...i remember the beautiful sight...

...in memory of Ars, a one of a kind site...

There was this site on the Internet...it had some of the best manga work that I had seen...but it's gone now.

Summoner Cat owned this site that used to be called "Word of Power."  She was one of the first people who ever sent me any fan art or gifts to my site.  She's a hell of an artist and I greatly respect her work.  She showed me her original site at the time called "Word of Power."  I was really impressed by the workmanship and the thought put into the site.  It was really beautiful and she had this character named Sidney that I instantly fell in love with.

Summoner Cat moved her site to Tripod a while back and renamed it "Ars."  I loved the site, and tried to visit as often as possible.  But it didn't get the support it deserved and now it's gone.  That really saddens me, 'cuz there's one artist now that everyone will miss out on.  I'm sorry that no one could see her awesome stuff, but maybe if you're lucky, you'll get to see some of her work here and there.

I remember "Ars" even if no one else does.  I thought you did a fabulous job Cat-chan and I always will.  I wish you best of luck onto your new things that you have moved on too and also for the things in the future.  Thank you so much for your support and hopefully I shall not see the last of you.  Ja ne for now and may your dreams live on in your new pursuits!


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