"...and though the sweet smell intoxicates you..."

Ohayo, minna-san!  Welcome to my Bouquet of Roses!  These are wonderful presents that have been given to me by my otaku-chan!  Look around and enjoy them, but please do not take them, onegai?  Arigato and enjoy!  =^.^=

Summoner Cat:

wpe20.jpg (21840 bytes)  3000+ hits from Cat-chan!!

wpe24.jpg (36973 bytes)  4000+ hits from Cat-chan!!

wpe26.gif (73793 bytes)  6000+ hits doujin from Cat-chan!!

wpe28.gif (90519 bytes)  7000+ hits from Cat-chan!!

Mosas Feeley

wpe2A.jpg (34639 bytes)  5000+ hits from my best guy bud in college!!


 wpe32.jpg (29708 bytes)  Gorgeous pencil work from the one and only Moon-chan!!

wpe30.jpg (24379 bytes)  Wai!!  Super kawaii doujinshi scan given to me by Moon-chan from the Japanese doujinshi circle Reverse!!  Arigato!!

wpe9.gif (86785 bytes)  The wonderful thing about Gou-kun's...::giggles::  Moon-chan made me this after she watched "The Tigger Movie!"  Kawaii, ne?

wpe4.gif (126259 bytes)  WAI!!!  Meh Anniversary Present for One Year!!  ::Huggles::  =^.^=

wpe9.jpg (15630 bytes)  AUGH!!!  IT'S MZD!!  Wai!!!  He's my Fave Pop n Music character!  Arigato, Moon-chan!  ::hugs her to death::

wpeB.jpg (19919 bytes)  By special request, Moon-chan did me this incredible ICE from Pop n Music!  I love you so much, honey!!!  ::hugs her to death again::

wpeA.gif (69642 bytes)  WAI!!!!  It's my all time favorite Monster rock band, Deuil!  Aren't they SOOOOO hot?!

wpeD.gif (53110 bytes)  GAH!!!  Moon-chan is going to give me a heart attack if she keeps giving me ALL these gorgeous MZD's!!!  Arigato again!!

wpeD.gif (31283 bytes)  Meh Get well gift from Moon-chan!  BWAH-HAH-HA...My fave, AshXSmile!!!

wpeC.gif (71021 bytes)  My old hits pic of Moon-chan's duo, SmileXAsh!  Thankies honey!!  NEW!!

 wpe3.gif (60474 bytes)  WAI!!!!  Oh my gosh, doesn't Moon-chan draw the best Kenchan's?!!!  NEW!!

wpe5.gif (93986 bytes)  AWWW!!  Shinjikun crying again!  Isn't this too adorable?  Domo arigato again, Moon-chan!!  NEW!!

wpe7.gif (34488 bytes)  One very pretty Shinjikun in his plug suit!  You're the best, Moon-chan!!!  NEW!!

Silver Rayne

wpe35.jpg (39344 bytes)  Sugoi use of color and spunk for this bishie!!

Ronda Searls

wpe37.gif (107936 bytes)  WAI!!!  22nd birthday present!

wpe39.jpg (24646 bytes)  The pirate Gourry from my yet to be posted "Secrets and the Sea!"  ::drools profusely::

wpeA.jpg (42994 bytes)  Hehehe...There's a reason I made this thumbnail so small!  Gomen nasai it took me so darn long to post this pic, Rochan!... This has to do with the spaghetti fest mentioned in my Worthing Halloween fic last year!  Thanks!  NEW!!

Seiya Kou

wpe3B.gif (48615 bytes)  3000+ hits gift from my vampire!!  ::giggles::  Spiffy, ne?


wpeB.jpg (12184 bytes)  The ever so adorable chibi Gourry from Jaysen!  WAI!!  You're the best!!

Miracle Shining

wpe4.gif (56521 bytes)  Just a spiffy black and white drawing I did for an upcoming fic inspired by the great country of India!  =^.^=

wpe2.jpg (17177 bytes)  Old hit pic for over 10,000+ hits!  Arigato, minna-san!  =^.^=

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