"6 O'clock Dinner Date"
subtitled: Shower...=O.o=...heh-heh...

NOTE: Any references to "Shoujo Kakumei Utena" characters and the roles they play have to do with Worthing book two and are property of Chiho Saito and her company and stuff...enjoy!!

Zelgadiss glanced at his gold watch for the fifth time since he had gotten ready. It was a quarter to six and Gourry still wasn't ready. The detective smirked slightly, despite the situation. He couldn't quite remember which person was worse at being late. His ex-girlfriend, Nanami or Gourry. Both took an eternity to get prepared to go out for the night.

"Gourry, are you done yet?"

"Yah, Zel, I'm just putting some cologne on. Why are you always in such a rush?"

The chimera rolled his eyes and relaxed against the wall near the bathroom.

"Why do we always have to go out with Detective Kiryuu? Why can't we just go out alone."

"I like going out with Utena and Touga, and I don't want to hear you and him start talking about any cases tonight, okay? Every time we get together, you two end up comparing notes, even though I know you some times want to strangle him." Gourry chided softly from the bathroom.

"Yah, well, you didn't make the mistake of breaking up with Kiryuu's little sister!" Zel shot back, his patience wearing thin as he saw another five minutes tick away on his watch.

Gourry poked his head out of the door slightly and stuck his tongue playfully out at the detective.

"You're too serious, detective..." and then he quickly disappeared behind the door again.

Zel frowned at that comment, and then smirked. Gourry was right, he was being too serious, but still, pushing his lover along to move a little faster wouldn't hurt.

Slipping in through the partially open bath room door, his mouth almost immediately went dry. Gourry was pushing a diamond through his earring hole, his white button up shirt barely covering the article of clothing that caught the chimera's attention. Gourry's lower half was clad in black vinyl pants that were so tight they could have been his second skin.

The blonde heard Zel and turned around, smiling. The chimera was grateful that his long turtleneck covered the front of his slacks right about then.

"So, how do I look?" Gourry asked honestly.

The blonde man searched Zel's eyes, which seemed to hold no real expression at all right then. He swallowed and blushed slightly, wondering if he was dressed inappropriately for tonight's activities.

"Do you want me to change?" he asked quietly, finding that Zel's expression still hadn't changed.

The chimera shook off his look of utter lustful shock and smiled slightly at the young man.

"No, you look very...sexy..." Zel found that word didn't even do his lover justice, his eyes roaming over Gourry's firm shaped body, lingering on his vinyl pants.

Gourry tilted his head to the side and smiled.

"See anything you like, sir?"

The chimera smirked and took the last couple steps to slide his arms around Gourry's waist.

"Always." he responded, his lips warm against Gourry's.

The blonde shivered, feeling the heat of Zel's breath against his lips. He loved when Zelgadiss would talk against his mouth, always leaving near kisses on his lips. He shifted slightly, feeling a minor pull in between his legs.

The chimera gently let his lips brush over Gourry's, meaning for it to be a short kiss, so that they could get out the door. They'd only be about ten minutes late if they left now. But as soon as his cool lips pressed against Gourry's warm ones, he felt a strange urgency shoot through him.

Tilting Gourry's head carefully, he deepened the kiss, feeling a very willing Gourry press his tongue between his lips. Zel let a soft moan slip from his lips and he broke the kiss slowly, his eyes flaring for a moment.

"We're going to be late..." Gourry said softly, his breath a tremor against Zel's mouth.

"We already are." Zel suddenly growled and pushed Gourry against the sink, his hands resting firmly on Gourry's backside. The blonde let out a startled gasp and grabbed ahold of Zel's back for support.

"Z-zel, what are you doing? We need to get going..."

Gourry's words were cut off quickly by Zelgadiss's claiming his mouth firmly, his fingers searching for the buttons of Gourry's shirt. Frustrated by not being able to find the button holes, the detective pulled back with a growl and tore open Gourry's shirt, pushing the silk to the sides of Gourry's frame.

The young blonde man could barely keep breathing as Zel trailed a series of almost rough kisses down the front of his chest, dropping to his knees and sucking firmly on Gourry's navel ring. Gourry growled, suddenly yanking on Zel's turtleneck, desperate to get the material that seperated him from his lover's body away.

The chimera got off his knees quickly, finding Gourry's lips and pressing against them hard, his lover sucking in Zel's air and trembling.

Finally breaking away from that delicious mouth, Zel's hands were cupping Gourry's rear firmly, pinching slightly, drawing a series of pleading gasps from the blonde's lips.

"How can I think with my head when you dress like this?" Zel whispered hot against Gourry's neck, sucking and nipping on the exposed nape, the blonde's ripped shirt barely hanging onto his frame.

Gourry suddenly pressed his hands hard between Zel's legs, enjoying the slightly rough nature of the moment.

"You are thinking with your head. Just not the one you want." Gourry growled softly in Zel's ear, biting the tip and was quickly rewarded by a shudder.

Zel's eyes flashed desperately around the bathroom, trying to find some kind of lubricant before he lost it in pants and Gourry's palm. Frustrated, he remembered leaving it in their bedroom and there was no way he was going to be seperated even a moment from his lover.

Gourry was almost whimpering against Zel, his hands searching for the detective's belt, wanting desperately to have the cursed slacks off Zel's hips. The thought of resting his hands firmly on what was hidden beneath almost caused him to lose it in his vinyl pants.

"These are too tight." He whispered in Zel's ear, his hands holding onto the waist band of his own pants. "I want them off."

The pleading in his voice is what really turned Zel on right then. Suddenly hauling Gourry away from the sink, the detective yanked both of them into the tight confines of the apartment shower and quickly turned on both spickets, fiddling as best he could with the handles until the temperature was barely lukewarm.

Gourry stared at Zel with his sapphire eyes, his hands working on Zel's belt. He sucked in his air when the detective spun him around and pressed against his back, the blue tinted hands coming around and unlacing Gourry's pants.

"I need you right now, I don't care how, just now." the blonde whispered, his hands helping Zel loosen the laces in his pants.

"Let me get my hands wet."

Even those words seemed too hard for the chimera to spit out, his body seeming to ache so hard right then, he swore silently to himself if he came before he was supposed too.

He forced his pants open, pushing the wet material down over his hips enough to free his erection. He briefly wondering if Gourry was suffocating in those pants and slid his fingers in the waistband, pulling the wet vinyl material away from Gourry's smooth skin.

Gourry cursed out loud, writhing the wet shower wall, finding no purchase over the smooth surface.

"I don't care if your hands are wet...I need you now..." Gourry whimpered, his eyes clenched tight as his arousal was freed from the constraints of the black vinyl.

Zel stuck his hand under the almost lukewarm water, soaking his fingers and molding his body against the taller, trembling one, pressing one finger, followed quickly by a second inside, gasping at Gourry's deep throated moan. He ran his teeth over Gourry's shoulder and back, feeling the muscles tremble underneath his touch.

"Damn it, Zel! Hurry..." Gourry sobbed, he could hardly feel the shower water, only the pressure inside of him and the pressure threatening to break free if he didn't find some relief soon.

The chimera grabbed Gourry's hips firmly before he could speak again and pressed his wet length against Gourry's opening. He flinched for a moment when he heard the blonde squeak, unsure of what it meant, but continued when he saw Gourry's hand fly back and grip his hips, encouraging him.

Gourry gasped and squeaked when Zel pushed into him, not quite expecting the force behind it. It hurt to some degree, but the slight jab of pain seemed only to heighten his arousal even more. He felt Zel shift, as if he was going to pull out and quickly reached back, gripping his hips.

"Don't you dare stop." The blonde hissed, his body shaking with desire.

Zel pressed himself firmly against Gourry's back, rocking hard and fast, knowing at the tempo he was going at, they would both come in no time. His hands found Gourry's length, the blonde dragging trails down the water soaked walls of the shower, the water soaking his long golden locks, leaving them hanging heavy, a visual compliment to Zel's already aching body.

Gourry was almost screaming as Zel's hand moved up and down him at a frantic pace until he was shuddering, hardly able to even speak and his climax spilled over Zel's hand, dripping down into the shower floor. The muscle reaction wrapped around the detective hard, and he choked, his body stiffening and with one last hard thrust, he came hot and quick inside of his lover's body.

The blonde young man moaned softly, his knees buckling and Zel's knees going with him. Both finally landed on the bottom of the shower, the water spraying down on them, their chests heaving and Zel still resting inside of Gourry's body. Slowly he withdrew, Gourry whimpering slightly.

"Are you okay?" Zel whispered, his voice barely audible, his throat slightly raw from his own groans.

Gourry nodded, his vinyl pants clinging still tightly around his lower legs, Zel's slacks pooled around his ankles.

They rested there for a moment before Zel heard a soft ringing sound. Thinking he imagined it, he went back to nuzzling Gourry's neck, feeling the young man slowly detense. But, hearing the ringing again confirmed his earlier theory. His cell phone was ringing.

"I need to get that..."

"No, just stay here..." Gourry whispered.

Zel kissed Gourry on the side of the head and leaned out of the shower, seeing the phone resting an arm's length from the shower. He smirked, realizing it must have fallen out of his slack's pocket during their impromptu tryst.

Reaching out, resting on his stomach, he finally clicked on the phone.

"Hello?" he whispered dryly.

"Zel, this is Utena! Hey, where are you guys? We've been waiting here for almost half an hour."

Zel was about to respond when he felt Gourry slide up beside him, kissing the underside of his chin. Zel shivered, knowing too well that Gourry knew that spot drove him mad. Both men were laying partially out of the running shower, Zel on his stomach and Gourry eagerly kissing him, resting on his back.

"Sorry, Utena...but we're going to be late...I'm having trouble getting out of the shower..."

Before Utena could say another word, Zel shut off the cell phone and threw it out the door, going back into the shower, chuckling softly the whole way.

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