held them gently, but firmly.

"I'm not hitting on you, Gourry, I want you to feel the movements in my hips. Now, feel when I rock."

Gourry swallowed and let his hands rest on Janson's hips as he rotated them slowly. The blush started to creep out of Gourry's cheeks as Janson repeated the motion. Gourry very carefully mimicked the smooth motion, a little clumsy at first.

"Good, that's right, feel the flow in your body." Janson places his hands on Gourry's hips, guiding the fluid motion, until both of their bodies were rocking in nice smooth circular motions.

Gourry grinned, feeling a strange new energy coursing over him. Something so exotic that he felt as though all of his hair was standing on end. His hands moved up to Janson's chest, feeling the muscles. Janson turned Gourry around suddenly, pressing himself to Gourry's back. Gourry gasped, feeling the new energy become stronger.

"It's like making love to someone you want incredibly bad, Gourry. Think of the one person you want more than anything in the world and for those moments you're on stage, pretend you're making the most wild, passionate love to only them."

Janson's hands continued to move Gourry's hips with his, their bodies grinding together and Gourry leaned back, moaning pleasantly.

"I want to do this, Janson...it feels so...new."

Janson grinned and kissed Gourry's throat gently, before turning the blonde warrior around. There was a new sparkle in Gourry's eyes. Something that had been missing before. Janson nodded, picking up the blue silk suit and handing the clothing to Gourry.

"You were a born stripper, my friend." Janson chuckled. "I'd better get out there, or I'll miss my cue. Just remember what I told you."

Gourry nodded, and Janson turned to exit. Before he got completely out the door, Gourry spoke up.


"Yah, Gourry?" the raven haired man turned back.

"Thank...for everything."

"Any time, hot stuff." Janson said with a chuckle and then proceeded to the stage.

Gourry looked at the blue silk suit and licked his lips.



"Move. Closer. Passion. Stronger..."


Ameria hiccuped very loudly as the maitre'de brought her fifth glass of wine to the table. Lina was also pretty tipsy, leaning back in her chair and belching quite loud. Zelgadiss groaned, keeping his head lowered. Tonight had been already a complete disaster. Ameria and Lina had been like a couple of cats in heat with the dancers. Zelgadiss wanted to blame it on wine, but he doubted the wine could have done all that. First it had been a cowboy, then some guy clad in leather, and now a guy in a white towel had just finished shaking his body. Zelgadiss wasn't sure how much more of this he could take.

The manager stepped out onto the stage, smiling widely.

"Well, ladies, have you all had a good time tonight?"

The room went up with a loud YES!

"Good, because I have one last treat for you. A new dancer to entertain you tonight. He's got the sex appeal that I can guarantee is going to make you ladies reel. Presenting Gourry Gabriev!"

Gourry swallowed at hearing his name. He hesitated as Janson came up behind him.

"Just think of making love to the one person you desire the most." Janson whispered warmly in his ear.

Gourry stepped out on the stage, clad in his blue silk suit. The music hadn't started yet and all eyes were on him. He felt his heart jump into his throat. His eyes fell on a table near the front and he could make out Lina and Ameria and...

"Zel?! In drag?!" Gourry stared for a moment, almost letting his jaw drop.

Zelgadiss stared right back, seeing Gourry dressed like a pin up boy.

"Look, Mish Leena...ish Gourry..." Ameria slurred.

"Yup..it ish..." Lina added.

"He's...he's gorgeous..." Zel couldn't stop himself from thinking.

"Think about the one person you desire the most, and for the time you are on stage, make love to only that person..." Janson's words echoed through Gourry's mind and any inhibitions that were there disappeared. Gourry looked at Zel, licked his lips and nodded to the person in the booth to start his music.



"There's a magic spell only two can tell, in the dark night. Ultra violet is a wicked spell. The stars and planets taking shape, a stolen kiss has come too late..."


The music began to pulse through the room, not quite dance and not quite slow, but a rich, sensual sound. Gourry could feel the music pulse through his senses, seeming to take him over. He formed that pulsation of sound into an image of Zelgadiss, pressed against him, moaning his name softly. Gourry closed and opened his eyes slowly and then his hips began to move almost on their own.

Zelgadiss stared, his mouth open wide. Lina and Ameria came to an almost sober attention as Gourry's movements immediately caught their eyes, as well as the other women in the club.

Gourry slid across the stage, and to the center. He slid his hands down his chest, arching his head slowly, his long blonde hair dipping back and brushing the inlay of his knees. Sliding his hands back up, he caught his fingers in his hair and rolled his head, rocking his hips with the movement.

The women almost immediately went up in a near riotous roar. Ameria and Lina both whistled loud and Zelgadiss still sat, wide eyed. He didn't realize it, but his hands were balling on the table.

Gourry turned around and moved up the stage again, shaking his rear for a moment and then stretching out his both arms to the side and then to his front and in one full swoop, the blue silk jacket came flying off. He turned back around and flashed the club goers a knee melting smile.

"This can't be Gourry...this can't be Gourry..." Zelgadiss chanted to himself, his cheeks flushing slightly.

The blonde warrior rocked his hips in a full round circle. The image of Zelgadiss panting against him, Zel's long fingers laced through his hair danced in Gourry's head. He undid his necktie, but left it dangling around his throat. He kneeled down on the stage, sliding his hands down his chest again, and then between his legs for a moment.

Ameria shrieked, "Mish Lina...ish Mishter Gourry doin' somethin' bad?"

Lina was staring too hard and drinking too fast to pay attention to Ameria.

The white shirt came slowly undone, button after button. Zelgadiss watched every movement, not realizing he was moistening his own lips. He gripped the edge of the table slightly and leaned forward.

Gourry stood up, the necktie plummeting to the ground, followed by the silky white shirt. He slid his large hands over his chiseled chest and then down to the zipper of his pants, his hips moving languid and slow to the pulse of the music.

The women in the club shrieked, begging Gourry to remove his blue pants. Lina and Ameria were by far, the loudest.

Gourry flashed a seductive smile and then gripped the zipper, sliding it down slowly. He left his pants on, offering only a peek of what laid underneath. Turning around again, the image of Zelgadiss shivering in his arms, the sweat beading off him as he came in Gourry embrace flooded his mind. Gourry grabbed the pants in a sudden burst of passion and tore them free. He spun around and rotated his hips in a full circle, wearing nothing more than the navy blue G-string.

Zelgadiss gasped and grabbed the table. He could feel a slight burning pull in between his legs and he knew he should have been ashamed. But, he wasn't. Tonight, it was all right.

Gourry bowed at the end of the music and then went about the stage, picking up the gold that was being tossed. He grinned as he exchanged small, short kisses from some of the women for more gold. Finally, he reached the front of the stage, where Ameria, Lina and Zelgadiss were sitting. Ameria and Lina were sitting there, their faces flushed from the wine and excitement. Zelgadiss saw a gold coin that had been dropped next to his chair. He picked it up and held it above his head. Gourry saw the motion and a sensual smile crept on the warrior's face.

Gourry got on his hands and knees and slinked over to Zelgadiss. The chimera held up the coin and as Gourry reached for it, Zel put the gold in his mouth. The blonde grinned and leaned forward, locking his lips with Zelgadiss. The chimera moaned as Gourry's tongue traveled deep within Zel's mouth, retrieving the gold coin and holding a little longer to suck on Zel's tongue. Gourry drew back and Zelgadiss blinked, staring at the warrior. Gourry winked, stood up and bowed again, and then made his exit to the back of the room.

Ameria turned to Zelgadiss and giggled, thoroughly wasted on the wine.

"Mishter Gourry kished you, Mishter Zelgadish..."

With that, Ameria passed out and Lina was quick to follow. Zelgadiss sat there blinking and after a moment, motioned for two of the bouncers to help his two female compatriots to a nearby inn.



"In the moonlight, Carry on, keep romancing, Carry on, carry on dancing. In the moonlight, Carry on, keep romancing, Carry on, carry on dancing..."


Gourry collected the gold that the manager also agreed to pay each of the dancers. She looked at Gourry and grinned.

"Kid, you are a born stripper. Are you sure we can't convince you to stay?"

Gourry looked thoughtful until he felt a squeeze on his shoulder. He glanced back to see Janson's hand resting on him.

"Now, Marlene, let Gourry go back to what he does best." Janson playfully scolded.

"Oh, all right." Marlene laughed. "But, if you ever come this way again, Gourry, look us up. Business will go right through the roof!"

With that, Marlene left Janson and Gourry. Janson grinned and slipped his arm around Gourry's shoulders, leading him to the exit door.

"You were incredible, Gourry."

"Really?" Gourry asked honestly.

"Yup, there must have been someone you really wanted to be with."

Gourry nodded, grinning as they reached the exit door.

Janson smiled, tilting Gourry's chin up to look at him.

"It wouldn't have been that pretty young creature dressed in drag that I saw you kiss, would it?"

Gourry stared, his mouth open.

"You knew Zel was in drag?"

Janson chuckled.

"Yup, ain't no woman who looks that good in a dress."

Gourry laughed and then almost instinctively hugged Janson.

"Thanks, Janson, for everything."

Janson embraced Gourry affectionately. "Any time, Gourry. Like Marlene said, if you ever get tired to traveling, just come back around here again, and we'll have a job ready to go for you."

Gourry nodded and Janson smiled, leaning down as Gourry and him exchanged a short, gentle kiss.

When they parted, Janson winked.

"There's someone waiting outside for you."


Gourry said his good-bye to Janson and slipped out the exit door. He was shocked to see Zelgadiss standing there, having changed into his normal clothes again. The chimera looked as though he wanted to say something, but nothing slipped from his lips. He blushed and dug his foot into the dirt.

The blonde warrior stood there for a moment and then grinned, rushing over and sweeping Zelgadiss up, locking his lips into a powerfully deep kiss. Zelgadiss gasped in Gourry's mouth and then relaxed, his arms falling limp at his sides. The kiss broke, both of them gasping for air.

"G-g-gourry...where did you learn to do that?" Zel barely could ask.

Gourry grinned devilishly.

"I think I need to teach you about stripping, Zel..."

Zelgadiss got wide eyed and was quickly closing them again as Gourry kissed the chimera deeply once again.


"Moving on...Moving on all night...."


The end...?

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